Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 21, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene


I know lately there has not been much paranormal aspects to my flash fiction, for that I apologize. I hope to rectify that, but I can’t promise. When I sit down to write these flash fiction post I simply let my imagination. in soar free and I have no control of what comes from So, I hope that whatever I come up with each week allows you to let your imagination soar.


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Did he really expect me to believe that? No way. Not happening. There are people who might buy into the shit he was spilling, but not me.

“I promise I am not crazy.”

“Right.” She grabbed her tote bag and stood. “Don’t call me again.”

She barely made it to the door before a big black beast with white tipped ears  blocked her path. Like most people with common sense I took three steps back and froze. Not sure why people do that when they should be running to safety. Used to think it was just something people said, but . . .

“Don’t run.”

“Donald?” She scanned the room, but Donald was nowhere to be found. Apparently, he released this wolf like dog and left her to fend for herself.

“I am right here.”

Another scanned proved him wrong. But he somehow managed to keep talking to her.

“I am inside the wolf’s body.”

“Wolf?” He really thought her gullible. “Where are you? Where are the microphones hidden. Camera? Not a good joke. Just call her beast off and let me leave.”

“You are perfectly safe.” The wolf took another step to me and dropped to his belly, letting his large head rest on her feet. “I would never harm you. Nor would my wolf. You belong to us, whether you like it, or believe, not.”

Okay. Breath. You have a huge dog-wolf resting his head on your feet. It has not made a move to attack. Donald was somewhere talking through a microphone playing some kind of joke on her. Right? The wolf at her feet ran his head up the side of her leg, stopping at her knee to lick the bar skin showing there.

“You are the most beautiful woman. I am one lucky guy to have found the one person who can hear my wolf. It is rare for my kind to find someone so special.”

“Where the fuck are you Donald?”

“Right at your feet. Reach down and pet my wolf, then he will recede and you will have your proof.”

She wasn’t sure why she reached down and ran her hand over the top of the large beast’s head, but soon as her hand left his head a light brown glow appeared around him. When it faded a very naked Donald knelt at his feet.


Monday, May 14, 2018

Flash Fiction


Hope all had a great time celebrating their mothers. I sure did. Not sure where this week’s flash fiction came from, but I hope you all are able to let your imagination soar when you read.

Have a great week.

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Unedited Scene
Adult Content
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It’s all he does. Come home. Sit down. Kick his shoes off. Lift the leg of his recliner and click the TV on. That’s it. No hello. No how was your day. Nothing. What was I doing? Where was my life gong? I had nothing left. Mom died two years ago. Dad five years before that. No brothers or sisters. Cousins deglore, but am not close to any of them. The ones I was, have their own families and that is the way it should be, but it leaves me with a man that has little to say to me, or do with me. Yet, I still do what I always do. Wait on him. Cook for him. Give him my heart. Why? What do I gain? What should I do? My mind says leave him and start over, but I’m too old to do that. I set my life’s path in motion so many years ago. Now I am stuck with it. Aren’t I?


I looked up and the shiny green eyes captivated me so much that I forgot to respond to him. Not that he seemed to mind. He kept right on going.

“I was wondering if you cared if I joined you.”

My head shook, but eye remained latched onto his.

“Thanks. This place is packed.”

Always was. That’s why I had chosen it. I could drown in the noside of others people’s conversation while I debated the never ending situation of my life.

“You come here often?”

I squared my shoulders and forced my eyes to take in the rest of him. Nice slender face with a ski-slope nose that was emphasized by his plump lips. What would they feel like against mine? What was I thinking. There was no reason for me to consider kissing someone else. I was living with someone. Devoted to him. Even though life sucked.

“You okay?”

“Yes.” How could one word sound so helpless.

“Seems like there’s a lot on your mind. Why not let it go and tell me about some of the interesting things around town. I’m new to this area.”

I could do that. There was no harm in that as long as I kept my mind from taking in his broad shoulders. His thick muscled arms. All I had to do was tell him about the sites around town. Not that hard. Do that, drink my coffee, and then leave. I can do that.”

“Well, I suggest . . .”