Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, April 30, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene

Hope all had a great week. Those participating in Camp NaNo hope you have reached your word count goal and created a great story. More important you were able to let your creativity flow. I managed to meet my word count goal of 30,000 words for the month of April. Now, it’s back to the editing phase on Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6.

Enough about that for now. Today, I want you to let your imagination fly as you read the below unedited adult scene. So, if you are under 18 please leave my blog. The below scene has m/m content.

Have a great week.

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Adult Content
Unedited Scene
M/M Content
Paranormal Scene
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Fingernails dug into my ass as I thrust drove my steel rod cock deep into my lover for the night. I did not know his name, nor did I care. All I needed was a hole to fuck. I had never been so promiscuous, not even when I was a teenager. I would not be now if my damn inner cat had chosen a mate that refused to join with me. The rebuff left me and my cat desiring a release, but there would be none. No many how many holes I fucked.

Walls clenched around my dick, closing around my dick so much that it should have sucked me dry, but all it did was drive my desire higher for the one man that refused to come to me.

“Damn.” The man under him collapsed onto the bed, taking me down with him. “That was amazing.”

I rolled to his side, not caring that I had not gotten off. With a wipe of my forehead I sat up, picking up my pants.

“Hey,” a hand ran up my back, causing me to shiver. “Where you going?”


“Why?” the man pressed his chest into my lower back and slid a hand around, gripping my cock. “You have another round or two in you. I can tell.”

More than that. My cock refused to deflate. It wouldn’t until I was able to take the one my cat chose as mine. Something that meant walking around with a constant hard-on. Not something I looked forward to.

“Had a blast.” I stood and pulled up my pants, zipping it up. “Got to get home so I can shower and get some fresh clothes.”

“Got somewhere to be early?”

“Yes.” I yanked my shirt over my head. I had to go by Johnathan’s house, reassuing my self that he got home from the bar safely.

“Okay.” The guy flopped back down onto his bed. “Call me when you want to go another round, or three.”

I nodded as I walked into the man’s living room.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene

Hope all had a great week. My wasn’t as productive as I had hoped. I only managed to write a few thousand words, but I was ahead so I will be winning Camp NaNo this month. Now, onto the scene. Hope you enjoy and remember let your imagination soar when you read and write.


* * *
If you are under 18 leave the site
Unedited Adult Scene
M/M and BDSM Content
* * *

Kyle jiggled his arms for his Master when asked. He knew his Master only did so to ensure himself that the cuffs were not too tight. Kyle knew his Master would never harm him. It’s why he loved the man so much. He just wished his Master would return the love. It wasn’t uncommon for a Submissive to fall in love with his Master, and most of the time the love was receipricated. Not in his case. His Master was deeply in loved with another man. A man who despised the BDSM Lifestyle. Made no sense to Kyle. How could someone who was deep into the lifestyle love a man who hated it.

Him and his Master met every other day to run a scene, or two. The fourth time they had met, Kyle had made a move on his Master, but was rebuffed and told there would never been such between them. It had crushed him, but he told his Master he understood and never made another approach on him. That’s why tonight shocked him so much.

“Do you not wish,” his Master’s hand stroked his hardening cock, “my touch?”

“Yes, Master. God yes.” More than his Master knew. He had dreamed of being touched and taken by the man who bore a stone cold face when he wielded a crop.

“Then beg me for me.”

More? What was going on? Kyle’s entire body jerked at the mere idea that he might get another intimate touch from his Master, but his mind screamed that the man was toying with him. After all, they’d been locked in a contract for over a year and it was stated clearly that no sexual aspect would arise.

“Master,” he waited for his Master’s permission to speak.

“Yes, boy.”

“As much as I want and crave your hands on me, I’m . . .”


“Yes, Sir.”

“Good.” His Master stepped back and crossed his arms. “That is what I wanted from you.”

Huh? His master wanted him confused? What was going on?

“I needed to make sure you understood our contract before I asked for us to renegotiate it.”

“What!” Had he done something wrong? Made a comment he wasn’t suppose to? Disrespected his Master in some way?

“Calm down, my boy.”

Master’s hands ran up his arm and down his bare chest. “I just think it is time we took our relationship to another level.”


“Not know. Let’s meet tomorrow and discuss us.” His Master pressed his chest against his side and stepped back, adjusting himself as he did so.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene

Hope all had a great week. Mine has been super busy, but productive. I managed to surpass the halfway point of my 30,000 word Camp NaNo word count goal this past week. Looking for more productivity in the upcoming week.

Hope you enjoy this week’s flash fiction scene.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
Unedited Scene
Adult Only Content
If under 18 leave the site.
M/M Content
* * *
Hank’s arm was red and soar from the continuously rubbing. What was he to do? He’d asked Rex to meet him here to tell him his deepest, darkest secret, and found himself unable to move. How was he suppose to talk to his best friend. His lover of five years. His time was up. The Lord of his Clan demanded he either chose Rex as his forever man, or kick him to the curve. Last wasn’t an option and he wasn’t so keen on settling down. It had never been in his mind when he met Rex. All that had been was taking care of the man who had been abandoned and broken hearted by some dickwad.

“Hey.” Rex hugged him tight and took the seat across from him. “Nice to see you tonight.”

“Sure is.” Hank rarely saw Rex during the week. Most of the time his job as the enforcer for his Clan kept him busy during the week.

“So . . .” Rex nodded to the waitress as she walked up. “Coffee, black, please.” The petite lady nodded and rushed back behind the bar. “Scardie woman.”

“You cause everyone to get tongue tied.” Hank liked that fact about Rex. He was unaware of how gergous he was and what kind of effect he had on others. Each step the man made turned heads. He had the perfect sandy-brown wavy hair that hung just over his shoulders and felt as baby soft as a newborn’s skin.

“So, what’s brought up this unexpected visit?” Rex waited until the waitress sat his drink down and left the table. “I mean . . . I like seeing you whenever I can, but you are the one who set the weekend only rule.”

He had been. It had been his way of them remaining separate, but it had did little to keep him from getting attached to the beauty, which is why he found himself in the position he was in. he could still hear his Clan Officiantor ordering him to either tell him, or dump him. That had been his words. Harsh as they were, there was no other way to put what had to have been done. He knew the rules when he got involved with a human. He was no different than any other of his clan members. Rules were there for the race’s overall protection.

“Have to tell you something.” Hank shook his head when Rex went to take his hand. It wasn’t until that minute that he knew what he was going to do. It wasn’t until then that he realized how fearful he was of settling down. So much that he would risk . . . The words he never thought would cross his lips were out of them before he could take his next breath. “We need to see other people.”

Monday, April 9, 2018

Flash Fiction


Today we are going to do a bit of free writing based off the saying, Downlow. Hope you are able to let your imagination run wild with this short scene.

Have a great upcoming week.
Let your imagination soar when you read and write.
* * *
Adult Only
If you are under 18 leave.
M/M Content
* * *

Ten years. Long ass time. He knew what he was getting into back then. He thought he’d be able to live with it. How hard would it be to accomadate the man you love. They’d survived lots of ridicule from friends. Or he had. Kyle’s family had cursed him out when they found out half of his friends were gay. They openly told him long as he was involved with their son he had to make more apporite friends. He’d defined them, which ended up costing Kyle a two hour lecture about how he should drop him as a best friend. Best friend. Ha. If the Raven family only knew the two of them spent each night curled up in Kyle’s bed. If that wasn’t bad enough, he survived Kyle’s mother and sisters hooking him up with a massive load of women. Each time Kyle took them out. Movies. Dancing. Dinner. All the typical date spots, but he never once dated one of them for a second time. He promised they never got more than a peck on the cheek at the end of the night. Still, it pissed him off.

“Tyler.” A hand waved in his face. “Earth to Tyler.”

There was no way he could answer his lover of ten years. Not then. If he d id he might say something he’d regret. His fist ached from having them balled up so tight. If he released them he might deck Kyle. Not something he’d resort to. He wasn’t a batter. Never had been. He just needed some time to . . . Who the fuck was he kidding? Himself? Kyle? Both. Kyle knew how he would respond, that’s why he waited until now to drop the bomb on him. There was little he could do. The act would take place in two days time. He would be . . . No he wouldn’t.

“Fuck your down low lifestyle.” Tyler heaved and walked to the room he stored his clothes in so that Kyle’s family never seen one of his possession in Tyler’s room when and if they came snooping.

“Tyler, you have to understand. You knew this day would - -“

“Do not tell me I knew this day was coming.” He snatched a duffle from his pretend closest. “You promised when we moved in together.” He yanked open the bottom drawer and threw in five or six pair of boxers. “I will not be degraded to a hidden lover for you while you play husband to some women you declare your love to in front of your family and their fucking friends.” He threw some shirts in the bag. “That is going way . . . I will not live a life in such a . . .” There was no words for what type of life Tyler was asking him to live. He walked over to his closest and extracted two or three of his work suit. “I won’t do it. You should have known how I would react.” He picked up his cell phone and scrolled through the contact, stopping on his brother’s name. “That is why you waited until two days before you wedding.” He pressed send. He quickly asked his brother if he could stay with him for a bit. Didn’t explain. Not then. He’d break down if he had to. That’s why he had chosen his brother. He knew the man would agree and let him wait until he was ready to explain. He hung up the phone. “I will be back in two days,” while you are getting married. “and get my stuff.”

Tyler shoved Kyle aside when he blocked his path. Not hard enough to make him fall, or hit any furniture. Simply enough to get an exit route. He didn’t say anything else. He walked with his head high and water stinging his eyes. He listened as Kyle begged and pleaded for him to understand. As he shut the door he leaned his back against it, dragging in a deep breath as he heard something shatter against the door. He waited to hear a second one, when it didn’t come he marched to the elevator and left his lover of ten years to live his life as his family wanted.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Flash Fiction


Hope all had a great Easter and spent lots of time with family and friends. Today’s flash fiction is going to be shorter than normal, but I think you all will enjoy

Let you imagination soar when you read.

* * *
Adult Only Flash Fiction Scene
M/M Content
If under 18 leave site, please.
* * *
A soft sting raced up the path that Jacob’s feather left in its wake. If it only went up his arm that would have been perfect, but . . . it went straight to his dick, making it stiffen. Didn’t matter to my cock that Jacob’s parents was in the next room, or that mine was down the hall, or that it was the night before our wedding. Nope. Jacob was horny and came to his man to help him out. Brought the one thing that he knew his lover could never say no to. Like he every said no to Jacob.

“You with me, lover?”
“I believe you are.” Jacob’s hand slipped down his boxers. “Yeah . . . You are more than . . .” He made one stroke, getting the light sexy groan he loved to hear. “Come on, Travis, let me have a fast taste of you.”
“if you would only stop at a taste . . . Shit.” He threw his hand over his mouth.
Jacob removed it and kissed his palm. “We are adults. They know we fuck.”
“Fuck?” was that what his future husband thought they did.
“Shit. Don’t go there. Not again.”
“Yes. You know I love you and that nothing will ever change that. That’s why I’m in here trying to make love to my man one last time before we become husband and husband.”
“Really?” He pushed up in the bed. “Think that is why you should leave me alone for the night too.”
“Can’t.” Jacob ran his hand up and traced his slit before he ran his hand up his stomach. “Love the way you feel. The way you taste. The way you squeeze my dick when you shoot for me. Need . . .”
Damn, how was he suppose to say no to that. He wasn’t. Jacob pulled his legs to his chest and grinned at his future husband.