Journey Series

Journey Series

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Reminder post about the A to Z Challenge starting on April 1st.


Wanted to do a quick reminder that tomorrow starts the A to Z April Blogging Challenge. For 26 days I’ll be posting a chapter a day of a story called: UNRAVELING. Hope all will read it and enjoy it. Most importantly I hope it allows you to keep your imagination wide open.

Have a great day


Monday, March 30, 2015

Story Blurb for the A to Z Challenge

Hi all,
The A to Z April Blogging Challenge starts April 1. Just a brief recap. The A to Z April Blogging Challenge is when you make a post each day, except Sundays and each days relates to a letter of the alphabet. I’ll also be visiting at least five participating blogs as well.
So, April 1 the post contains something related to the letter A and then I follow suit.
Like I said in last week’s post this year I’m doing a story. Each day, except Sundays, there will be a new chapter. Each chapter will be titled with the corresponding day’s letter. This story is a bit of an unusual write for me. Most of my published stories are Paranormal Romance or M/M Paranormal Romance; this one is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal with a M/M Romance aspect. I hope all will enjoy reading it. Of course, we can’t have a story without a blurb.


Supernatural creatures, like Vain Adams, have lived among the humans for years. Battled them and won control over them. Vain Adams was a major player in the Gutting War and now is trying to rectify the hardship forced upon many of his own kind and loads of humans. Little did he know how one simple work assignment would change his life. But this time, the change was for the good, confusing, but well worth unraveling the small threads to all the unknowns.

Have a great week and remember
Let your imagination soar when you read and write.
Julia Matthews

Monday, March 23, 2015

Gearing up for the A to Z Blogging Challenge

Last year I participated in the A to Z April Blogging Challenge and enjoyed it so much that I’m doing so again this year. The A to Z April Blogging Challenge is where I make a post every Monday thru Saturday during the month of April. Each day’s post is coordinated with a letter of the Alphabet, so on April 1st I’ll make a post using a word with the letter A. Each day from there, besides Sundays, I’ll make another post with the next letter in the alphabet.

Last year’s theme was the Occult, but this year I decided to do a story. Each day I will add a chapter that will relate to the letter of the day. It has been super fun and loads of fun preparing for this challenge. I hope each of you will enjoy the story from start to finish. Next week, I’ll be posting the blurb of the story. Since this is going on all month I’ll be using the story as my weekly blog post. Things will go back to normal in May.

The posting isn’t the only part of the A to Z April Blogging Challenge. Nope, I will be visiting at lease five blogs a day, all of which are participating in the A to Z April Blogging Challenge. I’m truly excited about getting to visit so many different styles of blogs. Can’t wait and hope all enjoy the upcoming A to Z April Blogging Challenge Story. Once the month is over I’ll post a PDF and mobi file on my website. I may also release it as a Free Book on Kindle.

Have a great week and remember
Let your imagination soar when your read and write.

Julia Matthews

Monday, March 16, 2015

Powerful Word “Wanton”

This will be the last Powerful word post. I may do more later on, but it’s only a couple of weeks before A to Z April Blogging Challenge so, next two weeks will be warm up post for 26 days of post.

Now not all powerful words have to be written in a sentence to make us feel or see them. Sometimes we just have to allude to them to demonstrate the powerfulness of a word. That’s what I hope to do with this weeks Powerful Word. Hope you all enjoy this weeks scene.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read.
Julia Matthews

* * * Disclaimer * * *
M/M Paranormal Adult Only Scene
(Age 18 and up)
* * * Disclaimer * * *

Dream Come True

“You going to stand there or enjoy me?” Ron kicked his shoes off while unbuttoning his shirt.

Sounded like a stupid ass question to Larry. There was no way he’d miss the opportunity to mate with his Alpha. It was a rarity for Alpha Ron to take anyone in his pack, specially a man. Everyone knew the man preferred a man, but few new he was a bottom. Alpha Ron would be viewed as weak. Ridicules idea, in Larry’s mind. Bottoming dind’t mean you were a lesser man. Were woman considered lesser because they were on their back or stomach for a man. Not in Larry’s eyes.

“Earth to Larry,” Alpha Ron ran a hand over his stomach. “You want me or not?”

Oh, Larry wanted him. His mouth watered to lick each rock hard muscle of Alpha Ron’s abs. His hands itched grip his hips as he thrust deep inside Ron’s ass.

“No question about it.” Larry gripped Alpha Ron’s arms and spun him around, pressing his throbbing cock against Alpha Ron’s ass. “How you want?”

Larry hoped Alpha Ron wanted it hard and rough, but if he wanted slow and easy he would accommodate him. If he played is cards right, he might even be asked back again.

“I . . .” Larry slipped his cock between Alpha Ron’s cheek. “Damn . . . Can’t think . . .” Larry slid his hand around and fist Alpha Ron’s cock. “Hard and fast.”

“Magic words, Alpha.” Larry pushed Alpha Ron onto his stomach just as a drop of precome dripped from the slit of his dick.

“Take me. Now.”

“Plan on.” Larry lined his head up with Alpha Ron’s entrance and with one thrust was balls deep inside his Alpha. It was a dream come true and he was going to make the best of his time with his Alpha.

* * *

Monday, March 9, 2015

Powerful Word “Hidden”

 This week I chose a word that fits into the forbidden category of powerful words. In my opinion forbidden is one of those words that the word could fit into many other areas, such as: love, anger, and even fear. So, instead of me stating which one I believe my scene this weeks falls into I’m going to leave it up to the readers to decide. Make sure you comment on which you feel it falls into.

* * * Disclaimer * * *
Scene is Adult Only (Age 18 and up)
* * * Disclaimer * * *

My Hiding Woman

Such sweet ambrosia hovers in the wake of her absence. Her sweet nectar beckons to me even though she’s on the other side of the street. What am I to do? I’ve watched for days and still there my beauty is oblivious to me. I’m at a loss. Approaching her seems wise, but wrong. Instincts scream let her come to me, but what if she doesn’t. It is as if she has no clue I’m around. I may watch from afar, but everyone can see me.

“Back again are we?” The waiter laid a roll of silverware down. “Now, I know my coffee is good, but it’s nowhere good enough for the same city dweller to enjoy for three days in a row when there’s a perfectly high price coffee house across the street.”

“What can I say, I know what I like.”

The waiter stared across the street and said, “Sure you do. Most everyone likes our local beauty, Miss Moon-Whisperer.”

Why was she using such an odd name? Her father was a born and bread American. Her mother’s family called Ireland home. There was not one bit of Native American coursing through her veins, as her last name insinuates.

“She fancy herself some kind of Native American? Sure don’t look like one. The surname makes me think of a name that loses it’s meaning in translations.” I righted the upside down coffee cup.

The waiter poured coffee and said, “Mr. Franks, do you honestly think I’m going to buy into your little charade of not knowing the story behind Miss Moon-Whisper and her name.” The waiter lifted an eyebrow and waited for him to answer.

“I’m afraid I have no idea what you mean.” I took a sip of the coffee.

“Not buying it. You told me the other day your were here on assignment for Station 12, which means you are most likely a reporter.” The waiter sat his coffee pot on the table behind him.

“More like a background researcher.” Not a complete lie, but the waiter kept his eye lifted as if my answer did nothing for him.

“Of course you are,” the waiter said and retrieved his coffee pot. “So, what exactly are you researching in our fair town?”

“There’s a story in works about the town founders. I was given a list of forty towns and told to gather as much history as I could.” None of his answer was a lie. A bit of omission, because I changed my assignment the moment I spotted the grown up version of the one I’d sought for twenty-two years. Never expected her to be such a beauty, although she does resemble her mother with the bright red hair and pale Irish skin. There’s very little resemblance of her father, which is strange. Most half-breeds lean more toward their human parentage than their blood-letter’s side.

“If you truly don’t know the history behind Miss Moon-Whisper name then you will soon enough.” The waiter grinned and walked towards the counter where a customer waited to pay.

I sipped the coffee and returned my gaze across the street. Miss Moon-Whisper was gone, but her presence lingered so she was close by.

“Why are you watching me?” A soft-sexy voice asked.

It was her, I knew, but found myself unable to look her way. Twenty-two years of hoping and longing to relocate the one fate promised me was over, if she could be convinced to accept me.

“You going to ignore me after you’ve stalked me for days?”

With slow, purposeful movement I turned my head and inhaled. Shocked to find the scent of vanilla. The lack of the metal that clings to our kind was nowhere to be found. How was it possible? I’d know my mate anywhere, even after she came into her blood-letting powers. So, where was her tell-tell sign? Did this have to do with her wrong name? Is this what the waiter was referring to?

“Either explain yourself or don’t follow me again.” Miss Moon-Whisper stood for another moment and then started to walk away.

“Fine,” I said before she made her second step. “Sit and tell me why you are hiding.”

Miss Moon-Whisper spun around and lifted an eyebrow. “I’ll sit, but I hide nothing.”

·      * *

Hope all has an amazing upcoming week. Don’t forget to let your imagination soar when you read and write.