Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 22, 2018

Author’s Ramble

Hi all,

Hope you had an amazing weekend. Mine was decent and Sunday was full with some free writing. Working on the ending of Human-Skinned Wolves Book 7. Can’t wait to see the finial version of this book. Finishing up this series will be bitter sweet, but rewarding. I hope to have it written by the end of this month. That way I can put my total focus on NaNoWrMo.

My goal during NaNoWrMo is to start a new series of books. I’m not sure if it will be a multiple book series, or just different parts to one large book. There is a lot involved in the book and it is complicated to write, but I am looking forward to the challenge. After I finish the one I start during NaNoWrMo I will return to finishing up a five book series that I have free written three books on. Those won’t be ready for some time, but that’s fine. I want to ensure that they are books that will take you into the world they each create. Ones that let your imagination soar.

Have a great week,

Monday, October 15, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene

Hi all,

Hope all has been going well for you. Life’s been busy, slowing down my writing progress, but I still took yesterday to fit in some down time to revise another three chapters in the 7th book of the Human-Skinned Wolves. I hope to finish it up today. That will give me a clean slate to start NaNoWrMo. It will be here before I know it. Until then, I thought I’d give you guys something simple to let your mind soar into another realm.

Hope you enjoy.
Remember, let your imagination soar when you read.

Unedited Scene
Adult Content. Leave if under 18
M/M Content. BDSM aspect.

Charles stood back, nodding. “Perfect, boy.”

His skin itched from the praise of his Master. It’d taken him two weeks to pin down the perfect gift for his Master. His lover. His heart. His entire body and soul belonged to Master Charles Thompson. When he ordered the ten-holed, mini-red oak paddle. He knew his Master would love such a gift, even if the his gift was more suited towards him. That’s why it had taken him so long to finalize his decision. He knew the gift would bring him immense pleasure, but did that constitute a birthday gift for someone else. In the end, he realized that if it brought him pleasure, then his Master would ensure it was only used on him as a major reward. More likely that the paddle would become his Master’s favorite tool to discipline his boy.

“Boy, do you like the gift you chose me?”

“Yes, Master Charles.”

“Then you know . . . it will be my knew punishment implement.”

“As you wish, Master Charles.”

“Good, Boy.” He watched Charles swing the crop a few times, then he laid it down, picking up a full on face mask. The ears were padded and sealed up. The lip section looked like a Halloween mask with the slitted openings. The eyes held zippers, that sealed away his ability to see. “That will be used as a reward when you overcome your next boundary. Do you understand, Boy?”

He hadn’t expected his Master to use the paddle as an implement to aid his Boy in overcoming his fear of full on sensory loss.

“Do you agree to try and close off your ability to see and hear?”

He would try anything for his Master, but . . . the last time they’d tried to take both from him he had freaked. Majorly. It had scared him. His Master promised they would only try it once he became secure in the use of a swing. A goal he accomplished some months ago.


“Yes, Master Charles.”

“Clarify, Boy.”

“I will do my best to please my Master in reaching your pleasure point with the use of the mask.”

“Then . . . You have your words. Use them if needed. Understood?”

“Yes, Master Charles.”

Monday, October 8, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene


Hope all had a great couple of weeks. Sorry for no post last week. Kind of got busy doing some revisions and time got away from me. On that note, I hope you enjoy this week’s scene and are able to let your imagination soar.


* * *
If you are under 18 leave the site.
Unedited Flash Fiction Scene
M/M Content alluded to.
* * *

Tingles ran up his arm and down his chest, coming to rest at the base of his throbbing cock.

“Smells . . . Amazing.”

He didn’t care how it smelt as long as the unnamed man of the night deep throated him so good that his eyes rolled back in his head. He knew that wouldn’t  be the case. No one had gotten that reaction from him since Jacob dropped his ass for some flaky little twink. Last two months had been nothing but trips to the club to pick up a willing body to take back into one of the private rooms and get a couple of blowjobs that did nothing for him. Oh, they got him off, but it did little to appease him. Felt just like any old normal day. Every day with Jacob had been exciting and filled with at least two rounds of fuck me into the mattress sessions.

“Taste . . . mmmmhhhh.”

Whatever else the man said Jacob did not hear it. He didn’t care. All he could do was see thick rich, shiny black hair spiked up in the middle. He knew the man on his knees had blond hair, but all Jacob saw was the man that he was made for. Russel.

“hey, man, you with me?”


“Then why are you . . .” the man sat back and nodded at his limp dick.

Damn. This had happened to him two other times, both of which he’d let his mind stray onto his nights with Russel. What was he supposed to say to the man? Sorry, I’m thinking of my ex-lover and you are not doing a thing for me. Right. No way would he admit such.

“Sorry. Not in the mood I guess.”

The man huffed and stood. “Fine.”

Jacob flopped onto the mattress after he shoved his dick back into his pants. He had to get Russel out of his mind for good. How?