Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 31, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene

Want to start off today’s post by saying thanks to my followers. The last month has been rough between illness and weather and I have not been able to post. Hope to start the year off on the right foot with getting back to blogging, editing and letting my creativity soar. What better way than some great flash fiction.

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My toes curled as my ass clinched, refusing to let Robert slip free from him. They’d made love for the last two hours. Small, sensual touches. Long kisses. Fingers probing, loosing him up, preparing him for Tanner’s extra long and thick cock. There was no way he would blow his load until Tanner was ready to go over with him. No matter how hard it was for him to hold back.
“Baby, let go. Let me catch you as you . . .” that was all it took. Zings raced from his ass to his dick, sending him right over the edge. His muscles tightened so fast that he knew Tanner would follow right along with him, and he did. Warmth filled him as his alpha planted his seed, hopefully his heir, deep inside him. There was no feeling better in the world. Never would be. He would always welcome his mate into his body. He would carry as man y children as the Gods let him. All would belong to the man who took his virginity and gave him the world in return.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Missing Post


Hope all is going well for everyone. If you are writer then you know it is NaNoWrMo. 50K words in a month is not an easy feat, but I have managed to do it for the last four years. This year will be no exception, but to do it, I have to let my blogs post go for the month of November.

So, I hope you all have a great month and I will resume my posting in December.


Monday, October 22, 2018

Author’s Ramble

Hi all,

Hope you had an amazing weekend. Mine was decent and Sunday was full with some free writing. Working on the ending of Human-Skinned Wolves Book 7. Can’t wait to see the finial version of this book. Finishing up this series will be bitter sweet, but rewarding. I hope to have it written by the end of this month. That way I can put my total focus on NaNoWrMo.

My goal during NaNoWrMo is to start a new series of books. I’m not sure if it will be a multiple book series, or just different parts to one large book. There is a lot involved in the book and it is complicated to write, but I am looking forward to the challenge. After I finish the one I start during NaNoWrMo I will return to finishing up a five book series that I have free written three books on. Those won’t be ready for some time, but that’s fine. I want to ensure that they are books that will take you into the world they each create. Ones that let your imagination soar.

Have a great week,

Monday, October 15, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene

Hi all,

Hope all has been going well for you. Life’s been busy, slowing down my writing progress, but I still took yesterday to fit in some down time to revise another three chapters in the 7th book of the Human-Skinned Wolves. I hope to finish it up today. That will give me a clean slate to start NaNoWrMo. It will be here before I know it. Until then, I thought I’d give you guys something simple to let your mind soar into another realm.

Hope you enjoy.
Remember, let your imagination soar when you read.

Unedited Scene
Adult Content. Leave if under 18
M/M Content. BDSM aspect.

Charles stood back, nodding. “Perfect, boy.”

His skin itched from the praise of his Master. It’d taken him two weeks to pin down the perfect gift for his Master. His lover. His heart. His entire body and soul belonged to Master Charles Thompson. When he ordered the ten-holed, mini-red oak paddle. He knew his Master would love such a gift, even if the his gift was more suited towards him. That’s why it had taken him so long to finalize his decision. He knew the gift would bring him immense pleasure, but did that constitute a birthday gift for someone else. In the end, he realized that if it brought him pleasure, then his Master would ensure it was only used on him as a major reward. More likely that the paddle would become his Master’s favorite tool to discipline his boy.

“Boy, do you like the gift you chose me?”

“Yes, Master Charles.”

“Then you know . . . it will be my knew punishment implement.”

“As you wish, Master Charles.”

“Good, Boy.” He watched Charles swing the crop a few times, then he laid it down, picking up a full on face mask. The ears were padded and sealed up. The lip section looked like a Halloween mask with the slitted openings. The eyes held zippers, that sealed away his ability to see. “That will be used as a reward when you overcome your next boundary. Do you understand, Boy?”

He hadn’t expected his Master to use the paddle as an implement to aid his Boy in overcoming his fear of full on sensory loss.

“Do you agree to try and close off your ability to see and hear?”

He would try anything for his Master, but . . . the last time they’d tried to take both from him he had freaked. Majorly. It had scared him. His Master promised they would only try it once he became secure in the use of a swing. A goal he accomplished some months ago.


“Yes, Master Charles.”

“Clarify, Boy.”

“I will do my best to please my Master in reaching your pleasure point with the use of the mask.”

“Then . . . You have your words. Use them if needed. Understood?”

“Yes, Master Charles.”

Monday, October 8, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene


Hope all had a great couple of weeks. Sorry for no post last week. Kind of got busy doing some revisions and time got away from me. On that note, I hope you enjoy this week’s scene and are able to let your imagination soar.


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Unedited Flash Fiction Scene
M/M Content alluded to.
* * *

Tingles ran up his arm and down his chest, coming to rest at the base of his throbbing cock.

“Smells . . . Amazing.”

He didn’t care how it smelt as long as the unnamed man of the night deep throated him so good that his eyes rolled back in his head. He knew that wouldn’t  be the case. No one had gotten that reaction from him since Jacob dropped his ass for some flaky little twink. Last two months had been nothing but trips to the club to pick up a willing body to take back into one of the private rooms and get a couple of blowjobs that did nothing for him. Oh, they got him off, but it did little to appease him. Felt just like any old normal day. Every day with Jacob had been exciting and filled with at least two rounds of fuck me into the mattress sessions.

“Taste . . . mmmmhhhh.”

Whatever else the man said Jacob did not hear it. He didn’t care. All he could do was see thick rich, shiny black hair spiked up in the middle. He knew the man on his knees had blond hair, but all Jacob saw was the man that he was made for. Russel.

“hey, man, you with me?”


“Then why are you . . .” the man sat back and nodded at his limp dick.

Damn. This had happened to him two other times, both of which he’d let his mind stray onto his nights with Russel. What was he supposed to say to the man? Sorry, I’m thinking of my ex-lover and you are not doing a thing for me. Right. No way would he admit such.

“Sorry. Not in the mood I guess.”

The man huffed and stood. “Fine.”

Jacob flopped onto the mattress after he shoved his dick back into his pants. He had to get Russel out of his mind for good. How?

Monday, September 24, 2018

Promo Post


Hope all had a great week. Mine was decent. I’ve been doing some editing and preparing for the release of Merciful Wolf, Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6. It comes out, tomorrow, so today, I’m just going to be doing a reminder of such. Give you one last chance to get your copy pre-ordered.


SEPTEMBER 25, 2018

Blurb for:
Merciful Wolf Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6

Ash was the one who should be leading the werewolves among the Moon Chance Area. Not Karl Sonic. Karl was a despicable man who deserved death for all the crimes he committed against the werewolves Ash was supposed to be leading. That wasn’t possible until Ash’s Dream Bearer showed himself to him. Ash dreamed and prayed for it each night, but it never came. He waited for the one being that meant he could take Karl Sonic, an evil, vile man, from the world. That was what he lived for. That was what kept him calm when his natural born urge to run off and take the seat that belonged to him arose and ate at his insides. He told himself over and over that day would come. When was not known, but it could not come fast enough. As if that wasn’t enough for him to deal with from day to day, he had to constantly combat the advances of the woman his dad stashed away with him. The one his dad deemed to be his chosen mate. Ash had other plans and those did not include a woman he viewed as his sister.

His life wasn’t easy, but he bought his time until the day of retribution came. And he knew it would come. When wasn’t clear, but the how was. Or so he thought.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Flash Fiction


Hope all had a great week, and those in NC and SC, I hope you have avoiding Hurricane Florence, as much as possible. My prayers are with those affected by the hurricane, but I hope all are safe and received little, to no, damage. For those who have been affected by it, I hope today’s post gives you a bit of relief from the stress of the storm. For the rest of you, I just hope this starts your week off on a great note.

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Uneidted Adult Scene
Paranormal Romance
M/M Content
* * *

Garry shoved his hands in his pocket, cursing his parents and their heritage. They never understood him. Not shocking. He wasn’t like them, or his two brothers, and his baby sister. He was a speck of brown goop on a thin piece of hay buried among a huge pile of hay. And they never let him forget it.

Today had been no different. Why had he thought it would be? It was only a major milestone in his life. Unlike his brother and sister, his slim panther went into heat every three months. The heat didn’t arrive until the age of twenty-one, and it wasn’t an easy period for an Omega Panther. Worse on those who are not claimed by anyone. Not only did the Omega Panther suffer went a constant urge to mate while his heat was on him, but if they had no mate they had to find a partner that was willing to take a chance on impregnating them. That wasn’t easy.

When an Omega Panther wasn’t in heat they had a line of men at their doors. Natural order of things among the Panther World. Why wasn’t it. After all, how else would other panthers find their mate. The signs did not appear until you were locked together. Then it was said to be like a pop of magic bursting through your skin, and throwing the Alpha, or beta, and on a rare occasion a Gama into a rut. His brother told him it was like a moment of pure bliss for the stronger panther, but for those Omega Panthers, it wasn’t fun. His brother swore that when the mate recognized his soul mate he lost himself to the drive to claim him. Worse, his brother told him the stronger panther cared little about what the Omega Panther wanted.

“You in there, Garry.”

Garry curled his knees into his chest and buried his head in his chest. He wasn’t about to open the door to anyone. He didn’t care if his body screamed for him to screw a monkey for relief. He did not want some strong ass panther taking him until his heat had by passed him. Nope. He wasn’t going to risk getting pregnant. Men did not do such.

“Come on, Garry. I know you are in there.”

Human men didn’t at least. Nope. Only strange, weak, powerless Omega Panthers did so. He would not be taken by some brute until his body was limp and sated. Nope. He had control over his panther side.

“Garry, come on, man. I know you are scared.”

Scared? What did Edwards expect from him?

“Open up and let me help you.”

No way. Did Edward think him stupid? There was no way he’d let in a Alpha Panther, even if he’d been his best friend since seventh grade.

“I can control myself. I promise.”

Nope. He wasn’t taking the chance. Not that it would have bothered him to screw Edward any other time, but not during his first heat cycle. Nope. He wanted a simple, get to know you kind of relationship. Not a fuck and imprgenant you then leave your ass to struggle through a pregnancy and raising a cub on your own.

“Listen . . . Garry, I know that you have no one to help you through this, or explain what is happening to you.”

Didn’t matter if he did or not. There was no way he was opening the door.

“I brought someone that can explain what to expect and how to ease your panther.”

“You serious?” Garry didn’t bother to yell or anything, he knew Edward would hear him through the walls.

“Yes, man. You know Darren Kites?”

He did. Man was nice and always willing to assist anyone who was struggling with any type of math. “He’s an Omega?”


“You leave us be?”

“I’ll go and stay downstairs until you and him have discussed things.”

“Then stay away if I ask you to?”

Garry heard Edward sighed, but the soft yes that slipped free of him eased a huge part of Garry’s throbbing heart. He didn’t need to see Edward to know that his head hung low and his fist were clinched. It was Edward’s natural reaction to anything he disliked, and he knew his best friend would be displeased about being asked to leave him be. Course he would. He was an Alpha Panther near a Omega Panther that was in heat.

“I’m leaving.”

Garry uncurled from the painful ball he’d squashed himself into and moved to his front door. He opened it a tiny bit, but left the safety chain in place.

“It’s just me, Garry.”

He shut the door and unchained the door, opening it for Darren. “Come in.”

“Going to tell you right up front, what you’ve been told is not true.”

“What? How do you . . .” Edward. “He had no right to . . .” Course he would tell Darren what he knew. He was his best friend. He had begged him to find an Omega Panther to talk to since the night they’d gotten drunk and he let his deepest fear slip from his lips. That night things had changed between them. Not in a bad way. Nope. They’d became closer. Spent more time together. Nothing sexual, but there been times that Garry would have loved for Edward to take him in the most natural manner of a panther, but he’d never showed interest in him, so Garry kept his desires to himself.

“He’s worried about you.”

“He’s an Alpha Panther.”

“Yes, but what you’ve been told is incorrect.”

“What . . . My mom said . . .” would she have lied to him? Surely not. His father told him the same thing. So had his brother. Did they all lie to him. “My mom, dad, and brother - -“

“Your family are what you would call Alpha Controlled.”


“It’s a family who believes they are above anyone else. I bet they have never been around a Beta, or Gama, have they?”

“No. That would . . .” Crap. Darren was right. All his family, right down to his grandparents viewed anyone other than another Alpha as lower class. “Is that why . . .”

“Most Alpha Controlled families kill any child born below their Alpha Status. Most view it as a disgrace for one of their children to be born something other than Alpha. In fact, very few of the Alpha Controlled families give birth to anything other than Alpha. There’s something about their blood that breeds nothing but Alpha. Those who bare children other than Alphas take it as an offense against their lives. View it as they did something wrong in their life and have to make amends for it. That’s why most kill the child they view as defected. Those who let their non-alpha children live usually feed them lies and treat them like shit.”

Fit his family like a tee. Neither of his parnts every gave him praises, came to watch him in events in school, or took him to any gathering. He was always left behind with a baby sitter. Still, . . . how could his family openling lie to him about what he would go through. If they had then . . .

“That’s why Edward did not knock the door down?”

“I assume you were told that an Alpha next to an in heat Omega Panther would tear through anything to get to him. Right?”


“Did that happen?”

“No, but surely . . . Edward has always had great control over his panther.”

“True, but if what your family said was right then why did Nitro not rush across the hall the moment your scent penetrated the airwaves.”

Crap. He’d forgotten that his neighbor was an Alpha Panther. How come . . . Why hadn’t he . . . he kicked flopped down onto the couch and motionted for Darren to sit. “Think  . . . no, I know I need the truth.”

“I’ll make it quick and let you get to easing the distress that is wearing at you.”

“That would  be great.” He was barely controlling his urges for relief. Looked as if he’d spend his first heat cycle with his hand. Nothing more than he’d expected, but at least he’d know if he had to keep himself locked away until it passed.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene


Hope all had an amazing week. Mine was super busy. I have gotten Merciful Wolf, Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6 ready and up for pre-order. Seems like I worked on that story the entire year, but I haven’t. I’m just glad I got it done before NaNoWrMo comes up. I need the rest of Sept. and all of Oct. to prepare for the new story I will start writing then. Anyway, enough on that front. Let’s get to what you all come to see here each Monday. Some Flash Fiction.

Enjoy and remember let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
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Unedited Flash Fiction Scene
M/M Content
* * *

“Right there. Oh . . .God. that’s . . . perfect.”

“Feels like it to me.” Not really, but he rammed back into the man’s ass, ensuring he hit the man’s prostrate. He might go from man to man each night, but he always made sure the man he chose enjoyed every minute they were together.

“God . . . Close . . . So close . . . Harold, just . . . that’s it.”

Harold slammed home, holding still until the man’s ass quick squezzing his dick. It did little for him. Same every night. He got the man he chose off, let them have a great night to remember, but he never once reached release. And he never would. Least he could give the man the illusion he did. Sometimes having magical skills came in handy. Little else he could do with it. Since his chosen mate denied him, he was cursed to spend his life with only half his natural born talent. Fate had cursed him in the worst way possible for a Level 7 demon. Harold had been born to Lucifer himself, but when he ran across his other half, the one that was supposed to complete his heart, give him a life filled with love, he’d been rejected. Not that he couldn’t blame Everett. Everett had been a Level 1 demon. Level 1’s held little magical skills and could not access their demon side. That was something that Harold could have helped Everett with, but Everett would not listen to him. He chanted the refusal request before Harold could even introduce himself. His chosen other half had not even remained around to explain his reasoning. Nope. He’d left the moment Lucifer showed up and granted him his request. Harold had hoped his father would have demanded an explanation, but nope. His father had been his normal self. Lord and Ruler over Hell. He did as his demons requested without explanation and dind’t change his method for his sons. Nope. He simply gave life to his sons, aided them when they began to gain their powers, but soon as they had control of them, he discarded his son. Right then, Harold wasn’t even sure if his father knew he was taking his son’s other half from him without a reason.

“Thanks, man.” Harold pulled out, made a show of tying up the condom and tossing it into the trash. He flopped onto his back and covered his eyes with his forearm. NO reason for the man of the night to know how upset he was.

“We’ll have to hook-up again.” The man scooted to the edge of the bed and picked up his jeans. “You are the best I’ve found in this god-forsaken, large city.”

“Not from New York?” What was he doing? He never spoke to the men afterwards. He let them dress in silence and leave, never to be approached by him again.

“No. Small town in the boondock’s of North Carolina.”

A hick. Not something he’d every ran across before. Or that he knew of at least. “How long you been in New York?” There he went again, asking questions when he never did. What was going on with him?

“Ten long months.” The man sat down and tugged his shirt over his head.

“What brought you here?” What in the hell? Stop it, Harold. You do not need to know anything about this man. You will never see him again.

“Got a promotion I could not turn down.” The man braced his hand on the mattress as he leaned across the bed.

“What are - -“ His words faded from his mind when the man’s lips covered his. Instead of pushing him away, like he would have any other man he fucked, he pushed the man onto the mattress and moved so he covered his entire body with his.

Dman, the man could kiss. Not that it should have mattered. There would be no other for him. Nope. His other half had rejected him. Doomed him for a life of fuck and go, so why in the world was he kissing the man he’d brought home. He wans’t the first man, Harold brought to his place for a one nightery. Nope. There’d been one every night for the last five years. Everyone always knew the game. They would get fucked, great pleasure, and then they would never be seen by him again. Yet . . . there he was with the man of the night under him for the second time in one night. Kissing him. Running his hands over him in a loving manner. It made no sense to him, which is why he found himself jerking himself up and across the room, pressing his back into the wall.

“What is going on?”

“Good question.” What the heck was he doing? He did not give a man of the night two rounds of sex. Nope. He didn’t. he never even frelt the urge to. Why was he that night?

“You know who you are to me.” The man propped himself up on his elbows. “I know you do.”

You are to me? What was that supposed to me?

“You are Harold, second born son to Lucifer, ruler of Hell.”

Shit. How had he missed the man being a demon? Even if he had little to no demon skills working, he still knew when he was around other demons.

“It is true, isn’t it?”

“What?” Harold ran his hand over his face.

“You have no skills?”

“Yes.” It wasn’t a secret. Most of the demon world had heard about his other half dumping him. Thanks to his eldest brother, who found the entire situation harliorous.

“Is it true that your other half stole them?”

Good way to describe what had occurred between him and his other half. The one that was supposed to spend his entire life with him had not even introduced himself to him. Harold did not even know his name. But he did know what the man looked like. Those deep rich brown eyes haunted his dreams every night.

“He did, didn’t he?” the man sat up and held his hand out to him. “Names’ Jasper, son of Lancelot of Level 6.”

Level 6 demon. Neat. He’d not seen one of them in a very long time. Like a century. He’d written the level off after . . . “Did you say Lancelot?”


“Your father was . . .”

“One and only.”

“I thought my life sucked ass.”

“Not as much as mine has. I mean . . . my father is known for the extension of our own kind.”

Shit. Lancelot had taken out Harold’s youngest brother and demanded the other Level 6 demons follow his way. When they refused he killed them, until there was none left. Or so, Harold had thought. “How did you survive?”

“Mom was human.” Japser patted the spot beside him. “How come your mate stole your powers?”

“Didn’t steal them persay.” Harold joined Jasper on the bed. “He requested the mate refusal before he even introduced himself to me.”

“Your father allowed that?”


“Shucks.” Jasper picked up his hand and wrapped his fingers between his. “You ever heard of a Demon finding a second mate?”

“No.” Harold had searched every history book he could find for a sliver of a hope that he would be able to have a full life. None had came to life for him. “There’s none out there.”

“Then we are different.”

Harold locked eyes with Jasper.

“You don’t feel it, do you?”

“Feel what?”

“Your soul calling to mine.”

What was Jasper going on about? There was no way Jasper felt his soul call to him. There was only one other half per life.

“Mine is screamin for yours. There is no denying it.”

“There is no way.”

“It is.” Jasper took his hand and planced it over his heart. “Listen to my soul. If you open your mind, clear it, and let the past go, I bet you will hear it to.”

He wouldn’t. there was no way he had found a seoncd other half. It had never happened before. Even with his pure doubt, Harold found himself clearing his mind and opening himself up to . . . shit, there it was. Fuck. There was . . . he jumped from the bed and ran over to the trash. Yanked the codom up and . . .

“You shot your load good.” Jasper’s arms wrapped around his waist. “Shocked me when you put that damn thing on.”

Harold bet it did. Mates did not separate themselves from the time they met. Never. It wasn’t done. He had inadvertently disgraced his other half by doing so. Why hadn’t he taken note of Jasper belonging to him?

“I’m not offended.”

“Why not?”

“Took me a couple of minutes into our round of fucking to realize who you were to me. Another few minutes to take in just who you were. Then I realized what you had gone through with the other jerkwad and assumed you kept yourselves closed off to avoid being hurt again. Why else would you tell me up front that there would be no second time for us.”

“Shit.” Harold dropped the used condom and spun around in Jasper’s arms, sealing his lips over his, shoving his tongue down the man’s throat.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Merciful Wolf, Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6


SEPTEMBER 25, 2018

Blurb for:
Merciful Wolf Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6

Ash was the one who should be leading the werewolves among the Moon Chance Area. Not Karl Sonic. Karl was a despicable man who deserved death for all the crimes he committed against the werewolves Ash was supposed to be leading. That wasn’t possible until Ash’s Dream Bearer showed himself to him. Ash dreamed and prayed for it each night, but it never came. He waited for the one being that meant he could take Karl Sonic, an evil, vile man, from the world. That was what he lived for. That was what kept him calm when his natural born urge to run off and take the seat that belonged to him arose and ate at his insides. He told himself over and over that day would come. When was not known, but it could not come fast enough. As if that wasn’t enough for him to deal with from day to day, he had to constantly combat the advances of the woman his dad stashed away with him. The one his dad deemed to be his chosen mate. Ash had other plans and those did not include a woman he viewed as his sister.

His life wasn’t easy, but he bought his time until the day of retribution came. And he knew it would come. When wasn’t clear, but the how was. Or so he thought.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene


Hope all are enjoying their Labor Day Holiday. Myself, I’ve been finalizing the last few aspects of Merciful Wolf, Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6. Doesn’t mean I can’t take a few minutes out to give you guys your weekly Flash Fiction Fix.

Hope you enjoy and are able to let your imagination soar.

* * *
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Unedited Scene
* * *

Karen ran her hand over her face, groaning at the mess spread across the rich brown hardwood floor. What had Danny been thinking. He knew her boss was stopping by to drop off some last minute briefs that he needed typed up. He knew how important her job was to him. Did he totally forget his mind during the Full Moon.

“Uh . . . I don’t . . .”

“Do not give me an excuse.” She snapped and snatched up an empty pizza box. “I know you turn all furry and stalk mice once a month, but does that mean you have to draw everyone in the damn neighborhood to our home?”

“I . . . Sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cover this mess.” She shoved the box into his arms. “Help me get this shit up.”

“Do you really think I hunt mice?” Danny laid the box down and disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a huge black bag.

“I don’t know.” She didn’t. He did not give her details about that aspect of his life. All he’d told her was that he was a Cat Shifter and that once a month he would fade into a large cat that she needed to avoid. She’d made sure to do so. Normally. That night had been the first time she’d came to the house on a Full Moon. “Why is there such a mess?”

“Some of the . . . A few of my . . . Had some company.”

“You telling me that every month I leave you to have a boys night out?”

“No.” Danny dropped a armful of empty chip bags into the garbage bag. “Sometimes.”

“Not again.” She dropped the empty bear box. “You can go elsewhere each full moon. I’m not giving up my house again for your . . . furry ass.”

“Huh?” Danny froze where he stood. “I . . . This is the only place . . .”

“I know it is, but you can spend the night in the woods if you have to have space.” She crossed her arms. “or at one of your buddies houses.” She kicked a half full box of sodas. “That or I’m out.” She was tired of being in the dark. If he had not other option than to keep that aspect of his life from him, then he could keep it out of their place.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Merciful Wolf Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6


I have finished all the small details for Merciful Wolf, and waited to share the Cover and Blurb with all my readers. I do not have a release date, yet, but soon as I do I will announce it.

Cover Design by Oliviaprodesign's Gig

Merciful Wolf 
Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6

Ash was the one who should be leading the werewolves among the Moon Chance Area. Not Karl Sonic. Karl was a despicable man who deserved death for all the crimes he committed against the werewolves Ash was supposed to be leading. That wasn’t possible until Ash’s Dream Bearer showed himself to him. Ash dreamed and prayed for it each night, but it never came. He waited for the one being that meant he could take Karl Sonic, an evil, vile man, from the world. That was what he lived for. That was what kept him calm when his natural born urge to run off and take the seat that belonged to him arose and ate at his insides. He told himself over and over that day would come. When was not known, but it could not come fast enough. As if that wasn’t enough for him to deal with from day to day, he had to constantly combat the advances of the woman his dad stashed away with him. The one his dad deemed to be his chosen mate. Ash had other plans and those did not include a woman he viewed as his sister.

His life wasn’t easy, but he bought his time until the day of retribution came. And he knew it would come. When wasn’t clear, but the how was. Or so he thought. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene


Hope all had a great week. Mine was full of some light preparing for upcoming NaNoWrMo. Can’t believe it is a little over two months away. That also means I have to get the final edit done on Merciful Wolf, Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6 and the cover designed. Lots of work coming my way. Thankfully, I have a light week next week and can devote lots of time to editing. Before I dive into that, I wanted to share this flash fiction scene with you.

Hope you enjoy and remember, let your imagination soar when you read.

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Cain wiped the sweat off his forehead and pressed the balls of his feet into the pavement, refusing to rush across the street and claw the life from the bear that wrapped his short brown fur covered legs around Lady Beauty. Lady Beauty had been promised to her by Lord Draft. Everyone knew this. Lord Draft had sent out the notice some five years ago. The day the two of them ran across Lady Beauty. The day that Lord Draft approached her, questioning her as to why she had not reported herself to him. Lord Draft hadn’t been upset, or angry, but been stern about the laws. Laws that Lady Beauty had been clueless to. She had swore that she had no idea that anyone like her hid among Earth. Her mother had always told her she was a special lady and that her life would be long and lonely. It had been in that minute that Cain made a promise to prove her wrong. He had reached down his mental path with Lord Draft and claimed her as his in that moment. Lord Draft had agreed and sealed them together then, but told him he had to wait until she was ready to accept him. A fact that had not set well with Cain, but a fact he understood and agreed to watch over her from afar. The first time he saw the Bear Shifter clamber up to her backyard he had gone to Lord Draft and informed him that he would be approaching her and taking her into him. Lord Draft had agreed and wished him luck. That had been ten days ago. He had waited and watched to see how integrated the Bear Shifter had inserted himself into Lady Beauty’s life. The bear had visited her twice a day. Each time Lady Beauty took him inside for a couple of hours and then the bear left. That hadn’t been the case that day. They had remained outside. The bear remained in bear form and sat down, opening his bear arms up to her. She had walked into them and sat down, letting him wrap her up in them. That had been the last straw. There would be no more of that . She belonged to him. It was him that she should come to for comfort. The Bear Shifter knew the laws, he was sure of that. It had been that even that had him fighting for control. Fighting to remain calm and approach them with ease, not a fevous anger.

“Lady Beauty,” he spoke loud enough that they would hear him before he crossed into her backyard.

The Bear Shifter stiffened, but released Lady Beauty, who gingerly rose to her feet and held out her arms to him.

“You would openly embrace me after allowing him to do the same to you?”

“You are angry.”

“Yes. I have right to be.”

“Not really.” Lady Beauty patted the bear’s arm and he ambled to his feet and then stumbled into the woods behind him. “I was doing nothing wrong.”

“You was.”

“How so?”

“I can tell you are aware of my claim on you.”

“I am.”

“Then you know that you should not be embracing any other Supernatural Creature.”

“I can embrace whoever I wish. I have not accepted your claim. Nor am I going to, if you keep up this show of male dominance.”

Cain stepped back and tilted his head. His inner beast stirred at the challenge, but not in anger. Nope. His cock hardened so fast it should have split his jeans.

“Do you not think it wise to ask why I allowed someone else to embrace me?”


“Then your claim will never be accepted.”

“Doesn’t have to be.”

“That is where you are wrong.”

“You were enlightened to our way of life.”

“I was, which is why I do not have to accept your claim. You chose me without my consent. I have eight months to accept you from the time you approach me. You approached me over five years ago. Never came for me.”

“I did no such thing.”

“Did you not claim me the same day you and Lord Draft discovered me?”

“How did you . . .”

“Mr. Sam showed me the notification he received from Lord Draft.”

Okay, the bear had a name. That gave him something to research. What he didn’t understand was that he’d invesitagated every supernatural being within ten miles of her. No one named Sam was listed among those ten being. Who was he? How come he was not listed? Was he a threat to Lady Beauty?

“What is Mr. Sam’s last name?”

“Does not matter.”

“Does. He is not listen among our kind.”

“Just because you are some big shot does not give you the right to charge in here and upturn people’s lives. I think you have done enough of that by claiming me and not coming to me.”

“I could not.”

“Why is that?”

“If you saw the notification then you know the reason.”

“I do, but if you truly wanted me you would not have allowed such.”

Did she have a point? How could she? He was abiding by the law. There was nothing wrong with that. It was natural to do so. She agreed to . . .

“Mr. Cain Struggles,” A deep rich voice that he had not heard in over ten years reached his ears as a man he thought dead walked into the clearing, pausing twenty feet from Lady Beauty.

Cain couldn’t believe it. Mr. Sam, aka Samuel Sawyers, the baddest bawler among the Supernatural World stood in front of him. The man had been sent out to eliminated a nest of Vampires and never came back. “You are thought to be dead.”

“I should be.” Mr. Samuel Sawyers pointed at Lady Beauty. “She found me in a cave some five miles in the woods. Has been treating me every since.”

Damn. His woman had been aiding a harmed shifter. “What happened to you?”

“I cleaned the nest out, but one of the vampires was Lord Tangler’s son.”

Monday, August 20, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene


I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. Sorry for that. Things have been a bit crazy around the house and it has taken me some down time to get going again. I hope that the last few days of editing, and making my weekly post is a sign of more days among the world of words.

Today’s scene simply comes from my fingers flying across the board while I sip my Cold Brew and stare at a black and white photo of an large mythical bird flying through a cove of flowers, trees, and other black and white plants that my mind can vividly see as bright green.

I hope the scene allows you to let your mind soar while you read.


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He chewed on the fingernails that no longer existed – who named there son Ox – praying that he got the approval required for him and Ox to be one for the rest of their lives. It wasn’t an easy process. Ox had to prove to his leader that I had a solid understanding of Ox’s strange way of life. How did one do that? How could someone ensure another person, a powerful person, a man of authority, that someone could accept that soon as Ox, a man that was loved more than someone entire life, had the approval that he would have to answer to Ox. Hand over his entire life. There’d be no more making decision about his life. Ox would have the last say on what he could do. Where he could work. If he could work. How the housework would be done, even though Ox would never lift a finger to help. That once he sealed himself to Ox that he, a man, would be able to conceive a child. Not something that he totally understood, but he could accept it. Not like he hadn’t dreamed of children. Just not carrying them. He’d seen him and Ox going to adopt a little boy, or girl, that needed a home.

Basically, Ox had to prove that the man he chose, the man he knew would accept that buried deep in side him was a wild, untamed demon, who required total control.

The door squeaked as it opened. Ox’s tall, broad shoulders fill the doorway. There was no smile. No frown. Simply stoic expression. He propped himself against the doorframe and then held his hand out to him.

“Well?” he made his way over to his man.

“Come give your life over to me.”

They had it. Ox had done it. They would be one for the rest of their lives.

“You changed your mind?” a deep voice rumbled behind him, making him sprint over to Ox and wrap his arms around his waist.

“No, Sir.”

“You feared getting my approval?”

Ox stpped out fo the doorway, revealing a man that’s head all but brushed the top of the doorframe.

“Yes, Sir.”

Ox hugged him tighter, giving him a light squeeze. “My man fears everything. I bet he had been chewing on the tips of his fingers.”

“You mean fingernails?” Ox’s leader said.

“No.” Ox lifted his hand and showed them to the stranger. “You see he has a bad habit, that I can’t seem to break him of.”

“The combining might solve that problem.”

“When can we have it, Sir?”

“Soon as you leave.” The man patted Ox’s shoulder. “Go start your new life. Take my greatest happiness with you and bring your man into our world and start the next phase of your life.”

Ox nodded and tugged him towards the main door, nodding at the woman sitting behind the receptions desk.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Sneak Peak of my upcoming release


Today I wanted to share an unedited sneak peak of my next release. There is no set release date and it is still in the final edit phrase, but I thought you might like to read a small bit of chapter one of Merciful Wolf, Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6.

Remember to let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
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Unedited Scene
* * *

“Here we go again.” Ash muttered.
Strike out. That’s what her night consisted of. Some dumb drunk slob refused her. Other nights he only received an offer she knew he’d refuse. When she whined about Alpha Superior Tanner taking her life by deciding she would be his son’s mate riled up Ash’s anger at his father. He didn’t quite understand his father thinking on stashing away a she-wolf for him. Part of Ash agreed with Beverly’s thinking. There was no way the two of them would have any kind of life together. Wrong. Beverly was his sister. An adopted sister, but a sister none the less.  Some nights Ash could ignore her annoying pursuit, after all he knew why she behaved the way she did. What he didn’t grasp was why his father kept that fact from Rocky and Tabby. They should have been told so they could explain it to her. He’d assumed his father had his reason, so when he found the evidence he decided to keep it to himself. He would until . . . There’d come a time when he’d have to inform Rocky. He wished for Beverly to settle down and find what Rocky and Tabby had. A happy, love filled life. True love. Every lasting love. Fulfilling love. Destiny. Sure was what he longed for.
Not some chosen woman, who went out to the bar at the age of fifteen and let some drunk stranger take her most cherished gift.
The bedroom door flew open and Beverly, in her shortest mini-skirt, walked in, propped her leg on the footboard. “Come on Ash. You know you want this.”
He closed his eyes, not wanting to be scared by the sight of Beverly as she gave him a free shot of her womanhood.
“Get out.”
“Don’t make me remove you.”
“You owe me.”
“You know you do.”
“Come on Ash, quit fighting the inevitable. Mate me and I’ll quit running to the club every night.”
“It’s your fault some human got my pussy first.”
The comforter flew to the floor as he leapt from the bed without giving Beverly his normal five count.
Beverly sprinted out the door, running right into Rocky.
“What is all this noise?”

Monday, July 9, 2018

Photo Flash Fiction


Hope all had a great fourth of July. Mine was great. Spent it with my mom and dad. Perfect way to enjoy myself. Gave me the best setup to go back to my free write. Love it when more of my story springs to life like it came from the pits of the earth.

This week I chose to do a Photo Flash Fiction, so I hope you enjoy what I come up with.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read.

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Rain dripped from her hair as she screamed the initial pain of the change from a human body to one that belonged to the night. She’d been told by Jack that it would not be easy upon waking, but to her it felt like every other day of her life. She woke each morning with a deep desire to scream for someone to rescue her from the house of horror that her dad condemned her to five years ago. A house of nothing but women who sold themselves in order to please one man. The man that gave them their next fix. She’d been told over and over that if she only subcummed to the high of whatever drug she was offered that she’d be able to make it through the long hours of standing on the corner. She’d tried to run many nights, each time being caught and taken back to the one who owned her. The one who had stolen her innocence. Who had bought her because she held her viginity close to her heart. She had given up hope on escaping her cruel and abusive life, until the night that Jack purchased her for a couple of hours.

Her first look upon his face put the fear of God in her, but his soft tone and promise to do nothing  but talk to her put her at ease. She had doubted he would live up to his word, but it had been nice to hear kindness. To feel like someone would listen to her. Take her at her word. He had. Then offered to give her the escape that she longed for. Even promised he’d be there upon her new entrance to her new life. Be there to teach her how to cope. Deal. Live. Even protect her from unwanted advances from others. Part of her had expected his words to be a lie, but the way he described his world appealed to her twenty-times more than the one she lived in, so she’d accepted his offer.

“Rachael,” Jack’s tall, lanky body swayed into view, “how are you feeling?”

Her mouth opened and a second scream of pain rippled from her. She had not expected the wave to hit, which is what brought her to her knees. Before she could even stop her loud shrill Jack was at her side wrapping his arms around her, pulling her into his chest, pressing her head into the protection of his body.

“Breath, chérie. Breath.”

Right. That’s was all she needed to do. Breath. Gain control of her own mind. Stop the racing and whirling consuming her mind. Then she could take the next step into her new life.

Photo Came from:

Monday, July 2, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene


Hope all have huge plans for the 4th of July. I’m going to be spending time with my family. That thought is what led me to this week’s flash fiction scene.

Hope you enjoy.
Remember let your imagination soar as you read.

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* * *

Rex picked up a stray sock and shoved it into his closest. His mom never looked under the beds or in the closets. He hoped Kale’s didn’t. He thought he’d been nervous when he turned thirteen and went through his Development Rite of Passage. His dad had put a lot of pressure on him to chose the demon skill of foreteller. There had not been a son in the Hackler’s family, which had made each male to push their sons to learn the family skill. It had  been a no-brainer for him, but Rex still feared that the rare chance that the Devil himself would come from the Underworld and chose for him. It did not happen much, but every once in a while the Devil chose a lucky, or unluky, soul to gain the skills set he need for his future army. Every one he chose had a birthday on the 4th of July, which happened to be his.

“Rex, honey, you with me?”

Rex shook his head. “Sorry, my mind was wondering down memory lane.”

“You going to be okay, baby?”


Rex hadn’t met Kale’s family yet, even thought they’d been together for two years. Kale’s family had a hard time coping when their son came out to them. Rex’s family had taken Kale into their bosom and treated him like they would have any in-law their daughter, or son chose. The first time his mom met Kale she’d swooped him into a huge hug and promised to take care of him until her dying last breath. She had. So had the rest of his family. Their death fell on his head. He’d known that one day his past jobs would catch up to him and they had.

Five months ago, one of Amaymon’s son took offense to him being charged with stepping out on his wife. It wasn’t a major crime, but his wife took him to the cleaners when she filed for divorce. Divorce wasn’t something taken lightly among the Demon World, which meant Amaymon’s son had disgraced his family’s name. The Amaymon’s family was looked up to since Amaymon was the King of the South. Rex assumed the disgrace was why Amaymon’s son came tracked him down. He’d been on another assignment and Amaymon’s son decided to take his revenge out on Kale. His ultimate downfall was when he attacked Kale when he was at his in-laws. His mother and sister had been the only ones at home with him and they attacked back, protecting their family member. They had ultimately lost their lives. Kale might have lost his, if Rex’s father and brothers had not arrived to eliminate the threat. Too damn bad they’d been a few minutes late.

Kale had tried to make amends for the last five months, which was why Rex found himself meeting his in-laws for the first time. Kale hoped his family had came to terms with his choice to spend his life with a man. Rex had told him over and over that it was not necessary, but his lover wanted to do something that would give him a mother back.

Rex feared his in-laws would reject him and hurt his husband’s feelings. If that happened, Rex would not be held responsible for what he did to them. No one could get by with harming his husband, not even his own family.

“They are here.”

Great. Rex took a deep breath and cleared his mind. Open mind. That was how he would greet Kale’s family. Just like Kale had met his.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Photo Flash Fiction


Hope all the fathers around the world had a great day. I spent mine writing in the morning and then the afternoon with my dad, then topped the day off with us celebrating my mother’s b-day. (Both fell on the same day). It was a great day. Hope every one else had such a wonderful day. If not, then maybe this short scene will start your week off on the right foot.

Have a great day.
Remember let your imagination soar as you read.

* * *
Adult Scene
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* * *

All I could see was his glowing eyes. It made no sense to me. He’d said he had a secret to tell me, but . . . he’d said nothing about it coming through his eyes. He had to be wearing contacts. Right? Only thing that made sense. People’s eyes did not glow orangish-yellow. Nope.

“Neat contacts.”

“Robin, I am . . . Not contacts. My true side is coming forward to greet you.”

True side? What did that mean? David was as sane as me? Or . . . he had been until then. Then he believed he had a second side. Even wore contacts to . . .

“Greet me?”

David nodded. “He believes you will accept him.

What did that mean? No one had two sides. Ok, some did, but that was more . . . It wasn’t a separate being buried inside them. Then again . . .

She walked up to David and rested her hand over his eyes, then removed it when the orangish-yellow seeped between her fingers as it grew brighter. Contact could not give that affect. David . . . Shit. He wasn’t kidding. Was he? Was there any other way he could pull such a trick off? None that she knew of, which meant . . . Shit. He was telling the truth. Lord, have mercy, was she really buying into David’s story. He had said he could give her proof. Glowing eyes had her teetering on the edge of belief, but she . . .

“Need more proof.”

“Okay.” David stood up taller and lifted his arms to the sky.

His face elongated and his eyes rolled back in his head as the unusual colored eyes seemed to surround his entire face. Robin wasn’t sure what was going on, but she knew one thing . . . David had told her the truth and she’d asked for the inner side of David. The side he had called his True s Side. His Inner Spirit. Demon side. Crap. What had she asked him to do? What was she supposed to do? Run? Step back? Would fleeing make him chase her? She didn’t know, but wasn’t going to chance it, so she simply pulled out the dining room table chair and sat down and waited.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Photo Flash Fiction


Hope your weekend was great and that your Monday has started off on the right foot. If not, I hope the small break you are taking to read today’s flash fiction helps you relax and that your mind is able to soar into the scene I wrote today.

Have a great day and remember let your imagination soar when you read.

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Adult Only Content
Unedited Scene
Paranormal and Supernatural Content
* * *
It had worked. Years of never siring another like me had came to an end by the method that I saw on the TV. Who would have known? How did the creator of the television show known? Why had I tried such an absurd idea?

A scream ripped the air as the woman I loved for the last five years sat on the pile of dirt that had been her grave for one night. Her fangs glistened off the half cloud covered moon. Better yet, was that the blood red lingerie I buried her in had been filled out nicely. Not that she hadn’t looked amazing before, but adding my blood to hers had increased her beauty ten-fold. What other changes had turning her into my perfect mate had taken place over night. Would she crave blood like me? Would she be able to walk in the sun, or be a creature of the night like me? Would it harm her to try? Could I even ask her to attempt such? No. I would not put her at risk. I had learned the hardway that I could not go out during the day.

“I’m thirsty.”

Course she was. Why had I not thought of that? I should have known. Yet . . . how would I have? I’d been a blood drinking creature of the night so long I no longer knew when, or how I became such.


“Okay,” I held my hand out. “Come on, let’s go get your some food.”