Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, July 16, 2018

Sneak Peak of my upcoming release


Today I wanted to share an unedited sneak peak of my next release. There is no set release date and it is still in the final edit phrase, but I thought you might like to read a small bit of chapter one of Merciful Wolf, Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6.

Remember to let your imagination soar when you read.

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Unedited Scene
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“Here we go again.” Ash muttered.
Strike out. That’s what her night consisted of. Some dumb drunk slob refused her. Other nights he only received an offer she knew he’d refuse. When she whined about Alpha Superior Tanner taking her life by deciding she would be his son’s mate riled up Ash’s anger at his father. He didn’t quite understand his father thinking on stashing away a she-wolf for him. Part of Ash agreed with Beverly’s thinking. There was no way the two of them would have any kind of life together. Wrong. Beverly was his sister. An adopted sister, but a sister none the less.  Some nights Ash could ignore her annoying pursuit, after all he knew why she behaved the way she did. What he didn’t grasp was why his father kept that fact from Rocky and Tabby. They should have been told so they could explain it to her. He’d assumed his father had his reason, so when he found the evidence he decided to keep it to himself. He would until . . . There’d come a time when he’d have to inform Rocky. He wished for Beverly to settle down and find what Rocky and Tabby had. A happy, love filled life. True love. Every lasting love. Fulfilling love. Destiny. Sure was what he longed for.
Not some chosen woman, who went out to the bar at the age of fifteen and let some drunk stranger take her most cherished gift.
The bedroom door flew open and Beverly, in her shortest mini-skirt, walked in, propped her leg on the footboard. “Come on Ash. You know you want this.”
He closed his eyes, not wanting to be scared by the sight of Beverly as she gave him a free shot of her womanhood.
“Get out.”
“Don’t make me remove you.”
“You owe me.”
“You know you do.”
“Come on Ash, quit fighting the inevitable. Mate me and I’ll quit running to the club every night.”
“It’s your fault some human got my pussy first.”
The comforter flew to the floor as he leapt from the bed without giving Beverly his normal five count.
Beverly sprinted out the door, running right into Rocky.
“What is all this noise?”

Monday, July 9, 2018

Photo Flash Fiction


Hope all had a great fourth of July. Mine was great. Spent it with my mom and dad. Perfect way to enjoy myself. Gave me the best setup to go back to my free write. Love it when more of my story springs to life like it came from the pits of the earth.

This week I chose to do a Photo Flash Fiction, so I hope you enjoy what I come up with.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read.

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Unedited Scene
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Rain dripped from her hair as she screamed the initial pain of the change from a human body to one that belonged to the night. She’d been told by Jack that it would not be easy upon waking, but to her it felt like every other day of her life. She woke each morning with a deep desire to scream for someone to rescue her from the house of horror that her dad condemned her to five years ago. A house of nothing but women who sold themselves in order to please one man. The man that gave them their next fix. She’d been told over and over that if she only subcummed to the high of whatever drug she was offered that she’d be able to make it through the long hours of standing on the corner. She’d tried to run many nights, each time being caught and taken back to the one who owned her. The one who had stolen her innocence. Who had bought her because she held her viginity close to her heart. She had given up hope on escaping her cruel and abusive life, until the night that Jack purchased her for a couple of hours.

Her first look upon his face put the fear of God in her, but his soft tone and promise to do nothing  but talk to her put her at ease. She had doubted he would live up to his word, but it had been nice to hear kindness. To feel like someone would listen to her. Take her at her word. He had. Then offered to give her the escape that she longed for. Even promised he’d be there upon her new entrance to her new life. Be there to teach her how to cope. Deal. Live. Even protect her from unwanted advances from others. Part of her had expected his words to be a lie, but the way he described his world appealed to her twenty-times more than the one she lived in, so she’d accepted his offer.

“Rachael,” Jack’s tall, lanky body swayed into view, “how are you feeling?”

Her mouth opened and a second scream of pain rippled from her. She had not expected the wave to hit, which is what brought her to her knees. Before she could even stop her loud shrill Jack was at her side wrapping his arms around her, pulling her into his chest, pressing her head into the protection of his body.

“Breath, chérie. Breath.”

Right. That’s was all she needed to do. Breath. Gain control of her own mind. Stop the racing and whirling consuming her mind. Then she could take the next step into her new life.

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Flash Fiction Scene


Hope all have huge plans for the 4th of July. I’m going to be spending time with my family. That thought is what led me to this week’s flash fiction scene.

Hope you enjoy.
Remember let your imagination soar as you read.

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M/M Content
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Rex picked up a stray sock and shoved it into his closest. His mom never looked under the beds or in the closets. He hoped Kale’s didn’t. He thought he’d been nervous when he turned thirteen and went through his Development Rite of Passage. His dad had put a lot of pressure on him to chose the demon skill of foreteller. There had not been a son in the Hackler’s family, which had made each male to push their sons to learn the family skill. It had  been a no-brainer for him, but Rex still feared that the rare chance that the Devil himself would come from the Underworld and chose for him. It did not happen much, but every once in a while the Devil chose a lucky, or unluky, soul to gain the skills set he need for his future army. Every one he chose had a birthday on the 4th of July, which happened to be his.

“Rex, honey, you with me?”

Rex shook his head. “Sorry, my mind was wondering down memory lane.”

“You going to be okay, baby?”


Rex hadn’t met Kale’s family yet, even thought they’d been together for two years. Kale’s family had a hard time coping when their son came out to them. Rex’s family had taken Kale into their bosom and treated him like they would have any in-law their daughter, or son chose. The first time his mom met Kale she’d swooped him into a huge hug and promised to take care of him until her dying last breath. She had. So had the rest of his family. Their death fell on his head. He’d known that one day his past jobs would catch up to him and they had.

Five months ago, one of Amaymon’s son took offense to him being charged with stepping out on his wife. It wasn’t a major crime, but his wife took him to the cleaners when she filed for divorce. Divorce wasn’t something taken lightly among the Demon World, which meant Amaymon’s son had disgraced his family’s name. The Amaymon’s family was looked up to since Amaymon was the King of the South. Rex assumed the disgrace was why Amaymon’s son came tracked him down. He’d been on another assignment and Amaymon’s son decided to take his revenge out on Kale. His ultimate downfall was when he attacked Kale when he was at his in-laws. His mother and sister had been the only ones at home with him and they attacked back, protecting their family member. They had ultimately lost their lives. Kale might have lost his, if Rex’s father and brothers had not arrived to eliminate the threat. Too damn bad they’d been a few minutes late.

Kale had tried to make amends for the last five months, which was why Rex found himself meeting his in-laws for the first time. Kale hoped his family had came to terms with his choice to spend his life with a man. Rex had told him over and over that it was not necessary, but his lover wanted to do something that would give him a mother back.

Rex feared his in-laws would reject him and hurt his husband’s feelings. If that happened, Rex would not be held responsible for what he did to them. No one could get by with harming his husband, not even his own family.

“They are here.”

Great. Rex took a deep breath and cleared his mind. Open mind. That was how he would greet Kale’s family. Just like Kale had met his.