Journey Series

Journey Series

Friday, December 22, 2017

Note to Followers

The week of December 24- December 29 there will be no post. I am taking that week to be with family. 

I wish you all a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. enjoy your time with family and friends.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Flash Fiction Scene

Hope all had a great week and read some amazon stories. This week’s Flash Fiction Scene is another one of those that I’m letting my mind take control and writer whatever comes to mind. There is no prhase or scene creating my idea.
Hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the last few days before Christmas.

Remember let your imagination soar when youread.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
The house was finished. Yet . . .
Something was off. The open house was set. There’d already been two other realtors ask about the layout and price. That boded well for a quick sell, but . .
Something. What?
“Outside looks great.”
Sam spun to face the guy that broke his heart and left him high and dry to finish their hundredth house flip.
“Don’t get all pissy on me.”
“I do not get pissy.”
“Then why are yours arm crossed?”
Shit. He dropped them to his side. He hadn’t meant to do that. He’d promised himself that the next time he ran across Riley that he would show him a happy person living a wonderful life.
“What did you need, Riley?”
“Wanted to see the finished project. House looks amazing. Does the inside match the outside?”
“Course it does. I designed it.”
“Who did the demo and construction?”
“Hired an outside team.”
“Why not use my crew?”
“Why? You dare ask me that after you up and left everything we’d built over the last ten years.”
“I did not leave the business.”
“Yes you did.”
“No I didn’t. I left you.”
“The why did you leave me a fucking message that you would not partake on our project.”
“Key word there this project.” Riley snorted. “You never listen to the words that are spoken. That’s why I had to leave.”
“I listen.” He sapped and took a huge step, placing himself right against Riley hard chest.
“Then tell me why I had to leave you?”
“Obviously isn’t it?”
“From what I heard from Taylor it wasn’t.”
“Taylor don’t know his head from a hole in the ground. You trust what you hear from him?”
“No. I do trust what Charlie and Kent told me.”
Big mouths. He hadn’t wanted his reaction to Riley dumping him to get back to him.
“Ready to listen to me out, again.”
“You made yourself clear.”
“Not if you think I left you for good.”
Sam snorted and shook his head, little good it did. Riley kept right on talking.
“What I told you was that I had an audition with Ralph that might take me away for a year. I never once said I was leaving you. I promised to come and see you once a week and skype every night.”
Had that been what he said? Sam scratched his head, replying that night. All he had heard was that he would be leaving. For a year never hit my mind. Nor the promise Riley said he made. Had he really blanked out at the idea of a year long-distance relationship. Shit.
“Did you get the job?”
Riley nodded. “I’ve been down in the jungles of Africa for the last three weeks. I heard that the crew was working on the Collins house, which wasn’t set to be done until next month. I asked them why they weren’t working on this project and was told you never called them in.”
He didn’t like it when Riley went on a shoot for a video. Riley hadn’t taken on a movie in over six years. The last one he acted in had all but ruined their relationship. Sam still wonder from time to time if Riley had truly cheated on him when he was in Paris. After I confronted him about my concerns there’d been a huge fight and Riley promised to change his ways. He’d done so. Created his construction company. He kept doing small commercials, but they were few and never last more than one or two days away.
Why was he going back on his word? Did he think I had forgotten the last time?
“I know what I promised you, but . . .
“There is not but, Riley. You promised.”
“I know, but this is the best roll I’ve ever had been offered.”
“You’ve said that before.”
“I know, but this time . . . The roll is perfect for any gay man.”
“Yes. The movie is going to be the first Gay R-rated movie that made it to the big screen.”
“There’s going to be sex scenes then?”
Riley hung his head. “The kisses and faked sex acts mean nothing. You know it’s just a job.”
“One you promised not to take on again.”
“I thought you wouldn’t mind since it was a major step among the LGTB community.”
“I can see how important it is for our kind, but why do you have to be the one to star in the movie. There are other gay actors.”
“You are not going to forgive me if I do this, are you?”
Sam didn’t know how to answer that. That he broke his promise was a major blow to their relationship, but knowing he would be in a romantic scene with another . . . All he could see was the last movie he stared in when he was in the bed with a woman and had a major boner. That scene hadn’t made it into the movie, but it was on the deleted scenes for the X-rated release. I knew the moment Riley’s cock hardened. He got the same look he did when he was fucking me senseless.
“Please, you know I . . .”
Sam held his hand. “I’m not sure about where things will go if you take this movie.”
“I done signed the contract. If I break it, it will cost me more than I was getting paid.” Riley shifted from foot-to-foot. “Will you agree try the long distance relationship to the way that I suggested. If it doesn’t work out then I will not pressure you into giving me another chance.”
Sounded fair. Sam and him had a long life together. Most were good times. There were times that they foung, but never to the point of this. There was no way he would give up on Sam without fully exploring every option.
“Okay, but if you . . . If you cheat on me, or fail to come home when you say you will, then things will be over.”
“Okay. Great. Thank you.” Riley walked up to him, and pulled him into a tight hug. Kissed his cheek and said, “I’ve missed you these last few weeks.”
Sam melted into his body, forgetting where they stood and what was the main purpose he’d come to the new remodled sight. He pulled back and squared his shoulder. “Okay. That’s settled, let me show you the house.”
“Sounds great.” Riley took hold of his hand and moved them up the short walkway.”

* * *

Monday, December 11, 2017

Flash Fiction Post


Hope all has been fine over the last week. Mine’s been busy. I got the book Revealed By Love up for pre-release. It will go live on Kindle and in Kindle Unlimited on Jan. 1m 2018. (Lord is it truly weeks a way?) With that being setup and ready to go, I’ve been focusing on editing another revised book of mine. But . . . Today is Flash Fiction Scene. Not sure where this came from, but it came to my mind and I had to get it out , so I could move onto some more edits.

Hope you enjoy this week’s scene and remember to
Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
Randal shook His head. His mouth had to be hanging open. What he witness was inhumanly possible. No one could turn from a tall, muscle bound man into . . . What was . . . “Scott?”
The large black dog . . no, what stood in front of him wasn’t a dog. It was larger than a wolf. What had Scott turned into.
The area around Scott began to fade red, as it had minutes ago, and consumed the massive animal’s body, leaving behind a naked Scott kneeling.
Randal found himself speechless. Who wouldn’t when the objective of their eyes finally stood naked in front of him. Man sure lived up to Randal’s image of him. He shook his head. Wasn’t time to focus on the broad shoulders. Tight chest muscles that remain motionless with each breath Scoot took. Wide smooth back blocked Randal from seeing what he’d long to stoke, swallow, and feel thrust into him.
“Randal?” Scoot stood fast, fluently and rushed over to him.
Damn, his cock was thicker than any other he’d seen over the last ten years of being an out Gay man. Better yet, it was more an anaconda. How could it not be? Scott’s dick was firm and waving at his stomach. Wait . . . Firm? Nope. Scott was aroused.
“Randal, talk to me. Are you okay?”
Hands feathered across his chest, around his head, and down his arms.
“There’s no outward marks, but did that beast break skin anywhere else?”
Scott knew Randal was asking a question, and from the way he kept gawking over Randal’s skin he was scared for some reason. The other larger than normal wolf had charged him, but Randal nailed him in the side before he could get with an arms length. He was fine, more than. The most majestic sight stood in front of him, devour him with his eye, even if Randal  only did so to ensure himself his best friend had not been harmed.
Fingers snapped in front of him. “Hey,” a hand lifted his chin.
“I need you to tell me if any skin was broken?”
“No.” Randal’s eyes drifted back down to the much longer and purpling cock swaying free in front of Scott.
“What are . . . Shit.” Scott’s hands covered his privates. “Sorry.”
“Why?” Randal reached out and took hold of Randal’s wrist. “I liked what I was seeing.”
“You was?”
“Boy, yes.”
Scott let him tugged his hand free and took a step closer. “What would you do with it?”
“Lots of amazing activities could come with me manhandling that beauty.” His hand slid around and down Scott’s cock, pumping him twice, getting a loud moan out of him. “You like.”
“God, yes.” Scott thrust into his next stroke. “You have the perfect hands for that.”
“Have the perfect mouth too.” Randal winked at him. “I would take it all the way down my throat. “Take all the hard thrusting you could send my way.”
Scott groaned, pressing his chest out.
“Bet those nipples of yours love to be tortured as much as your cock.”
“More than.” Scott leaned in, stopping only when his lips were a mere inch away from him. “Can I?”
“I’m yours.” He had no idea why he was going down this path with his best friend, but it felt right. Not like Scott hadn’t been the man haunting his dream since he turned eighteen.
“That you are.” Scott was a hair away from his lips when a loud rumble filled the air.
Scott spun around, growling back, but it stopped before it took on a full force rumble. “Sorry, Sir.”
“No. I’m sorry.” The tallest man Randal every saw strode up to them.
Randal stepped in front of Scott, pushing him backwards.
“I mean your mate no harm.”
“Ah,” the stranger nodded. “You have not had time to fill your mate in.”
“No, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”
“No reason to apologize.” The man crossed his arm. “We caught the rouge five miles from here.”
“Great. Did you find out why he came after Randal?”
“Yes. He believed Scott was encroaching on his man.”
“What? I never . . .”
Scott wrapped an arm around him. “I know, baby. I know.”
Baby? Oh man. As much as Randal loved where things had been going a minutes ago, being called baby, by Scott kind of poured a bucket of water on him. He had longed for Scott for years, but never believed he had a chance. Then, Scott was doing more than giving his chance. He was openly declaring affection for him.
“You okay, Baby?” Scott’s hand brushed across his stomach.
“I will leave you two. It seems you still have some major explaining to do.”
“Yes, Sir, I do.”
Randal liked that the man was leaving, but he wasn’t sure how much he would like to hear whatever explanation the man mentioned.
“Let’s take a seat.”
Randal squared his shoulders and walked over to the fallen log, sitting down and patting his lap. “To protect your skin.”
“I . . . For this it would be best if I sat beside you.”
Okay, he’d changed his mind again. Looked as if the thrill of the moment was gone and he was going to be rejected by his best friend. Shit. How would he manage to be at his besties side after he kicked him to the side.
“Hey,” Scott tilted his head, placing a light kiss over his dry lips. “I want to be in your lap, but I want us both to have a level head while we discuss us.”
“Yes. Us.”

“Okay. Let’s get down to it.”

Monday, December 4, 2017

Revealed By Love by Julia Matthews


JAN. 1, 2018

Detective Walt Bell made decisions all the time, that changed people’s lives. Never once did he think he would be facing the one in front of him. He’d thought leaving the Haven Society Hive had been the worst one he’d face in life. Fate must have other thoughts. The one that loomed in front of his Bear Therianthropy ass could put him in a major bind. What was he to do? How was he to respond? Sure not like he had for the last two weeks. Sitting on his ass and watching. 

Phrase Scene

NaNoWriMo is over and for the fourth year in a row, I won. That means that I know have three stories ready for revisions. Looks like next year might be a great year for me when getting books ready for publication.

Still, that is next year. This is still 2017, meaning I have to focus on now, and right now, it is time to write a scene. Phrase for the week is Stuff it. One I hope you enjoy and one that allows your imagination soar.

Have a great week.

* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *

Raphael took another look around the place he’d called home for the last ten years. The Combs had been in his life longer than anyone else. He loved them. They told him they loved him. Lies. All lies on their part. Raphael had loved Mr. and Mrs. Combs. They’d been there for him during the most trying times of his life. His mother’s death. His grandmother’s rejection. His father’s point blank denial of him. He never once saw an ounce of prejuicde in them. Why did they? How could they? He was still the same human. Same young man. Same person who came to their door when he was eight years old.
“Raphael, man, you ready?”
No. He was no ready to leave the one place he felt safe. Not that he dreaded moving in with Jake. He loved Jake. The two of them had spoken many times about them taking their relationship to the next level, but Raphael had not expected it so soon. He’d wanted to finish college first.
“Come on, man.”
Raphael reached up and let his hand rest against Jake’s cheek as he rested his head on Rapael’s shoulder. “I can’t believe this.”
“I know man, but they made their selves clear.”
Boy had they. The moment Mr. Combs came in and found Raphael kissing Jake, the entire atmosphere had shifted from loving and caring to rage and disgust. The two had words, harsh and unforgettable words, but the last words Mr. Combs had said to him was the cruelest and drifted through Raphael’s mind every other second.
“We should have sent you back the day you arrived.”
Raphael’s entire body had stiffen and his mind spun so fast he had no clue what he said next. Not until two hours later when Jake held him in their beds. He’d came back at Mr. Combs with two words. “Stuff it.” Not the most original, or hardcore, comment, but the only thing that Raphael’s rattled mind could think of. Nothing left for him to do. They’d made themselves clear. He had one hour to pack up his clothes and photos of friends and leave their home.
“Your hour is up.” Mrs. Combs said from the top of the steps.

Raphael squeezed Jake’s hand and turned toward the door. He had no idea where his life would go from there, but at least he had Jake.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Done It.

It happened again. 4 years in a row. I’ve completed the NaNoWriMo Challenge. Yes. Super pleased that the  free write for Human-Skinned Wolves Book 7 is finished. Now all I have to do is finish up some edits and revision on another book before I can begin the revision on Human-Skinned Wolves Book 6, so I can get to Book 7. LOL. Sounds like there’s lots of work ahead of me for the upcoming year. Let’s see if I can face that challenge and come up with some deadlines for myself by the end of December.

I will begin posting more Flash Fiction Post next Monday.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read.


Monday, October 30, 2017


Hope all have a great weekend and enjoyed some Halloween parties. Or will enjoy some tomorrow.

There is no Flash Fiction this week and since next month is NaNoWrMo, I won’t be writing any flash fiction either, but I will be updating my word count for you guys and asking any other who are joining in on NaNoWrMo to update theirs along with mine.

Have a great week.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.


Monday, October 23, 2017

Flash Fiction Scene


Hope all had a great week. Mine was filled with the sickness blahs. Yet, I still got some revisions done and some prepping for NaNoWrMo. I’ll take that kind of work.

Hope you guys enjoy this week’s Flash Fiction Scene. It’s more of a short paragraph that I’d like for you to take and expand on for yourself. Give me some ideas of how you’d like this scene to go from the point I left off.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
She sat tapping her finger, cursing the rules, protocols, common sense, and all those things that weighed her down. What was she to do? What was she to do?

“Ugh! Life.” She slammed her table, cracking it in half. “Damn it.”

Now how will you finish this?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Flash Fiction Scene


Hope all had an amazing week. Mine was super busy, again. I made some progress though on the story I’m revising. Doesn’t look like I’ll get the revision done before the end of the month, but that’s not a major thing. I have one other that is being read for edits.

This week I do not have a theme or anything for the flash fiction scene, it just sort of came to me. Hope you guys enjoy it and remember:

Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
Tap. Tap. Tap.
What in the world? He spun, staring down the beautiful blonde with a half shaved head that showed off her seven pointed star. Unique imagine to have on your forehead. Not like he didn’t know what it meant, but most people into the craft hid themselves. Specially, after the Witch Wars.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

What was her name? She’d worked for him for the last five days and he’d yet to remember her name. Figured it didn’t matter. Most of his secretaries didn’t last more than a week. Human Resources repeditly told him to be nicer. Why? He was who he was. A snarly, toothy, hair covered Lycan. He couldn’t change that. Everyone knew Lycan were . . . Bossy as hell. That’s how come most of them held the CEO spots of major companies. Not that he’d been given his position among the Crank It Publishing house. Nope. He’d worked his way up from the mail room and earned each step up he made. Ticked many people off during his trip to the big room.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

“Get in here!”

The young woman lifted her head and snarled at him. Literally. She barred her teeth. Her sparkly white teeth did not put him on edge. In fact, they made his dick hard as hell. What was going on with him? He did not get it up for little ole secretaries. Nope. He loved his woman forceful. Dare devilish. Not someone who took orders.

The intercom buzzed and then his office filled with the lovely soothing tone of a woman’s voice. “Mr. Tombbay, did you need something?”

He’d been clear about what he needed. Her in his office. Not questioning him. How dare her . . . He pushed himself to his feet and marched over to his open office door. He pointed at her then back at the chair in front of his desk. Still, she remained sitting and crossed her arms.

“Did you need something, Mr. Tombbay?”

“Office. Now.”

She shook her head then latched onto his eyes. “If you have need of me, then you can request my assistance like any other decent being would. Until then . . .”

Tap. Tap. Tap.

“Get in the office now.”

“No, sir.” She picked up her coffee cup and walked down the corridor to the break room.

“Who do you think . . .”

“Have trouble, Frankie-boy?”

“No.” He spun back into his office and slammed the door, making the windows rattle. “How dare her. Who does she think she is.”

“Must be someone strong.” Randy, his eldest brother said from the corner of his office.

“What are you doing popping in here?” He hated when his Big-Bad-Alpha-Brother let his Witchy-Mate transport him to his desired location.

“Felt your anger. Thought you might need some assistance.” He sniggered. “Looks like I was wrong and right.”

“What’s that mean? I can handle one little ole witch.”

“brother, dead, that is where you are wrong.”

“What? I can handle anything that comes my way.”

“Most of the time you can, but that is not some little old witch. She’s a Grand  Black Witch. They are rare, according to Beth.”

He looked back at his soon to be ex-secretary.

“not wise t o piss one of them off.”

“Why? She spell me.”

“Might. You might not like it either.”

“I can take care of my own business, Alpha.”

“I’m not sure about that either.”

“What the hell you riding my ass for. I’m your fucking Beta. Course I can handle anyting tha comes my way.”

“Okay, then I’ll let you keep your mate waiting for you.”

“My what!” No way. He would have known. He would have caught the whiff of his . . . Shit. His cock was hard. He could smell the lust floating around his office. “Why did I not . . .”

“You were letting your own bossiness get in your way. That’s probably why she’s driving you up the wall with that tapping of hers.”

Monday, October 9, 2017

Flash Fiction Scene


Hope all had a great week. Mine was busy with errands, but I managed to sneak in some editing time and writing time. Got to get ready for NaNoWrMo. It’s less than a month away. Looking forward to it. Hope you guys enjoy this little scene.

Have a great week and rmember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
M/F/M Content
* * *
“Fourth time this week.”

I groaned. How would I get it through someone head that I’m not interested when he, or she, lord he hoped it was not a she, if they sign it anonymous.

“Jeff Rakes, get in here.”

“Shit.” I muttered. Another day started off on the wrong foot. I should have gotten my ass out of bed before him and came in early. That way I could have thrown whatever had been left on my

I didn’t bother in stopping off at my desk. I squared my shoudlers, tigenting my  grip on the bagged lunch I’d made for Tom before I left the house. Not sure why I did so, but I hoped it appeased his jealous mood.

“Tom, good morning.”

“Don’t morning me.”

I sat his lunch bag on his desk. “You left without anything this morning. Thought you might like my famous club today.”

“Though you could bribe me to ignore your new lover’s little show of affection.”

“Tom, honey, we’ve been over this everyday this week.”

Least those times had been at home where none of the nosy office workers could see a lover’s spat. Each time I told him the same thing. There was no lover. I had no idea who left me those things. Nor did I care.

“Obviously you don’t care to at least tell him to stop being so blunt about your outside relationship.”

“There is no outside relationship.” I sat down in the chair in front of him, crossing my arms.

“So you said all week.”

“That should tell you something.”

“Yeah, you think I’m a dunce.” He slapped his chest.

“Calm your tone, please.” Didn’t have to be looking out the glass office window to know the entire office heard him. “We are at work.”

“Don’t give a rats ass.”

“I do.” I stood and headed for the door.

“If you walk out . . .”

I spun and pointed my finger at him. Kind of diva of me, but I was fed-up with him accusing me of sleeping with someone else after ten fucking years of being at his side. Holding his hand until he worked his way up the corporate ladder and landed in the CEO chair.

“Listen here. Either you trust me, or you tell me to get the fuck out. I’m done with this shit.” Without waiting for a response I marched out to my desk, snatched up the small four-by-four package and carried it back to him. “This is what I think of the packages and you.” I dropped the box into his trash can and marched back out to my desk.


Kevin’s tone told all I needed to know. “Why?”

“Thought it was time I told you how I felt and I could never catch you without him at your side.”

“Did that not tell you something?”

“Should have.” Kevin sighed. “I didn’t mean to cause . . . Never wanted you to be unhappy. I’ll go and explain it to Mr. Price.”

“Please don’t.” It would just make him lose his mind and in the state he was in, Jeff might deck him. Then Jeff would lose his job. Not something I wanted, even if him not knowing cost me his love.


“I have my reasons.”

“Then I’ll leave it be and quit sending you things.”

“That would be appreciated.” My shoulders slumped. “Thanks for whatever you sent me today.”

“Thanks. I’m sorry, again.”

“Don’t worry about it.” What else was I to say? He’d most likely ruined my ten year relationship when all he had to do was let his affection be. Not like he didn’t know I was involved with someone. And had been for years. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Flash Fiction – Sexy


Hope you had a great couple of weeks. I’ve been super busy trying to finish up a round of edits so I can begin to prepare for NaNoWrMo. Can’t believe it’s only a month away. Yikes. Where has the year gone? Anyway, I’m glad to taker a break and do a bit of free writing for you guys.

Hope you enjoy the scene.
Have a great week and remember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
M/F/M Content
* * *
Fourth time I adjusted my self. Be more than that thanks to the way the hot little red-hair’s perky little ass cheeks swayed when she paused to twist her hips before heading back up the little cat-walk. Did that string pushing between her cheeks get her hot? Or was it the way the men shouted and shoved money at her? Both maybe. He’d love to know.

“Danny-boy.” Jamie, or beef-cake as most knew him by, clapped me on my shoulder. “Found you a new hottie for tonight?”

“Maybe.” More than likely, but no-way in hell Danny-boy needed to know who. Last time he tried to steel her. Not something a respectable man did.

“She’s a beaut. Not my style though.” Beef-cake turned a chair around backwards and sat down.

The sexy red-haired woman stopped at the pole, swung one leg around the silvery metal and wrapped one hand around the section above her head. What he would give to be the one she climbed like a tree. He’d give her a nice thick trunk to wrap her wet lower lips around.

“You here?”

“Don’t.” Danny-boy crabbed Beef-cake’s hand, before he could snap his finger again. “Put your fingers in my face.”

“Yeah. Sorry, man.” Beef-cake didn’t try to jerk his hand back, he simply took in a deep breath. “I . . . I . . . needed . . . an answer for the boss.”

“Don’t care what you need.” Danny-boy smiled at the red-haired woman as she squatted in front of him, giving him a nice view of the front of her tiger print g-string. “Never snap at me again.” He released Beef-cakes hands and tugged a twenty from his pants pocket, waving it at the woman. She placed her hands on the floor and leaned forward.

He slipped the twenty between the edge of the front of her g-string, an off limits area, but she didn’t object, so he let his finger slip a further inside, barely tracing her bare pussy.

“Like what you feel?”

“Sure do. Bare is sexy as hell.” Danny-boy winked at her as she slithered back away from him.

“Guess you’ve found your night cap.” Beef-cake stood. “What am I to tell the boss?”

“Usually meeting place at dawn.” Danny-boy spotted James coming his way. He gave him a small nod when he paused upon his approach. “Take a seat and let’s discuss business.”

“Mr. Danny-boy, it’s pleasure to see you again tonight.”

“Pleasure’s all mine.” Sure was, thanks to the hotty he was about to get a lap dance from. “I want her attention for the rest of the night.”

“Sure thing.” James looked back at the red-haired lady and pointed at him.

No words were exchanged between James and his dancer, but she knew what her job was.

“Anything else for you tonight, Sir?”

“Nope. That’s it.” Unless . . . “For now.”

“Yes, Sir.” James stood and bowed. “The room is already setup for you.”

“That’s why I keep coming here.” Danny-boy winked. “That and your hot babes.”

“Glad my establishment pleases you.”

“That it does. That it does.” He stood as the red-haired beauty approached. He held his hand out and closed his large hands around her tiny one, tugging her against his side. “Let’s go somewhere a bit more private.”

Monday, September 25, 2017

Apology – No Flash Fiction Today

Been super busy of editing my future book. So, I’ve had little to no time for free writing, not even for the blog. So, I’m taking just a short break to write this little apology to you guys for not having a flash fiction scene this week.

I do apologize, but at least I am working on another book for release.

Have a great week and remember:

Let your imagination soar when you read.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Collar of Truth Released today.

Get your copy at Amazon or read it for free through Kindle Unlimited

Time has come. Ethan Cooper has been confined by silver for long enough. His warriors stood behind the wall, waiting for his signal. He would soon be among his hidden warriors, preparing the final steps for eliminating Juan, a half demon, half werewolf. Monster. Murder. A man who Ethan Cooper would serve justice to. Not only for the death of his father, but the harm done to each werewolf in the New Beginning Moon Area. Easy task. Right? Wrong? Trouble lay ahead. Biggest being creating cohesion between him and his two predestined mates. Was it possible? Could three people with different personalities work as one?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Photo Flash Fiction Scene

Hope all had a great week. Mine has been busy, but not on the writing from. Although, I did spend Saturday and Sunday finishing up the last two chapters of revision on a story. Looks like I’ll be going back into the editing phrase. (Oh boy, just what I love to do. Not.)

Have a great week and remember let your imagination soar when you read.

Photo came from:

* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
M/F/M Content
* * *
It was time. He’d waited for years to her acceptance. The process had scared her, with good reason. It was not an easy step to take. Once Tray’s and his wolf engulfed her in their natural born magic meant she would be tied to them until her death. The magic entering her body was said to be painful. Extremely. Other females described it as unexpressable. That alone was what had taken Rebecca five years to consent to become his and Trays.

“Hey.” Rebecca’s strawberry blonde hair rested on her naked shoulder. Pure beauty and perfectly, hourglass body clung to Tray’s wolf’s fur.

“Beautfiul.” There was nothing else he could say.

“You always say that, Rex.”

He couldn’t deny it. She always bore a smile for him and her tiny dimples glowed when she did so. “You ready for this?”

She took a deep breath, making her firm breast lift. “I think I am.”

“You have to be sure, or it will be for nothing.”

“I am. I want you two in my life for life, but . . .”

“I know, sweetheart. I know. Can you endure what has to be done?”

“I can.” She stood up taller and scooted herself closer to Tray. “I am stronger know than I was when we met.”

That was the truth. She was no longer a teenager starting college. She was a full woman, with a steady modeling job. She made more than Tray and him combined did at the Security Firm.

“Let’s get this done.” She walked over to him, with Tray following at her side.

“Give me a minute.” He tugged his shirt over his head and started picturing his wolf as he kicked his shoes and jeans off. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Sorry No Flash Fiction This Week


Hope all have had a great week. There will be no flash fiction scene this week. Sorry for that, but my mind is jumbled up and frayed in many different direction and I just don’t have the energy to write another post after writing the other five for Anything and Everything Blog. If you’d like to check those out here is the link to that site.

Hope you guy’s have an amazing Labor Day.
Remember when you read let your imagination soar.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Flash Fiction


Not sure where today’s flash fiction scene will take me, but I hope you enjoy it.

Remember, let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *

“Ugh! Get it away. Now.”

What was Jeff thinking? He knew how I felt about . . . reptiles.

“It’s just a small lizard.” Jeff lift it up to his shoulder and let it climb on to it.

“Disgusting.” Ralph pointed at the door. “If you want any more of my dick, you will get that creature out of our of house. Now.” He spun and marched down the hall, tossing his shirt onto the floor, kicking his shoes off, and pausing in the doorway to their bedroom before he slipped his jean over his waist. “Last chance. If I go into this room and you are not moving toward the door then I will start throwing your shit out the window.” Wasn’t quite sure if that would happen, but Jeff took it as a valid threat. He sprinted out the front door and down the steps.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Flash Fiction Scene - Go.

I’m sure most thought I would post something related to the eclipse, but I’m not going to. In-fact, I’m going to lean more towards a love scene.

Hope you guy’s enjoy and remember . . .
Let your imagination soar when you read.
Have a great week.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
One more spin around the room. Everything was perfect. Flower peddles covered the light rose silk bedspread. Candle light flittered across the mirror I’d setup next to the bed to appease her desire to watch me enter her body.

Tonight has to be perfect. Has to be. Most important night in my life.

He ran to the kitchen, inhaling the sweet aroma of fresh cooked steak. Crisp, fresh salad chilled in the fridge with her favorite dressing waiting for her to enjoy. Best of all was the light red velvet red box sitting in the middle of her plate.

“tonight will be perfect.”

“Sure looks like it.”

He whirled around, making his stomach bottom twice thanks to the well-known voice. “What are you . . . No. You  can’t be here. Not tonight. Go.”

“Now, now. Is that anyway to treat your brother.”

“yes.” No way would he say he always ruined everything. No way would Jeff be his downfall tonight. He could take his roaming the world behind to his baby sister’s house for the night. “Go to Rebecca.”

“she kicked me out, already.”

“then go to mom and dad’s.”

“Hell - -“

“Go.” He took hold of his brother’s shoulder and shoved him towards the front door. “Now.”

Monday, August 14, 2017

Inspirational Photo Scene


Hope all had an amazing couple of weeks. Sorry, for not posting last week. My mind was fogged up and I forgot. This week I hope to make up for it with this amazing photo and scene.

Have a great week and remember: Let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
Those eyes. I knew them. Intimately. But it couldn’t be. There was no way. Yet . . . I knew Travis sat in front of me. How? That I did not know. Travis had left for Japan two days ago. He had not been anywhere near when the house blew up.

“Is it you?”

The white feathered head bobbed up and down, sending my stomach into a bigger turmoil than it had already been.


She didn’t really expect an answer. Why would I? I was talking to a damn owl. Thought the owl was Travis.

“I’m losing my fucking mind.”

“Miss,” A hand came to rest on her shoulder. “You okay?”

I nodded, not really believing my own words.

“Do you see those bright blue eyes?”

“I do.” Officer Kent, a long time friend of Travis; and mine. “Do you know who that is?”

“No.” Lie. I did, but wasn’t going to mention it. No way did I need Kent thinking I lost my mind.

“I believe you do.” Kent leaned forward. “I called him about the explosion. He came right back.”

“You what? He what? What are you going on about?”

“I’ll let Travis explain later.” Kent patted my shoulder and went back over to the group of officers gathered around her ruble of a house.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Flash Fiction Scene

Start this week’s post off with an apology for failing to post last week. Don’t really have an excuse, besides I forgot. That happens from time to time.

This week’s post is a bit more on the adventurous side for a flash fiction post. Biggest thing is that I can see this week’s scene turning into an amazing story.

Hope you guys enjoy it.
Remember, Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
Lord have mercy! What was this woman doing? Trying to draw my load before she saw how well I could use my stick. No way would he tell her to stop. Nope. Not happening. Spider like trindels created chill bumps over his entire body.. Each time the flat of her tongue ran down his dick, he forced himself to remain still. She would not see what she was doing to him. Nope.

Lord have mercy! If she  didn’t stop . . . Course he kept his mouth shut about the state she had worked him into. Enjoyment, like none other, had claimed his entire body as she traced his entire length from the base of his balls to the under skin of his mushroom head.

Magic. That’s what her tongue was. No other way to explain how marvelous her light feather licks across his balls where.

He gripped her curly red hair and pushed her face further into his balls. His reward, or reprimand, was a little nip to the base of his cock.

“Shit!” Travis bit his lip, pushing a moan back. He let no one draw sounds from him. It was his rule. Women were just women. None were special. They never would be. Unless . . . No. He yanked the woman’s head away from his body and pushed her away until she fell backwards.
“Hey - -“
Her words faded as he shoved the balled up bandanna he had balled into his fist.

Wide eyes.
Dull Eyes
Muffled shouts made his cock jerk with excitement. It knew what was coming. Longed for the excitement that lay ahead.

“That’s it, bitch.” He ran his hand up her bare stomach, pausing to squeeze her firm tits. “You going to see how well I can use my cock to make you beg. For death.”

Darkness consumed her huge hazel eyes. Her cheeks reddened. Tears bubbled under her eyelids. She knew he meant what he said. Her body, stiffened, yet her athletic legs kicked out, missing him by a mere inch. He felt the smile, but her frozen body told him she knew what lay ahead.

He’d played her game since he coaxed her to his house after a dinner of snails and fine wine. She’d taken his bait like most women. Fine dining enticed her into finding out just how much he was worth. Soon as she commented on how huge his house was, he knew he had her locked down. She was like most woman. Desired a wealthy man to keep her living a high society life. Money grubbing stick on legs with a glow of nothing but success.

Boy was she dead-wrong. Her huge bubble like eyes told him she knew it all too well. The bitch knew she’d fallen right into his game. She’s never had control of the situation. No woman would ever gain the upper hand over him. Nope.

Not even the dead.