Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 18, 2017

Flash Fiction Scene

Hope all had a great week and read some amazon stories. This week’s Flash Fiction Scene is another one of those that I’m letting my mind take control and writer whatever comes to mind. There is no prhase or scene creating my idea.
Hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the last few days before Christmas.

Remember let your imagination soar when youread.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
The house was finished. Yet . . .
Something was off. The open house was set. There’d already been two other realtors ask about the layout and price. That boded well for a quick sell, but . .
Something. What?
“Outside looks great.”
Sam spun to face the guy that broke his heart and left him high and dry to finish their hundredth house flip.
“Don’t get all pissy on me.”
“I do not get pissy.”
“Then why are yours arm crossed?”
Shit. He dropped them to his side. He hadn’t meant to do that. He’d promised himself that the next time he ran across Riley that he would show him a happy person living a wonderful life.
“What did you need, Riley?”
“Wanted to see the finished project. House looks amazing. Does the inside match the outside?”
“Course it does. I designed it.”
“Who did the demo and construction?”
“Hired an outside team.”
“Why not use my crew?”
“Why? You dare ask me that after you up and left everything we’d built over the last ten years.”
“I did not leave the business.”
“Yes you did.”
“No I didn’t. I left you.”
“The why did you leave me a fucking message that you would not partake on our project.”
“Key word there this project.” Riley snorted. “You never listen to the words that are spoken. That’s why I had to leave.”
“I listen.” He sapped and took a huge step, placing himself right against Riley hard chest.
“Then tell me why I had to leave you?”
“Obviously isn’t it?”
“From what I heard from Taylor it wasn’t.”
“Taylor don’t know his head from a hole in the ground. You trust what you hear from him?”
“No. I do trust what Charlie and Kent told me.”
Big mouths. He hadn’t wanted his reaction to Riley dumping him to get back to him.
“Ready to listen to me out, again.”
“You made yourself clear.”
“Not if you think I left you for good.”
Sam snorted and shook his head, little good it did. Riley kept right on talking.
“What I told you was that I had an audition with Ralph that might take me away for a year. I never once said I was leaving you. I promised to come and see you once a week and skype every night.”
Had that been what he said? Sam scratched his head, replying that night. All he had heard was that he would be leaving. For a year never hit my mind. Nor the promise Riley said he made. Had he really blanked out at the idea of a year long-distance relationship. Shit.
“Did you get the job?”
Riley nodded. “I’ve been down in the jungles of Africa for the last three weeks. I heard that the crew was working on the Collins house, which wasn’t set to be done until next month. I asked them why they weren’t working on this project and was told you never called them in.”
He didn’t like it when Riley went on a shoot for a video. Riley hadn’t taken on a movie in over six years. The last one he acted in had all but ruined their relationship. Sam still wonder from time to time if Riley had truly cheated on him when he was in Paris. After I confronted him about my concerns there’d been a huge fight and Riley promised to change his ways. He’d done so. Created his construction company. He kept doing small commercials, but they were few and never last more than one or two days away.
Why was he going back on his word? Did he think I had forgotten the last time?
“I know what I promised you, but . . .
“There is not but, Riley. You promised.”
“I know, but this is the best roll I’ve ever had been offered.”
“You’ve said that before.”
“I know, but this time . . . The roll is perfect for any gay man.”
“Yes. The movie is going to be the first Gay R-rated movie that made it to the big screen.”
“There’s going to be sex scenes then?”
Riley hung his head. “The kisses and faked sex acts mean nothing. You know it’s just a job.”
“One you promised not to take on again.”
“I thought you wouldn’t mind since it was a major step among the LGTB community.”
“I can see how important it is for our kind, but why do you have to be the one to star in the movie. There are other gay actors.”
“You are not going to forgive me if I do this, are you?”
Sam didn’t know how to answer that. That he broke his promise was a major blow to their relationship, but knowing he would be in a romantic scene with another . . . All he could see was the last movie he stared in when he was in the bed with a woman and had a major boner. That scene hadn’t made it into the movie, but it was on the deleted scenes for the X-rated release. I knew the moment Riley’s cock hardened. He got the same look he did when he was fucking me senseless.
“Please, you know I . . .”
Sam held his hand. “I’m not sure about where things will go if you take this movie.”
“I done signed the contract. If I break it, it will cost me more than I was getting paid.” Riley shifted from foot-to-foot. “Will you agree try the long distance relationship to the way that I suggested. If it doesn’t work out then I will not pressure you into giving me another chance.”
Sounded fair. Sam and him had a long life together. Most were good times. There were times that they foung, but never to the point of this. There was no way he would give up on Sam without fully exploring every option.
“Okay, but if you . . . If you cheat on me, or fail to come home when you say you will, then things will be over.”
“Okay. Great. Thank you.” Riley walked up to him, and pulled him into a tight hug. Kissed his cheek and said, “I’ve missed you these last few weeks.”
Sam melted into his body, forgetting where they stood and what was the main purpose he’d come to the new remodled sight. He pulled back and squared his shoulder. “Okay. That’s settled, let me show you the house.”
“Sounds great.” Riley took hold of his hand and moved them up the short walkway.”

* * *

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