Journey Series

Journey Series

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Seller Updates

Hey all,

It's seller update time.

Thanks to Smashword three more sites now sell Journey To A Mate, and Anything for my mate. They are Oyster, which is a place where you can read unlimited books for a set price of $9.95. Flipkart and Bilo are the other two.

Direct links to those are listed on my website.

Just a side note, I'm having trouble getting the direct link for each book on my site for Bilo, so I've listed the link to their site so you can do a search if you chose to buy from that seller.

Will make updates when other sellers begin to sell Claiming My Mate.

Have a great day,
Julia Matthews

Monday, November 25, 2013

Back to Grindstone

Hey all my readers,

Book 3, Claiming My Mate is out and available at Smashword and Kindle, soon to be out at many other book stores. Remember keep a check out here and the website for all direct links when they are up and ready.

This being the case, means back to the work for me. I took a couple days off, but now it's time to get back to business. Spent yesterday working on Book 4.

* * * Spoiler Alert * * *  It will be the last one in the Journey Series.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy of Claiming My Mate.
Have a great week and a great Thanksgiving,

All At Once or Continual?

Creativity is using ones imagination to come up with an original idea. Is it an all at once process? Could it be that it’s a continual process? If so, is it one that is always working even if you aren’t aware of it? Is it a one time wonderful, magical thing?

Answers are not se easily given to any of those questions. Only the creator can tell you. Some will, and some hold that information as closely as possible. Why can only the creator tell you? It’s pretty simply if we think about it. Each person has a best way of learning. So, of course each person has their own way of creating, and expressing themselves. As to why some hold their process so close, it’s a personal choice. I think some feel that it will hinder their creativity and give others too much of an insight as to who they truly are.

My opinion is that our creativity process is indeed very personal and shows who we truly are. Yet, I don’t feel that it should be hidden away. Well, not all of it and not to everyone. Hey, no one can give away all his or her secrets to everyone. But I will give you my answers to the above question, as a little more insight on just who the author Julia Matthews is.

Is it an all at once process? No. Like with most things the process starts with an idea. Then one has to work out the little kinks to that idea. Touch ups are then required in order to give a final version. Even after a final version is released, you may spot areas that could be improved on, and do so, which causes a second or more version.  Now, I’m not saying that I’ve not sat down and wrote an entire rough first draft in one sitting. I have. Cause sometimes things come to you so fast and hard that until it’s out of your head, you can’t stop without some kind of distress to yourself.
Could it be that it’s a continual process? Since I feel it’s not an all at once process and that different stages are required, it has to be a continual process.
If so, is it one that is always working even if you aren’t aware of it? Yes, I feel it is. I know myself and from other articles I’ve read about other authors, that no matter what they are doing their brain is always looking for that movement, word, or thing that sparks the next idea. It’s why we take to carrying notebooks in our shirt pockets, pocket books, or these days, even leaving our Tablet by our bed. An idea or your next amazing thought could hit in a split of a second and without warning.
Is it a one time wonderful, magical thing? I don’t believe creativity is a one time thing. Creativity is special and the core of pretty much everything that has been invented. It took an idea to create everything we have. Even the creator of every living and breathing thing had to have an idea of how to create us before he or she could. It is definitely a magical thing. How could it not be?

All in all, I hope everyone remember just how important creativity is and indulges in their creative spirit at some level in their lives each and everyday. You never know when the next big idea will be yours.

Enjoy reading, and letting your imagination soar.
Everyone have a wonderful and family filled Thanksgiving.
(Try not to eat too much turkey or whatever your holiday craving is.)

Julia Matthews

Friday, November 22, 2013


is now available at Smashword, and on Kindle. Direct links are below.

Claiming My Mate is story about knowing who to believe, and consequences of lies. Above all else don’t let anger and grief destroy your common sense. Robert Laker was lead to believe one thing, only to find out forty years later it was a lie that cost him the one thing that all supernatural beings desires, a Mother Earth mate. Determined to fix his mistake, he goes in search of the only person able to help him do so. His birth father, which he’d never met. Only problem is, he’s greeted with secrets, that not only affect him, but past generations and future generations.

Soon as it’s available at other locations I will make a post here and on my Facebook, and Website.

Hope all will check it out.
Will make a great Christmas gift.

Enjoy your reading and let your imagination go wild,

Julia Matthews

Monday, November 18, 2013

Character Building.

How do you tell someone goodnight? Goodnight? Night? Until Tomorrow? Is there a difference between them? Don’t they mean the same thing? To some there is. My opinion it depends on the situation the words are being used.

To me, Until Tomorrow, is more proper, or used in a more romantic setting. Goodnight, and Night is more casual, and friendly. Oh, it could be romantic if aided with some kind of flirtation. 

When building characters theirs a lot to consider. Where they grew up? How they were raised? What era they grew up? What their childhood was like? Who raised them, parents or grandparents? All of these, and many more things create who we become. To build a well-rounded character that draws a reader in, us authors have to think about all these questions. All these questions also play into how a person talks and what the words they use mean.

Let’s think about how someone says goodbye. Take me for example, when I’m on a phone call with family, not only is my tone casual, but I simply say, ‘bye’. Now when I make business calls I find myself saying, ‘goodbye’. I have a family member who won’t even say the word goodbye, in person or on phone. He sees the word as a finality, which should only be used at someone’s funeral. Weird time to say goodbye in my opinion, but to each their own. It shows what I mean about how what we say, and the way we say it shows who we are a person.

Our actions tell someone a lot about who we are as well. Each of us behaves different around different people. It’s sort of like we plays roles or wear mask in different situation. For instance, most have a work side, which depends on the job you do. If you are a person who works with public you have to be respectful and considerate of what you say, how you say it at all times, and even the way you dress.

Take for instance a person who has loads of colorful tattoos. If you work in a fancy restaurant, or country club, you may be asked to keep them covered at all times. It would irk you, but it’s something that has to be done if you want to keep that job. So you bite your tonged and do what has to be done. The moment you are off that clock your tattoos are once again being showed to the world.

Monday, November 11, 2013

What’s in the works?

Thought that since the release of Claiming My Mate is only a couple of weeks away, it was a perfect time to give an update on what else I’ve been doing. If you followed my blog then you know I’ve been trying out using outlines. Hoped it would help me organize and manage my time better, allowing me to create more stories. I say it has.

With the upcoming release of Claiming My Mate, I find myself with a completed first draft of two books. One of which is book 4 of the Journey Series. There are also outlines underway for a new series. It leans more towards Sci-Fi, and Fantasy with a hint of romance. Of course, like any story in the works that could change, or the entire idea might die out. That’s not all, there is several other ideas lurking around in my head.

Who would of ever guessed that being able to outline the ideas would be so productive. Man hard lesson learned. Outlines, aren’t the bad guys like I originally thought. They have their purpose and can indeed help you out. The two first drafts that I’ve gotten done are more like the final revision drafts that I normal spend an extra week or two on. Learning and figuring out how to implement the best outline for my writing style has already paid off.

Makes me think of the saying that was used to use in the show, A Team.Love it when a plan comes together.”

Hope all has a great week.

Julia Matthews

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Book Trailer for Claiming My Mate is here.

Hey all,

Book Trailer for Claiming My Mate, Book 3 of Journey Series is up on YouTube. Hope all will check it out. This one is very different, and much better than any of the one I've done in the past. Please check it out and give me some feedback. 

Let's not forget that it releases on November 22, 2013. Pass the word around.

Have a great day,


Monday, November 4, 2013

Does the moon call to you?

The other night I watched the sun go down. The colors were vibrant and relaxing. Enjoyable and peaceful didn’t cover it. Or so I thought. Several hours later I went out and found myself looking up into a huge star lit sky. A small movement of my head, and this huge beautiful, moon caught my eye.

It compelled me to reach up towards the sky. For a moment I knew I’d be able to touch it. That it would share the peacefulness that it got each night it sat high in the night sky. That it would share with me the joyous feeling of watching over us each night. But of course, I can’t reach out and touch the moon. Not in a physical sense. But, I can let its bright light engulf me and take me off to my favorite place.


After that so much more than peaceful sight, I went back inside my writing room, and let my mind drift. Four hours later, I had a rough draft of half of book 4 for the Journey Series. Guess you could say the moon does call to me. Just like it calls to the creatures of the night, and forces the shifts among the werewolves.

Hope all has a great week..
Julia Matthews

Remember to keep an eye out for the Book Trailer for Claiming My Mate, Book 3 of the Journey Series. It’s will be posted sometime later this week.