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Journey Series

Monday, November 25, 2013

All At Once or Continual?

Creativity is using ones imagination to come up with an original idea. Is it an all at once process? Could it be that it’s a continual process? If so, is it one that is always working even if you aren’t aware of it? Is it a one time wonderful, magical thing?

Answers are not se easily given to any of those questions. Only the creator can tell you. Some will, and some hold that information as closely as possible. Why can only the creator tell you? It’s pretty simply if we think about it. Each person has a best way of learning. So, of course each person has their own way of creating, and expressing themselves. As to why some hold their process so close, it’s a personal choice. I think some feel that it will hinder their creativity and give others too much of an insight as to who they truly are.

My opinion is that our creativity process is indeed very personal and shows who we truly are. Yet, I don’t feel that it should be hidden away. Well, not all of it and not to everyone. Hey, no one can give away all his or her secrets to everyone. But I will give you my answers to the above question, as a little more insight on just who the author Julia Matthews is.

Is it an all at once process? No. Like with most things the process starts with an idea. Then one has to work out the little kinks to that idea. Touch ups are then required in order to give a final version. Even after a final version is released, you may spot areas that could be improved on, and do so, which causes a second or more version.  Now, I’m not saying that I’ve not sat down and wrote an entire rough first draft in one sitting. I have. Cause sometimes things come to you so fast and hard that until it’s out of your head, you can’t stop without some kind of distress to yourself.
Could it be that it’s a continual process? Since I feel it’s not an all at once process and that different stages are required, it has to be a continual process.
If so, is it one that is always working even if you aren’t aware of it? Yes, I feel it is. I know myself and from other articles I’ve read about other authors, that no matter what they are doing their brain is always looking for that movement, word, or thing that sparks the next idea. It’s why we take to carrying notebooks in our shirt pockets, pocket books, or these days, even leaving our Tablet by our bed. An idea or your next amazing thought could hit in a split of a second and without warning.
Is it a one time wonderful, magical thing? I don’t believe creativity is a one time thing. Creativity is special and the core of pretty much everything that has been invented. It took an idea to create everything we have. Even the creator of every living and breathing thing had to have an idea of how to create us before he or she could. It is definitely a magical thing. How could it not be?

All in all, I hope everyone remember just how important creativity is and indulges in their creative spirit at some level in their lives each and everyday. You never know when the next big idea will be yours.

Enjoy reading, and letting your imagination soar.
Everyone have a wonderful and family filled Thanksgiving.
(Try not to eat too much turkey or whatever your holiday craving is.)

Julia Matthews

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