Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 31, 2016

Flash Fiction Scene – Every Red Light

This week I’m not quite sure where this scene came from, besides the depths of my imagination. I hope each of you enjoy it.
Let your imagination soar when you read.
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I sat at the stoplight tapping the steering wheel. I glanced at the dashboard clock, cursing for the hundredth time. My job interview was in five minutes and every freaking red light was catching me. I still had to beat the ten o’clock train that passed each day, holding traffic up for fifteen minutes. There was no way I would make it.
“What a way for the day to go.”
The light changed and I hit the gas pedal, only to slam my breaks back on. There was no way. Dogs did not get that big. Okay, some might come close to hovering a good two heads above the front end of a jeep, but not four. The dog’s dark, rich multicolored coat shined as if it’d just been brushed and bathed. The abnormally large animal’s eyes glistened with amusement. Not a look I’d ever seen on a dog.
“You going to stare at me, or get out, my beauty.”
It talked? Couldn’t have. It had. The long snout had lifted and fell as each word came to life.
“Come on, beauty. Get out of the car and let me see what fate has given me.”
Shit if I would. I was losing my mind. That was it. Nope. The huge dog was not standing there. I was simply imagining things so I had an excuse for being late. Not a good one, but anything was better than saying every red light caught me.
“Come on, beauty, I’m not going to harm you.” The large animal put his front paws on the hood of the car. “Come one, don’t make me shift in the middle of the road.”
Shift? What in the . . . Shit! My head fell forward, slamming into the hard steering wheel when a bright white light flashed, leaving behind a naked hung.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Flash Fiction Phrase Scene - Moving Forward

Hope all is well today. It’s been an amazing weekend for me. I spent a lot of time with my family, gathering stuff to make for the Christmas tree and some outside/inside decorations. I’m going to be super busy painting and creating something other than stories for you guys. This shopping and gathering is what inspired this week’s scene.
Enjoy the rest of your week and remember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.
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Sunlight shown, lighting the clear blue sky with some yellows and orange. The softness of the image relaxed me enough to do the tuff task I’d put off for over two years. Whoever said moving forward was easy never faced the challenge.
Jane would have came back from the afterlife just to kick my own ass. She told me multiple times during her struggle with MS that she did not want me to mourn her the rest of my life. She wanted me to get back to the life I used to love. The rush of the chase of a stupid criminal who thought he had enough energy to outrun the big bad Joseph The Animal. Little did people know that the name was more accurate than they dreamed possible. What made me good at my job was my extra strong sense. Having a hidden tiger sure gave me a leg up among people.
“You’re procrastinating.” I gripped the gold urn in my hand. “You can do this. It’s simple.”
Boy was it anything but. Hardest task I ever had to do. I had many talents thanks to my tiger, but taking away a human illness was not one of them. My mom had told me I was setting myself up for heartbreak when I married her. Not because Jane would die one day, but because my mom wanted me to wait until I ran across my true mate. I cared less for waiting. Jane was the perfect woman for me. Loyal. Loving. Caring. Beautiful. Awesome. There was no one like her in the world.
“Son,” my dad’s voice had me spinning around, “I thought you might need some help.”
He did.
“I know losing someone you love is hard. Doing as they wish is even worse.”
How did his dad know? He’d been mated for twenty-seven years.
“Joseph, I’m going to tell you something that your mother wanted kept from you.”
“Huh? What are you going on about? Why would mom keep something from me?”
“When I was eighteen I met and married a human woman. I loved her with all my heart.” His father sighed. “Part of me always will.”
His dad had married a human? Wow. Not something I ever considered as a possibility.
“A year after we married she gave me a beautiful little girl. I watched her take her first step. Heard her first word.”
A unknown child. I sat the urn down before I dropped it. My job was to release Jane’s ashes across the orchid meadow where we met. Not break the urn and dump her ashes like a fool.
“The day after her fourth birthday I met your mother. There was no denying she was my mate. There was no denying what I had to do. No matter how much it hurt and boy did it. I told your mother upfront about my wife and daughter. We discussed how to handle things.” His dad wiped his brow and looked up at the sky. “Your mother and me knew the pull of the mate would not allow us to be apart for long. I went home and broke the news to my wife. She was so ticked at me that she took our daughter and left the house. Five hours later, the law came to the house and informed me of the wreck that took her life.”
Shit. That had to be hard. A daughter gone along with the woman he loved. His father must have blamed himself for their loss. Had part of his father blamed his mate? I would have. I would have blamed anyone for Jane’s passing if there was someone to take it. There was.
“Took me about five months to come to terms with what had happened. Your mother helped me deal, but it was no easy on her. Do you see why she was so deadest on you waiting to find your mate? She wanted to save you from the pain I suffered.”
He did, but still did not agree with his mother’s thoughts. “Do you regret your time with your wife and daughter?”
“Not one minutes.”
“I do not regret one minute of my time with Jane. Never will.”
“I know son.” I picked up the urn and opened it. “Join me in putting my wife to rest.”
“Would be my honor.” 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Flash Fiction – Knocked Down

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Mine was great. Saw some family and spent Sunday at the coffee house, working on some revisions and edits. Just a side note, before we go to the post, I will be posting the pre-release link for Hidden Wolf  Human-Skinned Wolves Book 4 Series sometime this week. I’ll make another post for you all.
Hope you enjoy this week’s flash fiction post.
Remember: Let Your Imagination Soar
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Jacob scanned the room, taking in his situation. Three brutes blocked the living room door. A hulk like guy stood in the middle of the room with his arm around Sammy’s throat, threating to snap his neck if he didn’t give him what he was owed. What was he owed? Who was he? Why did he think Sammy owed him anything? None of that mattered. What did was getting Sammy away from the manic.
One door was unguarded, but it led into the hallway. He’d have to race down it to get to the backdoor. Jacob wasn’t stupid. He knew there’d be goons guarding his last chance exit. Hell, they might even have the kitchen door blocked by someone. All that taken into consideration, he was left with one option.
“Sammy,” revealing the truth to Sammy was going to get him knocked down in a bigger way than the goons could ever dream of. “You know how much I love you.”
Sammy’s eyes went huge, but he remained silent. Like he had any other choice.
“Keep that in mind.” Right up front until and never let it go. If these assholes ripped Sammy from his life he’d hunt down the lunatic that sent them and burry him so deep no one would ever find him. “I mean it babe, keep it in front and never forget it.”
Jacob jumped towards the hulk like guy holding Sammy and slammed into them both. He made sure most of his shoulder hit the bad guy. Sammy helped a lot by stomping the guy’s foot when he saw him move. The guy loosened his hold enough that Sammy could let himself fall on his ass and roll to the sofa.
Guns fired and three others rushed into the room with guns drawn. Next few minutes were kind of . . . blur was understatement. He yanked his knife from his boot and stabbed the man that’d been holding Sammy. Jerked the man’s gun from his holster and fired six shots. Hitting his mark each time. He didn’t spare a single one of them. Okay, the goon he’d knocked down would be alive, but not talking for some time.
When all the noise faded Sammy crossed his arms and cocked his head to the left. Sure fire sign that he wanted an explanation and he was not going to wait until his man called the police station to come and clean the mess up.
“I’ll - -
“Now or you leave with whoever you want to call.”
Great. Why did he have to fall in love with such a stupor guy. “Fine.”

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hidden Wolf Human-Skinned Wolves Book 4


Pleased to announce the upcoming release in the Human-Skinned Wolves Series.

Hidden Wolf  is up for pre-sale and goes live on December 21, 2016. In other words, the e-book will make a perfect Christmas Gift.

Hidden Wolf Blurb
Jameson Moon’s father abandoned him and his mother at the request of another woman. He gave them plenty of money to live on, but a major part of Jameson’s life was missing. One day, it all became clear when seven talking photos came to life in his head. Resentment and anger lived deep inside Jameson, but the truth increased it tenfold, creating a sense of ease at having to eliminate his father to achieve his destiny. Or, so Jameson thought.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Flash Fiction Phrase – Hardly Wait

Hi all,
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Mine was super busy. Saw family and of course hit the Coffee House on Sunday and did some awesome work, which is where today’s flash fiction scene comes from.
The amazing wonders of what a day someone can have by simply following their normal pattern. I’m sighing at the memory alone.
Have a great week and I hope this starts yours off as good as a wonderful and productive day at the Coffee House did mine.
Remember Let your imagination soar when your read.

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Sunshine peeked through the white plastic blinds, lighting the dull gray room just enough for me to see my lover in his wildest form. Burnt orange fur glowed, bringing out the silky, richness of the dark black uneven patches layering his long lithe body. Robert’s second nature, wild as it could be, was tame and loving. Like him. I was not only attracted to his footbllish height. Or, his ours in the gym hard muscles and six-pack abs. Nope. Those were only the outer side of him. His inner beast was wild, yet as careful as a mother welcoming her newborn.
I ran my hand over his ear, down his snout, lingering under his chin to scratch. He wasn’t an animal, but his cat loved to be lavish with attention from his mate. Oh, don’t let the docile abd soft purring sleeping cat or my description of a tame and loving man, which he is, fool you. He was a tiger, and could be as wild as his roaming free jungle brothers.
His latest trip to the deep wilderness proved such. His brother called him five weeks ago, informing him that some poachers were homing in on their homebase. Robert took the next plane out and tracked those nasty people down. Came back with a broken arm and two healed bullet holes. Those kept his cat side present and forced his brother, Joshua, to forge call on some flying buddies to transport him home to me. Upon first sight of him my anger had me cursing the nice gentlemen and then I moved onto him for being so careless by putting himself in such danger. I’m pretty sure Robert’s buried humans die was laughing at me. Cat side sure was. His wild cat eyes glistened as he stared up at me. Those sexy eyes brought me to my knees, literally and figuratively. After several minutes and Robert’s kitty side taking extra care to relieve his mate of a tear streaked face with a rough tongue I loaded him into a darken out window van and brought him to our little house surrounded by three sides of trees. We’d curled up in bed some twenty-four hours ago and we’d stay there until his human side returned. Then I’d give him a piece of my mind about having to cart his kitty ass around in the middle of the night. Then he’d apologize to me in the most amazing way possible.

I could hardly wait.