Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 31, 2016

Flash Fiction Scene – Every Red Light

This week I’m not quite sure where this scene came from, besides the depths of my imagination. I hope each of you enjoy it.
Let your imagination soar when you read.
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Adult Content
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I sat at the stoplight tapping the steering wheel. I glanced at the dashboard clock, cursing for the hundredth time. My job interview was in five minutes and every freaking red light was catching me. I still had to beat the ten o’clock train that passed each day, holding traffic up for fifteen minutes. There was no way I would make it.
“What a way for the day to go.”
The light changed and I hit the gas pedal, only to slam my breaks back on. There was no way. Dogs did not get that big. Okay, some might come close to hovering a good two heads above the front end of a jeep, but not four. The dog’s dark, rich multicolored coat shined as if it’d just been brushed and bathed. The abnormally large animal’s eyes glistened with amusement. Not a look I’d ever seen on a dog.
“You going to stare at me, or get out, my beauty.”
It talked? Couldn’t have. It had. The long snout had lifted and fell as each word came to life.
“Come on, beauty. Get out of the car and let me see what fate has given me.”
Shit if I would. I was losing my mind. That was it. Nope. The huge dog was not standing there. I was simply imagining things so I had an excuse for being late. Not a good one, but anything was better than saying every red light caught me.
“Come on, beauty, I’m not going to harm you.” The large animal put his front paws on the hood of the car. “Come one, don’t make me shift in the middle of the road.”
Shift? What in the . . . Shit! My head fell forward, slamming into the hard steering wheel when a bright white light flashed, leaving behind a naked hung.

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