Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 17, 2016

Flash Fiction – Knocked Down

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Mine was great. Saw some family and spent Sunday at the coffee house, working on some revisions and edits. Just a side note, before we go to the post, I will be posting the pre-release link for Hidden Wolf  Human-Skinned Wolves Book 4 Series sometime this week. I’ll make another post for you all.
Hope you enjoy this week’s flash fiction post.
Remember: Let Your Imagination Soar
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Jacob scanned the room, taking in his situation. Three brutes blocked the living room door. A hulk like guy stood in the middle of the room with his arm around Sammy’s throat, threating to snap his neck if he didn’t give him what he was owed. What was he owed? Who was he? Why did he think Sammy owed him anything? None of that mattered. What did was getting Sammy away from the manic.
One door was unguarded, but it led into the hallway. He’d have to race down it to get to the backdoor. Jacob wasn’t stupid. He knew there’d be goons guarding his last chance exit. Hell, they might even have the kitchen door blocked by someone. All that taken into consideration, he was left with one option.
“Sammy,” revealing the truth to Sammy was going to get him knocked down in a bigger way than the goons could ever dream of. “You know how much I love you.”
Sammy’s eyes went huge, but he remained silent. Like he had any other choice.
“Keep that in mind.” Right up front until and never let it go. If these assholes ripped Sammy from his life he’d hunt down the lunatic that sent them and burry him so deep no one would ever find him. “I mean it babe, keep it in front and never forget it.”
Jacob jumped towards the hulk like guy holding Sammy and slammed into them both. He made sure most of his shoulder hit the bad guy. Sammy helped a lot by stomping the guy’s foot when he saw him move. The guy loosened his hold enough that Sammy could let himself fall on his ass and roll to the sofa.
Guns fired and three others rushed into the room with guns drawn. Next few minutes were kind of . . . blur was understatement. He yanked his knife from his boot and stabbed the man that’d been holding Sammy. Jerked the man’s gun from his holster and fired six shots. Hitting his mark each time. He didn’t spare a single one of them. Okay, the goon he’d knocked down would be alive, but not talking for some time.
When all the noise faded Sammy crossed his arms and cocked his head to the left. Sure fire sign that he wanted an explanation and he was not going to wait until his man called the police station to come and clean the mess up.
“I’ll - -
“Now or you leave with whoever you want to call.”
Great. Why did he have to fall in love with such a stupor guy. “Fine.”

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