Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, August 31, 2015

Image Flash Fiction Scene

I know I’ve been promising a blog story, but it looks like the story is going to end up being a bit longer than I’d like for a blog story, so I’m going to edit it up and eventually release it as a short story for you guys. It’ll be at a steal of a price when I release it. So, keep tabs on my blog, website, and Facebook page to see when it’s set to release. So, for the blogs I’m going to continue to do the flash fiction scenes. I’m enjoying them and they’re boosting my creativity.

This weeks’ scene will come from this picture:

(Side Note: These are unedited and unrevised scenes.)

* * *
Cat shifters of any kind shouldn’t fight, because the feline shifter race is rare, but the Bengal section is even rarer. There are only two dozen of us left in the entire world, which is exactly why Scott and I are fighting. He truly thought I would simply step aside and let him take my she-cat from me. Raquel’s been mine since we were six years old. My parents arranged for us to be married when we turned nineteen. It’s why our Bengal Queen kept her parents in our clan after Raquel’s father strayed from his mate.

“RayRay, stop this.”

There was no way I was stepping back from Scott. It was his challenge, which meant I fought until he gave up, because there was no way in Bengal afterlife I would give him my woman.

“Please, RayRay, don’t do this.”

I had no idea why Raquel was wishing me to stop fighting for her. If I did then she would be Scott and we’d never have the life we dreamed of.

“Scott, stop this, he won’t give up. I told you this. Stop, before you’re hurt.”

Why would Raquel warn Scott I wouldn’t give up? Had Scott gone to my woman and warned her about his challenge, if so when and why hadn’t she warned me?”

“What is going on here?”

The Queen’s shout must have spooked Scott, because he lost control of his massive paw. Instead of it making contact with my head, it splashed water into the air.

“Queen, make them stop this, please.”

Raquel’s soft timber voice was more of a whine.

“Queen,” Thomas, the second highest ranking male among our clan, said, “Scott Masters issued a ownership challenge to RayRay James.”

“He did what?”

I threw my front paw, making contact with Scott’s temple and kicked out with my back legs as he slumped further into the water. He didn’t remain there long, because my kick sent him flying back to land. I leapt after him, landing over him and clamping my jaw around his throat. I didn’t break his skin, letting him know he was beat. Ending his life was in the far corner of my mind, but I would not kill Scott for a stupid action.

“RayRay, back away and shift, you’ve won.”

I did as my Queen said and knelt in front of her, not bothering to wipe the small trail of blood trickling from my right eye away.

The Queen came to my side and ran her thumb across the ragged claw mark and shook her head. “Do you need the doctor?”

“No, my Queen.”

“Good. Can you tell me what triggered this?”

“He wants my woman and he can’t have her.”

“Raquel, come here.” The Queen motioned for her.

“Why would Scott disobey my orders?”

The quietness had me glancing at her and I knew I would not like the answer Raquel was refusing to give. Not only tears rushing down her cheeks told me, but so did the way she twisted her right hand around the left one. It was a move she only did when she was about to disappoint someone.

The Queen shook her head and went to Scott’s side. “You answer me then.”

“Raquel does not wish to be tied to RayRay.”

* * *

Monday, August 24, 2015

Phrase/Image Flash Fiction Scene

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the phrase, Rest In Peace? If you are like most your mind jumps to death. But is that all the phrase means? I’m not sure, let’s see what my mind conjures up when I use this phrase as my Weekly Phrase Flash Fiction Scene.

Hope you enjoy. Have a great week and remember,

Let your imagination soar when you read or write.

* * *

The day after my dad’s funeral and my best friend had just told me to go and rest in peace. How morbid is that. Good thing I knew my best friend as well as I did. Lacy was the type of person who spoke without a filter. Half of the time it caused her to say stupid shit instead of what she truly meant. Like right then, Lacy had been meaning to tell me to go get some rest, but what came out was ‘Rest in peace’.

“Oh, shit!” Lacy’s hands flew over her face. “I’m so sorry. That’s not what I meant.

And there was her famous backtracking, raised eyebrow, red tinted cheeks, and huge bulging baby blue eyes that contrasted with her half purple dyed hair. Okay, Lacy was more than a bit eccentric, but she was better than a loyal cockaspaniel. She’d pulled me through the last year of my dad’s battle with cancer and through every minute since he lost the fight.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean . . .”

“Lacy, it’s cool. I knew what you meant.”

The entire incident was kind of comical. I mean it had to be right. My best friend, who fouled up almost everything she said in tension filled situation, had really just made my day a bit lighter and didn’t even know it.

“Why are you smiling?”


“Uh . . . I’m lost. I know I’m kind of a spasz most of the time, but . . .”

“Lacy, you are perfect when someone needs their spirit lifted.”

“There you go again,” Lacy tilted her head and gave her famous dubious smile.

“You don’t even know that you are the best medicine anyone can have.”

“Hmm . . . Does that mean I’ll be rich?” Lacy tugged me into a hug. “Not sure what I said or did, but I’ll do more if you’ll tell me.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’ve missed your vibracious and full of life smile.”

“Guess it’s been missing for the last year or so.”

“Yeah, but with some much due and well deserved rest in . . . I mean peaceful rest you’ll back to yourself soon as the morning sun hits your wonderful face.”

“Good, then I’ll just be going to get my Rest In Peace.” I laughed and headed towards my car.

“You do that, and I’ll go hook up with a hottie that has a friend for you tomorrow night.”

Wasn’t so sure about hitting clubs with hot men, but one thing was sure, a more peaceful life was headed my way.

* * *

Monday, August 17, 2015

Author’s Ramble On Book Classification and Update

Hi all,

Okay, I’m an organized person in almost all areas of my life, but putting books, music, video, or games into certain categories doesn’t appeal to me. I view them as fun and relaxing, which for me means I get to disregard all the structure I build for my life. Doesn’t mean I don’t understand the reason behind it. I do. I mean how many books are there published daily and already out there. There has to be some way to locate what you like to read.

However, these days most books don’t fall into just one category. So, an authors or publishers have to deem which their books fits into best. Problem is, not everyone has the same opinion on these. Yes, there are genre standards and guidelines, but coming from a reader’s perspective, it doesn’t always match with what I view a certain book as. Plus, as a reader and avid book buyer, I hate to go and look for a book in a bookstore when I view an author as Sci-Fi/Fantasy and I find the book stuck away in a total different genre group. I think this is why when I go to the bookstore these days, and I’m looking for a new author’s book, I automatically go to the helpdesk. Okay, this also might be because if I search through each genre I’ll find ten to twenty books other than the one I came for. Not bad for my reading time, but hard as heck on my wallet.

(Guess by now you’ve assumed I had yet another experience along this line when I was hunting a book this past week. Problem was, instead of the book I went after I ended up with three others, and not the one I went after. Know, I’ll have to wait to read the one I was looking forward to. Oh, well, gives me something to look forward to.)

I also think my view on classification of entertainment is why I have such a dang-gum blasted time deciding what area I declare my e-books. It’s bad when I can say deeming what genre my e-book falls into is just as aggravating as editing them. Yet, like I stated early I can see why and how doing so can assist readers as well.

Now, I’ve rambled on enough, so I’m going to move onto the update section of this post.

Update Time

This week I’ve strayed from the phrase/scene flash fictions I’ve been doing the last few weeks. Not actually sure why, but this ramble came to me instead, so like most author’s I went with what hit. Next week my plan is to return to the flash fictions stuff. I’m in the process of working on a blog story that I hope to have ready to release by the end of the year. No promises, but we’ll see.

Also, for the meantime I’ve let the book I’ve been preparing for release go. I’ll be coming back to it, at some point and time, but for now I’m going to move onto another story. I know this means there will be yet a longer delay on me releasing another book, but . . . Sometimes what an author thinks will work don’t mesh with what the characters of said book likes. When that happens you have to take a step back and approach it at another time. But I promise there will be another release from me as soon as I can get another free write through revisions and edits.

In the meantime, I’ll keep you update here, my website, and Facebook page. Until I have another for you to enjoy and get lost in, I hope you find some other great reads.

Hope everyone has a great week and remember:

Let your imagination soar when you read and write.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Phrase Scene

This weeks’ phrase is Smile You’re On Camera

The chosen phrase came to me when I was staring at this photo my dad gave me. Hope you enjoy this week’s little scene and remember:

Let your imagination soar when you read.
Have a great week,

* * *
I’d been following the abnormal bright yellow, black spotted jaguar for three days. The animal lived up to the local’s nickname Illusive El Jaguar. Out of the three days I’d only caught two glimpse of it, but for some reason there were loads of tracks for me to follow. Kind of spooky, considering the jaguar was doing it’s best to stay out of my camera’s line of sight. I needed one lousy shot to make me a fortune. The photo would do more than give me a shit load of notice, it would seal the job with Mr. Tanker, the owner of the most sought after photography company in the United States.

“There you are.”

With the ease of walking I lifted my camera and got the shot, inwardly shouting for joy as I hit the button a second time. The bright green of the leaves stood out among the red and green flowers, but what caught my attention the most was the glowing, orange eyes surrounded by the bright yellow of the jaguar.

The jaguar let me get five more photos before the foliage coverage began to rustle. I took a breath and held it, hoping he hadn’t caught sight of me, but I had no suck luck. His eyes locked with mine, but instead of death I saw life. Illusive El Jaguar had let me take his picture; he’d graced me with his presence. I wasn’t complaining, but it did make me wonder just how much an animal could tell about a person.

The gorgeous creature took one step toward me and then the air became thick with a white fog. I swiped my hand in front of my face, but the mysterious fog didn’t fade. My hand however, hit something warm and solid. The smoothness of the object let me know it wasn’t the jaguar, which I think I would’ve rather preferred, because when the fog appeared nothing had been in front of me beside the animal.

“Miss, should I say Smile you on camera.”

The rich, husky voice had my hand flattening against what I presumed to be his chest, but words evaded me until the fog cleared and then I said, “Damn.” There was nothing else to be said for the stout, naked man standing in front of me.

* * *

Monday, August 3, 2015

Phrase Scene - Soaking Wet

Hope all had a great weekend. If not then this might just make your day a bit better. It has a bit of funny mixed in with some seriousness. Hope you enjoy.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
M/M Content. Adult Content, 18+ only.
* * *

My feet left the floor as Raven hefted me into the air. His strength wasn’t surprising, and not only because I was only one hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet, but because his arms resembled that wrestler who plays in that car chase movie. Heck if I knew the name of it, I wasn’t to keen on those movies. Give me a good old horror any day of the week and I’m right as rain for the night.

“You aren’t leaving this house until we have a talk.”

“Since when did talking include me being carried like fucking rag doll?”

I didn’t bother trying to wiggle free; I did run my finger into the edge of his pants and yank upwards on his briefs. Being short and a beanpole in school didn’t give me many chances to give wedgies, so if he was going to carry me around I’d have a bit of fun.

“Hey!” Raven slapped my ass and then kicked the halfway opened bedroom door out of his way.

“Don’t be breaking my doors.”

“Then quit pestering me and learn when I say we need to talk that I’m serious.”

“Fine. Put me down and we can talk.”

I should’ve clarified myself a bit more, because Raven did what I asked, but instead of sitting me down like a civilized person he tossed me onto my bed.

“There you’re down. Ready to hear me out.”

I wasn’t, but knew better than to tell him so. The man might be my best friend, but he could be a pest when he thought someone he cared for was fucking up their lives. And Raven had believed he’d been doing so since the day he introduced him to Damon, or as Raven calls him, the Scrawny-Lazy-Bum-Deadbeat-Liar. Okay, Rave might have nailed him on a few of those points, but Damon wasn’t . . . shoot, he pretty much was all of those in some aspects.

“Guess your silence means you’re not. Then I’ll just lay it out for you any way.” Raven crossed his arms and pinned me with a half frown, half crooked lip, and red tinted baby blue eyes.

Shivers raced up my arms and down my back. “Fine, fine. I’m listening, just kill those blazing eyes of yours.”

Raven shook his head and took a step back. “You best listen and heed what I’m saying, because I mean every damn word of what you are about to hear.”

Oh, boy. I was in for it. Only time Raven used damn was when he’d reached his limit with what he viewed as stupidity. I would’ve sighed if it wouldn’t have pissed my best friend off more.

“You are done with him. You won’t give him another dime, not even a piece of lint. He’s not only taken half of your monthly trust payment each month, but he’s used it to buy hookers. You hear me, you understanding what I’m saying.” Raven pulled a stack of rolled up papers from his back pocket and tossed them at me. “Look at those. I’ve given you the proof you need to see it in living and breathing color. If you give him another single item, I’ll make sure those make it to your mom and dad.”

“You wouldn’t!”

I was on my feet and tossing a punch before I knew it. An extremely stupid move on my part, because Raven’s long ass arms snatched my hand from the air before I connected with his face. He spun me around and pressed my back into his chest, rested his chin on my shoulder, and shocked the shit out of me by licking my neck, the one spot that hit every sexual button on my body.

How had he known? What was he doing? Raven wasn’t gay? Was he? Had I missed it? No, I had excellent gaydar. This made no sense, my best friend of ten years didn’t just all of a sudden begin licking my neck, awakening my cock, and making my ass clench with excitement. Awakening ideas I’d kept shoved to the back of my mind since the day I met Raven in the high school lunchroom.

“I will.” Raven’s breath brushed over my neck as he revealed more than I could’ve dreamed possible. “You might not like me the way you do him, but I won’t let him, or anyone else, treat you so cruelly, if I can help it. You won’t listen to reason, and if I kick his ass I’d end up in jail or you’d quit speaking to me. Either way, I’d be the one to lose, so I’ll do the second best option, contact your parents.”

Hold up, my mind was whirling his words over and over. It should’ve been more focused on the fact Raven had threatened to bring my extremely wealthy, you’ll do as I say right this minute, parents into the picture, but it wasn’t. It tuned to the fact that Raven had said, ‘like me the way you do him’. The only reason he’d been hooking up with such jerkwads was because he couldn’t have the one he lusted for.

“Fine. He’s out of my life.” I turned my head so we were face to face and claimed his lips.
* * *

(Side note – Not sure how many more of these phrase/image scenes I’m going to do. I’m working on a blog story to post for you. Until it’s ready these scenes will continue.)