Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, August 31, 2015

Image Flash Fiction Scene

I know I’ve been promising a blog story, but it looks like the story is going to end up being a bit longer than I’d like for a blog story, so I’m going to edit it up and eventually release it as a short story for you guys. It’ll be at a steal of a price when I release it. So, keep tabs on my blog, website, and Facebook page to see when it’s set to release. So, for the blogs I’m going to continue to do the flash fiction scenes. I’m enjoying them and they’re boosting my creativity.

This weeks’ scene will come from this picture:

(Side Note: These are unedited and unrevised scenes.)

* * *
Cat shifters of any kind shouldn’t fight, because the feline shifter race is rare, but the Bengal section is even rarer. There are only two dozen of us left in the entire world, which is exactly why Scott and I are fighting. He truly thought I would simply step aside and let him take my she-cat from me. Raquel’s been mine since we were six years old. My parents arranged for us to be married when we turned nineteen. It’s why our Bengal Queen kept her parents in our clan after Raquel’s father strayed from his mate.

“RayRay, stop this.”

There was no way I was stepping back from Scott. It was his challenge, which meant I fought until he gave up, because there was no way in Bengal afterlife I would give him my woman.

“Please, RayRay, don’t do this.”

I had no idea why Raquel was wishing me to stop fighting for her. If I did then she would be Scott and we’d never have the life we dreamed of.

“Scott, stop this, he won’t give up. I told you this. Stop, before you’re hurt.”

Why would Raquel warn Scott I wouldn’t give up? Had Scott gone to my woman and warned her about his challenge, if so when and why hadn’t she warned me?”

“What is going on here?”

The Queen’s shout must have spooked Scott, because he lost control of his massive paw. Instead of it making contact with my head, it splashed water into the air.

“Queen, make them stop this, please.”

Raquel’s soft timber voice was more of a whine.

“Queen,” Thomas, the second highest ranking male among our clan, said, “Scott Masters issued a ownership challenge to RayRay James.”

“He did what?”

I threw my front paw, making contact with Scott’s temple and kicked out with my back legs as he slumped further into the water. He didn’t remain there long, because my kick sent him flying back to land. I leapt after him, landing over him and clamping my jaw around his throat. I didn’t break his skin, letting him know he was beat. Ending his life was in the far corner of my mind, but I would not kill Scott for a stupid action.

“RayRay, back away and shift, you’ve won.”

I did as my Queen said and knelt in front of her, not bothering to wipe the small trail of blood trickling from my right eye away.

The Queen came to my side and ran her thumb across the ragged claw mark and shook her head. “Do you need the doctor?”

“No, my Queen.”

“Good. Can you tell me what triggered this?”

“He wants my woman and he can’t have her.”

“Raquel, come here.” The Queen motioned for her.

“Why would Scott disobey my orders?”

The quietness had me glancing at her and I knew I would not like the answer Raquel was refusing to give. Not only tears rushing down her cheeks told me, but so did the way she twisted her right hand around the left one. It was a move she only did when she was about to disappoint someone.

The Queen shook her head and went to Scott’s side. “You answer me then.”

“Raquel does not wish to be tied to RayRay.”

* * *

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