Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, August 3, 2015

Phrase Scene - Soaking Wet

Hope all had a great weekend. If not then this might just make your day a bit better. It has a bit of funny mixed in with some seriousness. Hope you enjoy.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read.

* * *
M/M Content. Adult Content, 18+ only.
* * *

My feet left the floor as Raven hefted me into the air. His strength wasn’t surprising, and not only because I was only one hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet, but because his arms resembled that wrestler who plays in that car chase movie. Heck if I knew the name of it, I wasn’t to keen on those movies. Give me a good old horror any day of the week and I’m right as rain for the night.

“You aren’t leaving this house until we have a talk.”

“Since when did talking include me being carried like fucking rag doll?”

I didn’t bother trying to wiggle free; I did run my finger into the edge of his pants and yank upwards on his briefs. Being short and a beanpole in school didn’t give me many chances to give wedgies, so if he was going to carry me around I’d have a bit of fun.

“Hey!” Raven slapped my ass and then kicked the halfway opened bedroom door out of his way.

“Don’t be breaking my doors.”

“Then quit pestering me and learn when I say we need to talk that I’m serious.”

“Fine. Put me down and we can talk.”

I should’ve clarified myself a bit more, because Raven did what I asked, but instead of sitting me down like a civilized person he tossed me onto my bed.

“There you’re down. Ready to hear me out.”

I wasn’t, but knew better than to tell him so. The man might be my best friend, but he could be a pest when he thought someone he cared for was fucking up their lives. And Raven had believed he’d been doing so since the day he introduced him to Damon, or as Raven calls him, the Scrawny-Lazy-Bum-Deadbeat-Liar. Okay, Rave might have nailed him on a few of those points, but Damon wasn’t . . . shoot, he pretty much was all of those in some aspects.

“Guess your silence means you’re not. Then I’ll just lay it out for you any way.” Raven crossed his arms and pinned me with a half frown, half crooked lip, and red tinted baby blue eyes.

Shivers raced up my arms and down my back. “Fine, fine. I’m listening, just kill those blazing eyes of yours.”

Raven shook his head and took a step back. “You best listen and heed what I’m saying, because I mean every damn word of what you are about to hear.”

Oh, boy. I was in for it. Only time Raven used damn was when he’d reached his limit with what he viewed as stupidity. I would’ve sighed if it wouldn’t have pissed my best friend off more.

“You are done with him. You won’t give him another dime, not even a piece of lint. He’s not only taken half of your monthly trust payment each month, but he’s used it to buy hookers. You hear me, you understanding what I’m saying.” Raven pulled a stack of rolled up papers from his back pocket and tossed them at me. “Look at those. I’ve given you the proof you need to see it in living and breathing color. If you give him another single item, I’ll make sure those make it to your mom and dad.”

“You wouldn’t!”

I was on my feet and tossing a punch before I knew it. An extremely stupid move on my part, because Raven’s long ass arms snatched my hand from the air before I connected with his face. He spun me around and pressed my back into his chest, rested his chin on my shoulder, and shocked the shit out of me by licking my neck, the one spot that hit every sexual button on my body.

How had he known? What was he doing? Raven wasn’t gay? Was he? Had I missed it? No, I had excellent gaydar. This made no sense, my best friend of ten years didn’t just all of a sudden begin licking my neck, awakening my cock, and making my ass clench with excitement. Awakening ideas I’d kept shoved to the back of my mind since the day I met Raven in the high school lunchroom.

“I will.” Raven’s breath brushed over my neck as he revealed more than I could’ve dreamed possible. “You might not like me the way you do him, but I won’t let him, or anyone else, treat you so cruelly, if I can help it. You won’t listen to reason, and if I kick his ass I’d end up in jail or you’d quit speaking to me. Either way, I’d be the one to lose, so I’ll do the second best option, contact your parents.”

Hold up, my mind was whirling his words over and over. It should’ve been more focused on the fact Raven had threatened to bring my extremely wealthy, you’ll do as I say right this minute, parents into the picture, but it wasn’t. It tuned to the fact that Raven had said, ‘like me the way you do him’. The only reason he’d been hooking up with such jerkwads was because he couldn’t have the one he lusted for.

“Fine. He’s out of my life.” I turned my head so we were face to face and claimed his lips.
* * *

(Side note – Not sure how many more of these phrase/image scenes I’m going to do. I’m working on a blog story to post for you. Until it’s ready these scenes will continue.)

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