Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, July 27, 2015

Phrase Scene


Hope this week you enjoy the photo as much as you do the scene. This week’s scene took a different twist than I was expecting. I thought it would be more of a peaceful and relaxing one, but it turned out more . . . Well you read it and be the judge of it.

Have a great week and enjoy the read.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read.


* * * 
M/M Content is alluded to. 18 + Reading.
* * * 
Double Betrayal

It had to be there, hidden behind those waterfalls or fallen trees. Had to be, it was his last hope. If he couldn’t find the passage to WallPete his life would be over. No, he wasn’t being overdramatic; he was being dead serious.

“Caleb, you see it?” Gavin huffed and puffed worse than he did, and he was the injured.

He’d chosen Gavin, from his massive load of friends, to help because the man spent ten hours a week in the gym. The man should’ve been in the perfect shape to hike up a steep mountainside and through about five miles of forest. Looked as if he’d chosen wrong.

“Wow, what a view?”

“Sure is.” Also a deadly one if the legend of his homeland was true. “I can make it from here.”

“The hell you can.” Gavin pointed at dark red circle on his gray shit. “Don’t think you’ll be going much long.”

“I can make it, can you find your way back down?”

“I can, but won’t leave you here to die.”

He stumbled backwards when Gavin leaned in and caressed his cheek.

“Sorry.” Gavin stood up taller and squared his shoulders. “I can’t leave you here while you bleeding. Jones will rip into me if I do.”

The name of his true love had more pain shooting through his side than the bullet lodged into it. Jones had been his for over five years, never once giving off the dangerous vibe, or introducing him to any of his high and mighty friends. Man had good reason and Caleb should’ve known something wasn’t right. Too bad it almost cost him his life, before he saw what his true love was.

“Listen, Caleb, I know you are head over hills for the guy, but he shot you. Doesn’t that say it all?” Gavin moved behind him and tugged him against him, not in a sexual way, but a stability manner.

“It does, but . . .” A bright light shimmered from behind the fallen, weed-covered tree. “Did you see it?”

From the way Gavin’s muscles had tightened he had. Gavin and Tim had called him delusional when he began spouting off about needing to get to WalPete. Sort of surprised him they didn’t call the ambulance for him. They didn’t know a thing about him coming from another world, which explained why Gavin and Tim both called him a few choice names before they caved into his pleading for help. Okay, Gavin might have given in because he was tired of seeing one of his best friend bleeding on his apartment’s floor.

“What . . .” Gavin’s comment was cut off when the ball of light floated over the greenish water and hovered in front of them.

Caleb freed himself from Gavin’s arms and struggled to his knees. The light faded and formed a duplicate image of him, which had Gavin gasping.

“Lord Third, you are injured, let me.”

The replicate of him reached a long pointed, glowing, bone like finger out and rested it over the blood-crusted shirt. Heat swept around his abdomen and settled over the bullet hole.

“Lord, do you know who did this?”

“His fuckwad of a boyfriend.”

Caleb grunted and shook his head. “Sorry, King Raven. My friend . . .”

“Is he correct? Did you chosen do this to you?”

Caleb hated the question, but there was no way he could lie to his King, let alone his great-grandfather. He sighed and nodded his head.

“Why, my bloodkin?”

“Bloodkin?” Gavin huffed. “I can see it.”

“I like this human.” King Raven’s half-smile was catching and like usual nailed Caleb where it hurt.

Gavin had never hid his feelings for him, but Caleb had his heart set on his true love. What a mistake that had been.

“Bloodkin, I asked you a question.”

“I found out about his job and friends.”

“What about them and don’t make me pry the information from you?”

“The one he calls his true love is a Drug Lord, a major one. He’s wanted by at least two countries for drug trafficking.”

“This makes no sense.” King Raven did his version of a pace, by floating back and forth, parting the grass as he did so. “Our true loves aren’t evil, never are. They counter us, complete us, but never harm us.” He turned toward him and frowned. “Who told you this foul human was your true love?”

“Grandfather, King Raven.”

King Raven’s transparent face glowed red and a ray of fire blasted across the water. “He has deceived you. The one who harmed you wasn’t yours.” He spun and faced Gavin and grinned. “Now, I can see this one being your true love, but we will have to bring the WallPete seer here to know for sure.”

* * *

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