Journey Series

Journey Series

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's official NaNoWriMo challenge is completed

I've completed the NaNoWriMo challenge of a 50,000 word story. The story ended up being 80,495 words.

I have no idea as to when I may start revision on this story, so you all will have to hang on for further details on any more information about this story.

Hope all has an amazing Thanksgiving.
Julia Matthews

Monday, November 24, 2014


The holiday season officially kicks on off this coming Thursday, which means it’s time for us to spend time with family, loved ones, and make sure they know how thankful you are for them being in their lives.

I’m not big on this time of the year, or big on tradition. This year I find myself longing for some new tradition, thought. So, I’ve planned a few things that I hope will become yearly thing. This post Thankfulness is one of them.

So, bare with me while I tell you what I’m most thankful for this year.

-       My parents and other family.
-       The amazing readers I have that have stuck with me this year while I struggled with getting new material ready for publication.
-       The great strides I’ve made in all areas of my life.
-       As odd as it sounds, I’m thankful that my dad lost his job because it reminded us that going through hard times doesn’t have to mean life ends and that each of us are survivors. (Doesn’t mean I’m not thrilled he’s back to work, but . . .)
-       For my online critique group, (Brina, Jana, and Kay). You guys are the best and never sugar coat the mistakes I made. Keep it up, it keeps me pushing myself and that’s what I need.

Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and time with their loved ones, family, and friends.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read and write.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Moon Called Human-Skinned Wolves Book 1 Release date

It's Here! It's Here! Yeah! I’ve finally got the long awaited release date for Moon Called Human-Skinned Wolves Book 1. It will be released on Amazon on Jan. 5, 2015. (It will be exclusively released on Amazon and available on Kindle Unlimited.)

I’m starting the New Year off with a bang. Hope all will join me.


Randy Chance, an orphan werewolf Scout never knew one trip to a bar would turn his life upside down in so many ways. Tiffany knew her adoptive parents loved her, but she couldn’t destroy the feeling of being inadequate. She never thought working on a Monday Night Football night would give her to opportunity to rectify six years of emotional turmoil.

Monday, November 17, 2014

What I’ve Learned From NaNoWriMon, So far

When I embarked on the 50,000 word in a month challenge I knew it would time consuming. Writing is always, but more than that it’s relaxing and calming for me. Yet, I knew this would take me to a different level. Not sure if I thought it would earn me the knowledge it has in just two weeks time.

During the last two weeks I’ve learned several things about myself as well as my writing habits. Here’s you a list of the major ones.

-       Some days I manage time better than others.
-       Daily lives hinder creativity to some extent.
-       Unexpected appointment, issues, or situation isn’t avoidable.
-       I can manage my time better than I realized.
-       I work harder when I have firm goals.
-       I can indeed edit and free write on the same day.
-       I can separate myself from editing mode when I’m reading for relaxation.

These are just a few of the major insights I’ve gain in the last two weeks. I’m sure more will come in the next two weeks. Yet, none of the ones listed is the most important one to me. That would be the fact that if I’d looked hard enough over the last seven months I would’ve realized that I already knew that writing 50,000 words in a month was more than doable for me. In fact, I’ve done so, many times over, but because of my own misguide line of thought I’d overlooked this wonderfully, hidden fact. So, I send an early thank you to the ones who created this challenge. Not only have you’ve encouraged a lot of other writers to push their limits and reach for new goals, but you’ve also woken me up and given me the opportunity to correct my thinking, which will not only better my writing, but allow me to offer more enjoyment for my readers.

Remember if you wish to keep up my progress for the rest of the month, you can check my Facebook page each Saturday for a new word count update. Hope all have an amazing week.

Remember let your imagination soar when your read or write.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Shuffle and Shuffle Some More

 We’ve all heard the adages: Can’t plan for everything. No matter what or how much we paln there’s something always overlooked. I think we all agree, but do we really believe it?

Listen to my story and let me know what your answer to the question.

Last month I prepared for NaNoWrMo, which for me that meant weighing my appointments with the days and amount of words I wrote on each day. I spent hours upon hours on this part alone, not counting the little bit of outlining I done. While doing this I told myself that I was taking note of all possible snags and then I could find a counter for them. After all was done, I was pleased and had a sense of peace about the crazy month I was about to embark on.

Guess everyone reading this can already see the problem with my thinking. No matter what or how much we plan there’s always something we over look.

I overlooked an appointment. So, the third day of November I found myself shuffling and reshuffling my time. Not an easy feat when you’re trying to squeeze in taking your mom to an appoint, paying bills, getting to your appointment, the gym, editing, writing, and some of that blessed, peaceful time.

So, I guess I’m the cliché this time around. I attempted to plan for everything, thought I had and thanks to an overlooked appointment, I spent more the third day of the challenge bobbing around like bouncing ball.

Well, it’s an interesting start to my November and it can only get better from here. (Oh boy, isn’t that another old adage. Maybe I should avoid thinking those until this month is over.)

Everyone have an amazing week. Don’t forget to keep watch for the upcoming information about my next book release. I hope to have a date for you by Nov. 20th.

Remember let your imagination soar when your read or write.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Special Guest - Brian Brady

Joining me today is Brina Brady, an amazing writer. She’s just released her second novel and wanted to let you all know more about it as well as a bit about herself. 
Brian is the author of Rent Me and her newest release is Bend Over. I can assure my readers taht Bend Over  is an amazing, interesting, and way entertaining book. Hope each of your check it out. But first, I'm going to start things off with a few questions for Brian Brady. Then I'll let her wow you with the blurb and a sneak peak of Bend Over.
What inspired you to write your first book?
I suppose I was always fascinated with rent boys and Russian mobsters. I had to amp it down because I like to write taboo topics, but I had to restrain myself as not to be banned on arrival.
I read about Putin’s stand against gays in Russia and that disturbed me greatly. There goes       my trip to Russia. I wanted to show how difficult it could be for a gay man to fight his desires and his culture. Dmitri loved Brennen but he had many cultural forces against his lifestyle with Brennen. I wanted to show that Dmitri, like any repressed person could grow and accept who they are regardless of the cost. In his case, Dmitri lost friends and family’s respect.
Do you see writing as a career?
I do see writing as my second career because I work eight hours or more a day on my writing.
Do you prefer to write single title or series? Why?
I prefer writing a novel with a sequel.
Give us some insight into your main character. What makes him/her special?
Shane O’Rourke is eighteen years old. He left home because he carried many secrets. He was raised with a strict Christian upbringing with a pastor for a father. He has a twin sister named Shane, who he protects and loves. Shane sells drugs, uses drugs, smokes, and drinks. He dropped out of high school to run away from New Jersey to California. Shane lies and steals. He seeks love and approval but doesn’t understand he needs to change. This is the story of young man who sees his error and makes corrections. Shane is conflicted because he is bisexual.
 Is there a message in your novel you hope to convey to your readers?
My message is to love everyone regardless of their sexual preference.
 I love a good conflict. What draws your main characters to each other and keeps them apart?
Shane O’Rourke threatens his relationship with Julien Callier because he lies, steals and uses drugs. Shane signed a contract with Julien before he had moved into Julien’s condo to follow the house rules and he constantly breaks the rules. Shane wants Julien to be his Dom, and Julien wants Shane to be his sub. Shane needs to express his submissive nature while Julien needs to express his dominant nature.
How did you come up with the title?
Shane O’Rourke wants to be Julien Callier’s sub. He has to bend over for spankings, often.
What’s your favorite sub-genre (contemporary, sci-fi, etc.) to write? To read?
I love to read and write M/M Gay Erotica with BDSM fiction.
What new stories are you working on?
I’m working on Own Me, which is Rent Mes sequel. This will be about them as a married couple living the BDSM lifestyle. They will fight like cats and dogs but in the end, they still love each other.
I’m also working on Don’t Throw Me Away, which is Bend Over’s sequel. This will be about Julien and Shane in the Dom/sub lifestyle.

Blurb for Bend Over

Runaway 18-year-old Shane O'Rourke is living under the Huntington Beach Pier. He carries many secrets from his past. Shane wasn’t allowed to explore his sexuality when he lived home with his father, The Reverend. His submissive nature and desires had to remain fantasies.

Shane meets a dark stranger on the beach. Julien Callier is a Dom from Martinique and is sixteen years older than Shane. Bad boy Shane wants to win the heart of Julien Callier and become his sub. But does he really understand what Julien expects from his boy?

Julien's heart goes out to this gorgeous boy and he takes him under his wing, grooming him to be his sub. Julien is determined to let Shane experience the good life, even financing his education, but he’s challenged at every turn by Shane’s rebellious nature.

When Shane’s defiant behavior threatens to come between them for good, Julien has to act fast to teach Shane the meaning of real submission.

Can Julien tame the bad boy? Can Shane give up his old ways of stealing, lying, and using drugs? The playroom is open.
* * * M/M and BDSM Content * * *
“Did I do something wrong, Julien?” Shane asked, biting his lower lip.
“Do you have anything you want to tell me?” His dark eyes searched Shane’s face, then studied his eyes as if he were trying to find something hidden there.
“No, Sir.”
“I called you here to let you know I’m going to be training you myself for the back room tricks and we’ll begin today.”
“Oh.” Shane stared at a red door that had a padlock on it.
“That’s my private playroom, and you’re never to go in there. I keep it locked.”
“Oh, okay.” Shane wondered what was in a playroom that needed to be padlocked.
“You are going to learn from me only. I want to make sure you can do what I need you to do for this job.” Julien waited for a reaction from him, but there was none.
Shane didn’t know what to think or what this meant. His face remained expressionless because he was unsure if this was good or bad.
“This also means you’ll be living here with me.” Julien walked around him, looking over his body.
“Here with you?” Shane’s voice squeaked a bit in panic. His cheeks burned when Julien looked at him directly. What did living with Julien mean for him? What would the training entail? He was drowning in his own fears, so he looked down at the red patterned throw rug, feeling too insecure to look directly at Julien. But he wanted to live with Julien, so what was his problem? His hesitation surprised him.
“You don't know much about me or this job, but you will when I’m done with your training.” His expression turned grim. “All your things were moved while you were at the gym. You’ll have your own room here, but you’ll be sleeping in my bed at night with me.”
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About Brina Brady
I am from Huntington Beach, Ca. I taught various subjects at a Continuation High School in Los Angeles, California for 27 years. I obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in history, Secondary Social Science Credential and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Reading and Secondary Education from California State University, Long Beach. I also enrolled in some creative writing classes at UCLA. I am currently taking classes from Romance Writers of America. (Author of Rent Me)
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