Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, November 10, 2014

Shuffle and Shuffle Some More

 We’ve all heard the adages: Can’t plan for everything. No matter what or how much we paln there’s something always overlooked. I think we all agree, but do we really believe it?

Listen to my story and let me know what your answer to the question.

Last month I prepared for NaNoWrMo, which for me that meant weighing my appointments with the days and amount of words I wrote on each day. I spent hours upon hours on this part alone, not counting the little bit of outlining I done. While doing this I told myself that I was taking note of all possible snags and then I could find a counter for them. After all was done, I was pleased and had a sense of peace about the crazy month I was about to embark on.

Guess everyone reading this can already see the problem with my thinking. No matter what or how much we plan there’s always something we over look.

I overlooked an appointment. So, the third day of November I found myself shuffling and reshuffling my time. Not an easy feat when you’re trying to squeeze in taking your mom to an appoint, paying bills, getting to your appointment, the gym, editing, writing, and some of that blessed, peaceful time.

So, I guess I’m the cliché this time around. I attempted to plan for everything, thought I had and thanks to an overlooked appointment, I spent more the third day of the challenge bobbing around like bouncing ball.

Well, it’s an interesting start to my November and it can only get better from here. (Oh boy, isn’t that another old adage. Maybe I should avoid thinking those until this month is over.)

Everyone have an amazing week. Don’t forget to keep watch for the upcoming information about my next book release. I hope to have a date for you by Nov. 20th.

Remember let your imagination soar when your read or write.


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