Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, November 17, 2014

What I’ve Learned From NaNoWriMon, So far

When I embarked on the 50,000 word in a month challenge I knew it would time consuming. Writing is always, but more than that it’s relaxing and calming for me. Yet, I knew this would take me to a different level. Not sure if I thought it would earn me the knowledge it has in just two weeks time.

During the last two weeks I’ve learned several things about myself as well as my writing habits. Here’s you a list of the major ones.

-       Some days I manage time better than others.
-       Daily lives hinder creativity to some extent.
-       Unexpected appointment, issues, or situation isn’t avoidable.
-       I can manage my time better than I realized.
-       I work harder when I have firm goals.
-       I can indeed edit and free write on the same day.
-       I can separate myself from editing mode when I’m reading for relaxation.

These are just a few of the major insights I’ve gain in the last two weeks. I’m sure more will come in the next two weeks. Yet, none of the ones listed is the most important one to me. That would be the fact that if I’d looked hard enough over the last seven months I would’ve realized that I already knew that writing 50,000 words in a month was more than doable for me. In fact, I’ve done so, many times over, but because of my own misguide line of thought I’d overlooked this wonderfully, hidden fact. So, I send an early thank you to the ones who created this challenge. Not only have you’ve encouraged a lot of other writers to push their limits and reach for new goals, but you’ve also woken me up and given me the opportunity to correct my thinking, which will not only better my writing, but allow me to offer more enjoyment for my readers.

Remember if you wish to keep up my progress for the rest of the month, you can check my Facebook page each Saturday for a new word count update. Hope all have an amazing week.

Remember let your imagination soar when your read or write.

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