Journey Series

Journey Series

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Theme A To Z Blogging Challenge


It’s here again. Yeah! The A to Z April Blogging Challenge. I’m super excited about visiting all the blogs this year. If you are new to following my blog then let me fill you in on what will be happening in April. Each day of the month, besides Sunday, there will be a post. Each post will correspond to a letter of the alphabet, staring with A on April first. This is my third year doing this challenge and each year I’ve found wonderful blogs to follow and amazing themes. The joy I get out of reading the other blogs is why I keep coming back to this challenge. I hope you guys enjoy each post from me as well. Now onto my chosen theme for this year.
Characters and their names are an important part of a story, in my opinion at least. This is why for this year’s A to Z Blogging Challenge I’m going to be choosing two names and write a small unedited scene between them. My goal with this is to gain some future story ideas or inspire other writers.
Hope you guys find the 26 post interesting.


Monday, March 28, 2016

Quick Reminder

Hope all had a wonderful Easter. Mine was amazing, got to spend the day writing at my favorite spot with my favorite Ice Coffee.
Friday starts the A to Z Blogging Challenge, so I’m making a simple reminder post about that today. Next month the weekly post will be from the daily post for the A to Z Challenge. The theme for next month will be announced tomorrow.
You all have a great week.
Let your imagination soar when you read.


Monday, March 21, 2016

Phrase Flash Fiction Scene - Hopes Up

This week has been a bit crazy around my place, so I think that inspired today’s flash fiction scene. Hope you enjoy.
Let your imagination soar when reading.

* * *
Adult Content
* * *
What else was I going to be slammed with? My  car died. My landlord refused to fix the heater. My boss was a jerk wad over me being two minutes late. Jerkiness wasn’t new, but he was worse than normal. Made me want to strangle him. Might have if I didn’t need the lousy minimum wage job.
“Miss,” the body builder man at the end of the counter held his empty glass of tea up.
The bell chimed as I picked up the pitcher of tea. I smiled at the Lauder Twins and said, “Take a seat anywhere. Be right with you.”
Both of them gave me their model white teeth smile and nodded. They were beyond the hot on the hotness scale and came in each and every day at the exact same time.  One those rare days when my boss allowed Joan to work the floor instead of doing the dishes they made sure to sit in my section. I was glad to, they left amazing tips. Most of the time it was a 100% tip, but they never left less than eighty percent. Money that I could use.
“How are you guys today?” I asked as I laid two menus down. “Our special of the evening is roast beef with mushroom gravy, potatoes, and green beans. Choice of bread.”
“Sounds good to me.” Jack, the twin with a light strawberry mark under his left eye said.
“Me too.” Randy, the less talkative twin less and smiled at me. “How’s your day going?”
“Fine.” Lie and half, but my customers didn’t need to know my troubles.
“Didn’t see your car in the parking lot.”
“Didn’t drive today.”
Both of the guys frowned, but Jack was the one to inquire. “How come?”
“Wanted to walk.”
“Can’t lie to us.” Randy reached out and touched my arm as I made to walk away. “Please tell us the truth.”
Why did it matter to them that my life was in the dumpster? Wasn’t a new aspect. My entire life had been for the shits since my asswipe of an ex-husband left me holding a shit load of debt, including a mortgage on a six bedroom house, that I told him we had no use for. The bank took it two months after he disappeared and it took what little money I’d saved up to get me a one room apartment.
“Miss,” The guy at the end of the counter lifted is tea glass again.
“Coming.” I said and tugged my arm free. “I’ll put your order in and bring you your drinks in a minute.”
“Okay.” Jack shook his head at his brother, who started to retake hold of my arm. “She’s got work to do. She’ll tell us when she’s ready.”

Unlikely, but I’d let them keep their hopes up. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Blank Mind - Update Post


Hope all had an amazing week. Didn’t have a scene that came to mind to me this week, so you get an update and reminder post.

I’m hard at work on editing book 3 of the Human Skinned Wolves Series and have book 4 ready for a final read through before taking it into edits. Even with those two progressing I’m working on some free writes and other revisions of another stories. So, I’m keeping myself pretty busy. Let’s not forget that during all this I’m preparing for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge. I’m jazzed about the all websites I’ll get to visit this year. Each year I get a thrill from gaging what so many others are posting about.

That’s it for this week. Hope you all have an amazing week.
Remember: Let your imagination soar when you read.


Monday, March 7, 2016

Flash Fiction Phrase Scene – Tits Up

This week’s phrase scene came to me while I was sitting outside waiting on someone and a plane came in for a landing at our small airport. Kind of an odd place for this one to arise, but I’d been having a bad day and had a major headache.

Hope you enjoy this week’s scene.
Remember: Let your imagination soar when your read.

* * *
Adult Content
If under 18 Leave read no further
Unedited Scene
* * *

Mom always said a good day could go tits up in a matter of seconds. She was right that day, not only mine, but the entire worlds. No one knew why or how it happened. All they knew was when. Life as a whole came to a complete standstill. Lights went out. Air clogged with dust, leaves, and trigs. Water sources froze, or in some areas dried up. Satellites fell from the sky, destroying all paths of communication. People invaded their local churches.
Faithful and hardcore believers screamed, “The Lord is returned.” Others begged to be saved from the burning flames of hell. Then there was those who decided to gather and hoard items that would be needed in the future, anyway possible. Looters took to breaking glass to invaded local and chain wide stores. Of course, there were people who believed it best to eliminate those weaker than them, increasing the worlds already high murder rate.

All of these were reactions everyone should have expected. Most people were crazy when a disaster hit them. Me I threw up my heads and said, “What is wrong with everyone? Have they never heard of a day going tits up?” He sure had, but . . . That day sure took the icing of a huge chocolate devils food cake.