Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, March 21, 2016

Phrase Flash Fiction Scene - Hopes Up

This week has been a bit crazy around my place, so I think that inspired today’s flash fiction scene. Hope you enjoy.
Let your imagination soar when reading.

* * *
Adult Content
* * *
What else was I going to be slammed with? My  car died. My landlord refused to fix the heater. My boss was a jerk wad over me being two minutes late. Jerkiness wasn’t new, but he was worse than normal. Made me want to strangle him. Might have if I didn’t need the lousy minimum wage job.
“Miss,” the body builder man at the end of the counter held his empty glass of tea up.
The bell chimed as I picked up the pitcher of tea. I smiled at the Lauder Twins and said, “Take a seat anywhere. Be right with you.”
Both of them gave me their model white teeth smile and nodded. They were beyond the hot on the hotness scale and came in each and every day at the exact same time.  One those rare days when my boss allowed Joan to work the floor instead of doing the dishes they made sure to sit in my section. I was glad to, they left amazing tips. Most of the time it was a 100% tip, but they never left less than eighty percent. Money that I could use.
“How are you guys today?” I asked as I laid two menus down. “Our special of the evening is roast beef with mushroom gravy, potatoes, and green beans. Choice of bread.”
“Sounds good to me.” Jack, the twin with a light strawberry mark under his left eye said.
“Me too.” Randy, the less talkative twin less and smiled at me. “How’s your day going?”
“Fine.” Lie and half, but my customers didn’t need to know my troubles.
“Didn’t see your car in the parking lot.”
“Didn’t drive today.”
Both of the guys frowned, but Jack was the one to inquire. “How come?”
“Wanted to walk.”
“Can’t lie to us.” Randy reached out and touched my arm as I made to walk away. “Please tell us the truth.”
Why did it matter to them that my life was in the dumpster? Wasn’t a new aspect. My entire life had been for the shits since my asswipe of an ex-husband left me holding a shit load of debt, including a mortgage on a six bedroom house, that I told him we had no use for. The bank took it two months after he disappeared and it took what little money I’d saved up to get me a one room apartment.
“Miss,” The guy at the end of the counter lifted is tea glass again.
“Coming.” I said and tugged my arm free. “I’ll put your order in and bring you your drinks in a minute.”
“Okay.” Jack shook his head at his brother, who started to retake hold of my arm. “She’s got work to do. She’ll tell us when she’s ready.”

Unlikely, but I’d let them keep their hopes up. 

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