Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 27, 2014

Frustrating Words

Anyone who follows my blog or knows me knows I hate editing. Frustrating (aka Confusing) Words is one of the major reasons. Since, I’m taking a break between round 1 and round 2 of edits I thought I’d share a few with you and then explain a bit more of thinking about this topic.

Ensure or Insure?
There, Their, They’re?
Where or were?
Piece or peace?
All right or alright?
All ready or already?
Raise or Rise?
Fewer or Less?
Which or That?
Since or Because?
Whom or who?

These words are either so similar they are easy to mix up or confusing on which is best choice to use in your story. The ones that are easy to mix up is mainly because of the spelling issues, but then those that are confusing I think come right down to grammar issues. No matter what the case, these words can drive a writer up the wall.

Some of these, in my opinion, are totally up to the author or their publisher. In some cases I think it’s personal choice for each story, because it can lend a helping hand in setting up some aspects of your story. I’ve learned one thing about some of these words (like all right and alright) it can be almost impossible to accommodate each reader, writer or publisher when using them.

Okay, that’s all on these words, I deal enough with them when I’m working on my stories. Thinking about them right now is giving me a headache. Okay, maybe it’s the idea that my two day hiatus is almost over with. Poor me, but YEAH for my readers, because that means Moon Called is getting very close to having a release date.

Hope all has a great week.
Remember let your imagination soar while reading and writing.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Editing is Dangerous

I was editing away on Moon Called and by the time I met the end of predetermined area for that time frame I’d ate all my stash of Almond Joy pieces. Not a good thing for me. I’m a diabetic and they are my low level stash. So not only did I run my blood sugar level sky high, but I depleted my emergency stash of chocolate.

I proved how aggravation, stress, despising, and struggling can be bad for you. Not to mention create extra work for you. Not only did I make myself thirsty and sleepy, but I also made more work for myself, since I had to make a trip to the store to replenish my emergency stash. I was a bit wiser this time around, I bought me some glucose tablets instead of chocolate.

This little spell makes me long for characters’ magical powers. If I had them I’d cast me a quick little, non-harmless spell that zapped me right through the edit phase. One of these days this phase may become less of a struggle for me.

Well, it’s back to the editing phase I go. If I get lost among it again, someone please, please, please come rescue me, just make sure I save the progress I made. Everyone have an awesome week and remember,

Let your imagination soar when you read and write.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Jolt of Electricity

You ever had that feeling that things are never going to balance again. I’ve been that way pretty much since March. It’s been one thing after another around my house. Not always bad, not always good, but like anything unexpected and sometimes expected, it throws you for a flip in many ways. For months I’ve fought inside myself over not having more material ready for release. Got so bad I made a mistake I’ve not made since I was 16. I forgot to save the changes I made to the story, not realizing it. Delaying the release of my next book.

Aggravation set in, adding more onto the internal story raging inside me. For days I wondered if I was battling a lost call with the story. Even thought the entire series might need to be tossed. I took days away from writing and tried to find another attack plan. Couldn’t find one that fit, so I began redoing the changes. After three of four chapters had been revised there was this little jolt of electricity deep inside me. Sort of opened my eyes to some truths.

Yes it was late August and the last release I had was in March, but the time hadn’t been wasted. During those months I had free written three entire books and two-thirds of another one. I’d also done four indept revision on Moon-Called, although I forgot to save the last one, and was working on the final revision. All this had been accomplished around the headaches of every day living and unexpected medical issues. Not bad, in my opinion, considering how many words that would equal.

It’s now October and I’ve completed the final revision of Moon-Called, and am ready to move it into the first round of editing. Once again that little jolt of electricity shot over me, encouraging and reminding me that even though I won’t meet my 3-4 book release goal for this year, I’m in a good spot to start next year off with a bang.

So, these jolts of electricity I get, are not the painful kind, but the kind that reminds me of what I’ve achieved. I welcome as many of those jolts as possible.

Hope all has a wonderful week and remember:
Let imagination soar when reading and writing.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Busier Equals Productivity

It amazes me how one busy weekend can give you more than exhaustion. Last weekend was super busy. Saturday there was the dreaded grocery shopping, followed up by a family gathering and a late evening supper with the parents. Sunday was my typical trip to Starbucks, followed up by several more small errands for myself. Then my parents came home from church and wanted to check out this new gym, so off we went. Joining took way longer than I expected, loads of standing around and waiting for the lady to key in the same information over and over. After that mom had to shop for shoes, and then dad decides he wants to look at tools. Another hours spent in a crammed back WalMarts. Then it was off to the house for an evening of movies with the folks. Not so much busy as unexpected trips, taking me away from what my writing. Still, it was the most enjoyable weekend I’d had in a long time. Plus, after I sat down to rest and reflect on how far behind my week would start off, I realized I had managed to squeeze in quite a bit of writing in between all of those planned and unplanned trips. I’m not sure how, but both days I managed to revise 2 chapters of Moon Called, which equaled 10,000 words. Better yet, the revision added 2,000 words.

This little revelation reminded me that sometimes being at a steady or slow pace can hinder you. Seems like when I have less going on the more my mind wanders onto more than one item. When I have items back to back my mind is more focused on the task at hand. The task goes faster and I’m able to move onto the next item. When it comes time for me to work on my writing I find my mind intent, and relaxed, which allows a smoother flow of creativity. 

I've tried explaining this to others, but they feel like I have it backwards. I may have for them. For me it works. If it’s because my mind typically goes gees million miles a minute or some other reason, I don't know. Not sure if I care, as long I continue to get so much good material. 

Of course, like with most things there are drawbacks. Main one being, being productive is extremely tiring, no matter how relaxing it is.  Reminds me of taking a vacation.  You take one to relax and escape, but when you return you need three or four days to recoup from your vacation.  LOL.  

So, in the spirit of creativity and because I can't wait to get Moon Called into edit mode, I am going to say goodbye for the week and pray for two or three days busy days. 

Have a good week and remember:
Let your imagination soar

Julia Matthews