Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 13, 2014

Jolt of Electricity

You ever had that feeling that things are never going to balance again. I’ve been that way pretty much since March. It’s been one thing after another around my house. Not always bad, not always good, but like anything unexpected and sometimes expected, it throws you for a flip in many ways. For months I’ve fought inside myself over not having more material ready for release. Got so bad I made a mistake I’ve not made since I was 16. I forgot to save the changes I made to the story, not realizing it. Delaying the release of my next book.

Aggravation set in, adding more onto the internal story raging inside me. For days I wondered if I was battling a lost call with the story. Even thought the entire series might need to be tossed. I took days away from writing and tried to find another attack plan. Couldn’t find one that fit, so I began redoing the changes. After three of four chapters had been revised there was this little jolt of electricity deep inside me. Sort of opened my eyes to some truths.

Yes it was late August and the last release I had was in March, but the time hadn’t been wasted. During those months I had free written three entire books and two-thirds of another one. I’d also done four indept revision on Moon-Called, although I forgot to save the last one, and was working on the final revision. All this had been accomplished around the headaches of every day living and unexpected medical issues. Not bad, in my opinion, considering how many words that would equal.

It’s now October and I’ve completed the final revision of Moon-Called, and am ready to move it into the first round of editing. Once again that little jolt of electricity shot over me, encouraging and reminding me that even though I won’t meet my 3-4 book release goal for this year, I’m in a good spot to start next year off with a bang.

So, these jolts of electricity I get, are not the painful kind, but the kind that reminds me of what I’ve achieved. I welcome as many of those jolts as possible.

Hope all has a wonderful week and remember:
Let imagination soar when reading and writing.


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