Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, July 6, 2015

Phrase Bumped Into Ex-Lover

Hope you all enjoyed the fireworks over the weekend. My dogs sure hated the noise, other than that I had a great weekend. Now, let’s get on with this weeks post.

This week’s phrase came to me when I saw someone stumble into another person when leaving the coffee house.

Hope you enjoy and remember,
Let your imagination soar when you read.

 * * * Disclaimer * * *
Scene is Adult Only (Age 18 and up)
* * * Disclaimer * * *


What was this guy’s problem? First he didn’t look trough the double, glass doors to see if someone was entering the door he was charging towards. Topping his rudeness off he shoves the door open and blares into me, all but sending me onto my ass. All I wanted was a simple Mocha Ice Coffee with no whip cream. Not a square chinned, tall, blond hair God . . . Okay, maybe the entire situation wasn’t as bad as I first thought. No woman would mind being ran down by a hunk.

“Joan? Joan Tesserby” The man tilted his head to the left then gasped. “It is you. I’ve not seen you in ten years.”

I nodded. What was I to say? I let him tug me inside and out of the flow of entering and exiting patrons. No sense in getting ran over while I tried to figure out who the man was. I sure hadn’t known, not at first.

As he kept on jabbering on about what he did for a living an image of a matted, long, blond hair guy with slumped shoulders and goofy bell bottom pants, that was way out of their time period, came to mind. Time sure had been good to Peter. He no longer appeared to be hampered by his, I am who I am and won’t change for no one, attitude. Which had matched mine the last time I saw him.

“That’s what I’ve been up to, how about you?” Peter’s blue eyes sparkled as he leaned against the wall.

Another stumping question, I hadn’t accomplished a lot since graduating high school and ended our high school relationship. Not so much as a relationship, more like two teenagers experimenting with this and that. Main item on the experimental list had been sex. Peter sure knew how to please a woman.

I ran my hand down the newly pressed business skirt, which I hoped snag me the office assistant job I was interviewing for in an hour. If not . . . I was going to be living on the streets instead of buying me a way to expensive coffee.

I glanced at my watch and frowned. There was no time for a coffee. “I’m afraid I’ve got to be going. Wish I could stay and chat, but I’ve got to get to Hanger Office in half an hour.”

“Sure.” Peter tugged a business card from his pocket. “Give me a call and we’ll catch up.”

“Sounds great.” I took the card and headed back to my car.

As I cranked up I laid the card in the seat beside me and caught a glimpse of the Hanger Company logo. I stanched it up and read it.

Peter Whitmore
Hanger Company
Vice President

I banged my head against the steering wheel. “Double shit, he’ll be my boss.”

* * *

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