Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, July 13, 2015

Photo Scene

Hope each of you had an enjoyable week, if not seeing this photo might help. Sure had me wanting to curl up to the sound of the ocean. Let’s see where this photo takes my imagination.
Enjoy this week’s scene.
Remember let your imagination soar when you read.
Julia Matthews

* * * Disclaimer * * *
Scene is Adult Only (Age 18 and up)
* * * Disclaimer * * *


I’ll never know how she does it. Rachel falls asleep in the comforts of our king size bed, and ends up in a blanket of seawater. The image is always so peaceful and inviting, yet I have no idea how in the world she holds the water around her body. By all laws of nature, the waves should be washing over her entire body.

Still, as dangerous as it is. I love finding her curled on her side, with her hair sprawled over the wet sand. I wish it were my chest she used as a pillow instead of her dainty hand. Used to be. Every night she’d wrap her short, slender body against me and I’d shield her from the world. Since we moved to the beach, the ocean had taken my place.

I bent down and ran my hand over her silky skin. Her eyelashes fluttered, but those baby blues remained hidden behind her eyelids. My knees sink into the sand as I kissed her temple. Like most morning her hand flew up and gripped my neck. Her nose twitched a second or two and then the hand released.

I moved back from her and held out her ankle length nightgown I’d brought her. “Here, baby. Get dress before more onlookers gather.”

One of the days the wrong person was going to find her covered with the ocean and snatch her away from me. It’s why I’d begun setting my clock for three in the morning.

“Sorry, Donald.” Rachel sat up, taking the ocean blanket with her.

I pushed myself up and stared down at her as she slid into her gown. “You ever going to tell me how and why this is happening?”

“Wish I could.”

The same respond Rachel gave me each and every morning. I wasn’t sure if it meant she was forbidden to, or if she didn’t know. The first couple of unexpected trips to locate my wife had me asking her, but I hated being ignored so I quit asking. I knew better than to pester Rachel for information. She wouldn’t give it until she was ready to.

“Then let’s get home and eat something.” I took her hands and we headed back up the private walkway to our house.

* * *

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