Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, August 10, 2015

Phrase Scene

This weeks’ phrase is Smile You’re On Camera

The chosen phrase came to me when I was staring at this photo my dad gave me. Hope you enjoy this week’s little scene and remember:

Let your imagination soar when you read.
Have a great week,

* * *
I’d been following the abnormal bright yellow, black spotted jaguar for three days. The animal lived up to the local’s nickname Illusive El Jaguar. Out of the three days I’d only caught two glimpse of it, but for some reason there were loads of tracks for me to follow. Kind of spooky, considering the jaguar was doing it’s best to stay out of my camera’s line of sight. I needed one lousy shot to make me a fortune. The photo would do more than give me a shit load of notice, it would seal the job with Mr. Tanker, the owner of the most sought after photography company in the United States.

“There you are.”

With the ease of walking I lifted my camera and got the shot, inwardly shouting for joy as I hit the button a second time. The bright green of the leaves stood out among the red and green flowers, but what caught my attention the most was the glowing, orange eyes surrounded by the bright yellow of the jaguar.

The jaguar let me get five more photos before the foliage coverage began to rustle. I took a breath and held it, hoping he hadn’t caught sight of me, but I had no suck luck. His eyes locked with mine, but instead of death I saw life. Illusive El Jaguar had let me take his picture; he’d graced me with his presence. I wasn’t complaining, but it did make me wonder just how much an animal could tell about a person.

The gorgeous creature took one step toward me and then the air became thick with a white fog. I swiped my hand in front of my face, but the mysterious fog didn’t fade. My hand however, hit something warm and solid. The smoothness of the object let me know it wasn’t the jaguar, which I think I would’ve rather preferred, because when the fog appeared nothing had been in front of me beside the animal.

“Miss, should I say Smile you on camera.”

The rich, husky voice had my hand flattening against what I presumed to be his chest, but words evaded me until the fog cleared and then I said, “Damn.” There was nothing else to be said for the stout, naked man standing in front of me.

* * *

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