Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 3, 2016

Flash Fiction Phrase – Hardly Wait

Hi all,
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Mine was super busy. Saw family and of course hit the Coffee House on Sunday and did some awesome work, which is where today’s flash fiction scene comes from.
The amazing wonders of what a day someone can have by simply following their normal pattern. I’m sighing at the memory alone.
Have a great week and I hope this starts yours off as good as a wonderful and productive day at the Coffee House did mine.
Remember Let your imagination soar when your read.

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Sunshine peeked through the white plastic blinds, lighting the dull gray room just enough for me to see my lover in his wildest form. Burnt orange fur glowed, bringing out the silky, richness of the dark black uneven patches layering his long lithe body. Robert’s second nature, wild as it could be, was tame and loving. Like him. I was not only attracted to his footbllish height. Or, his ours in the gym hard muscles and six-pack abs. Nope. Those were only the outer side of him. His inner beast was wild, yet as careful as a mother welcoming her newborn.
I ran my hand over his ear, down his snout, lingering under his chin to scratch. He wasn’t an animal, but his cat loved to be lavish with attention from his mate. Oh, don’t let the docile abd soft purring sleeping cat or my description of a tame and loving man, which he is, fool you. He was a tiger, and could be as wild as his roaming free jungle brothers.
His latest trip to the deep wilderness proved such. His brother called him five weeks ago, informing him that some poachers were homing in on their homebase. Robert took the next plane out and tracked those nasty people down. Came back with a broken arm and two healed bullet holes. Those kept his cat side present and forced his brother, Joshua, to forge call on some flying buddies to transport him home to me. Upon first sight of him my anger had me cursing the nice gentlemen and then I moved onto him for being so careless by putting himself in such danger. I’m pretty sure Robert’s buried humans die was laughing at me. Cat side sure was. His wild cat eyes glistened as he stared up at me. Those sexy eyes brought me to my knees, literally and figuratively. After several minutes and Robert’s kitty side taking extra care to relieve his mate of a tear streaked face with a rough tongue I loaded him into a darken out window van and brought him to our little house surrounded by three sides of trees. We’d curled up in bed some twenty-four hours ago and we’d stay there until his human side returned. Then I’d give him a piece of my mind about having to cart his kitty ass around in the middle of the night. Then he’d apologize to me in the most amazing way possible.

I could hardly wait.

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