Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, November 18, 2013

Character Building.

How do you tell someone goodnight? Goodnight? Night? Until Tomorrow? Is there a difference between them? Don’t they mean the same thing? To some there is. My opinion it depends on the situation the words are being used.

To me, Until Tomorrow, is more proper, or used in a more romantic setting. Goodnight, and Night is more casual, and friendly. Oh, it could be romantic if aided with some kind of flirtation. 

When building characters theirs a lot to consider. Where they grew up? How they were raised? What era they grew up? What their childhood was like? Who raised them, parents or grandparents? All of these, and many more things create who we become. To build a well-rounded character that draws a reader in, us authors have to think about all these questions. All these questions also play into how a person talks and what the words they use mean.

Let’s think about how someone says goodbye. Take me for example, when I’m on a phone call with family, not only is my tone casual, but I simply say, ‘bye’. Now when I make business calls I find myself saying, ‘goodbye’. I have a family member who won’t even say the word goodbye, in person or on phone. He sees the word as a finality, which should only be used at someone’s funeral. Weird time to say goodbye in my opinion, but to each their own. It shows what I mean about how what we say, and the way we say it shows who we are a person.

Our actions tell someone a lot about who we are as well. Each of us behaves different around different people. It’s sort of like we plays roles or wear mask in different situation. For instance, most have a work side, which depends on the job you do. If you are a person who works with public you have to be respectful and considerate of what you say, how you say it at all times, and even the way you dress.

Take for instance a person who has loads of colorful tattoos. If you work in a fancy restaurant, or country club, you may be asked to keep them covered at all times. It would irk you, but it’s something that has to be done if you want to keep that job. So you bite your tonged and do what has to be done. The moment you are off that clock your tattoos are once again being showed to the world.

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