Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, November 11, 2013

What’s in the works?

Thought that since the release of Claiming My Mate is only a couple of weeks away, it was a perfect time to give an update on what else I’ve been doing. If you followed my blog then you know I’ve been trying out using outlines. Hoped it would help me organize and manage my time better, allowing me to create more stories. I say it has.

With the upcoming release of Claiming My Mate, I find myself with a completed first draft of two books. One of which is book 4 of the Journey Series. There are also outlines underway for a new series. It leans more towards Sci-Fi, and Fantasy with a hint of romance. Of course, like any story in the works that could change, or the entire idea might die out. That’s not all, there is several other ideas lurking around in my head.

Who would of ever guessed that being able to outline the ideas would be so productive. Man hard lesson learned. Outlines, aren’t the bad guys like I originally thought. They have their purpose and can indeed help you out. The two first drafts that I’ve gotten done are more like the final revision drafts that I normal spend an extra week or two on. Learning and figuring out how to implement the best outline for my writing style has already paid off.

Makes me think of the saying that was used to use in the show, A Team.Love it when a plan comes together.”

Hope all has a great week.

Julia Matthews

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