Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, November 4, 2013

Does the moon call to you?

The other night I watched the sun go down. The colors were vibrant and relaxing. Enjoyable and peaceful didn’t cover it. Or so I thought. Several hours later I went out and found myself looking up into a huge star lit sky. A small movement of my head, and this huge beautiful, moon caught my eye.

It compelled me to reach up towards the sky. For a moment I knew I’d be able to touch it. That it would share the peacefulness that it got each night it sat high in the night sky. That it would share with me the joyous feeling of watching over us each night. But of course, I can’t reach out and touch the moon. Not in a physical sense. But, I can let its bright light engulf me and take me off to my favorite place.


After that so much more than peaceful sight, I went back inside my writing room, and let my mind drift. Four hours later, I had a rough draft of half of book 4 for the Journey Series. Guess you could say the moon does call to me. Just like it calls to the creatures of the night, and forces the shifts among the werewolves.

Hope all has a great week..
Julia Matthews

Remember to keep an eye out for the Book Trailer for Claiming My Mate, Book 3 of the Journey Series. It’s will be posted sometime later this week.

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