Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, December 11, 2017

Flash Fiction Post


Hope all has been fine over the last week. Mine’s been busy. I got the book Revealed By Love up for pre-release. It will go live on Kindle and in Kindle Unlimited on Jan. 1m 2018. (Lord is it truly weeks a way?) With that being setup and ready to go, I’ve been focusing on editing another revised book of mine. But . . . Today is Flash Fiction Scene. Not sure where this came from, but it came to my mind and I had to get it out , so I could move onto some more edits.

Hope you enjoy this week’s scene and remember to
Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
* * *
Randal shook His head. His mouth had to be hanging open. What he witness was inhumanly possible. No one could turn from a tall, muscle bound man into . . . What was . . . “Scott?”
The large black dog . . no, what stood in front of him wasn’t a dog. It was larger than a wolf. What had Scott turned into.
The area around Scott began to fade red, as it had minutes ago, and consumed the massive animal’s body, leaving behind a naked Scott kneeling.
Randal found himself speechless. Who wouldn’t when the objective of their eyes finally stood naked in front of him. Man sure lived up to Randal’s image of him. He shook his head. Wasn’t time to focus on the broad shoulders. Tight chest muscles that remain motionless with each breath Scoot took. Wide smooth back blocked Randal from seeing what he’d long to stoke, swallow, and feel thrust into him.
“Randal?” Scoot stood fast, fluently and rushed over to him.
Damn, his cock was thicker than any other he’d seen over the last ten years of being an out Gay man. Better yet, it was more an anaconda. How could it not be? Scott’s dick was firm and waving at his stomach. Wait . . . Firm? Nope. Scott was aroused.
“Randal, talk to me. Are you okay?”
Hands feathered across his chest, around his head, and down his arms.
“There’s no outward marks, but did that beast break skin anywhere else?”
Scott knew Randal was asking a question, and from the way he kept gawking over Randal’s skin he was scared for some reason. The other larger than normal wolf had charged him, but Randal nailed him in the side before he could get with an arms length. He was fine, more than. The most majestic sight stood in front of him, devour him with his eye, even if Randal  only did so to ensure himself his best friend had not been harmed.
Fingers snapped in front of him. “Hey,” a hand lifted his chin.
“I need you to tell me if any skin was broken?”
“No.” Randal’s eyes drifted back down to the much longer and purpling cock swaying free in front of Scott.
“What are . . . Shit.” Scott’s hands covered his privates. “Sorry.”
“Why?” Randal reached out and took hold of Randal’s wrist. “I liked what I was seeing.”
“You was?”
“Boy, yes.”
Scott let him tugged his hand free and took a step closer. “What would you do with it?”
“Lots of amazing activities could come with me manhandling that beauty.” His hand slid around and down Scott’s cock, pumping him twice, getting a loud moan out of him. “You like.”
“God, yes.” Scott thrust into his next stroke. “You have the perfect hands for that.”
“Have the perfect mouth too.” Randal winked at him. “I would take it all the way down my throat. “Take all the hard thrusting you could send my way.”
Scott groaned, pressing his chest out.
“Bet those nipples of yours love to be tortured as much as your cock.”
“More than.” Scott leaned in, stopping only when his lips were a mere inch away from him. “Can I?”
“I’m yours.” He had no idea why he was going down this path with his best friend, but it felt right. Not like Scott hadn’t been the man haunting his dream since he turned eighteen.
“That you are.” Scott was a hair away from his lips when a loud rumble filled the air.
Scott spun around, growling back, but it stopped before it took on a full force rumble. “Sorry, Sir.”
“No. I’m sorry.” The tallest man Randal every saw strode up to them.
Randal stepped in front of Scott, pushing him backwards.
“I mean your mate no harm.”
“Ah,” the stranger nodded. “You have not had time to fill your mate in.”
“No, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”
“No reason to apologize.” The man crossed his arm. “We caught the rouge five miles from here.”
“Great. Did you find out why he came after Randal?”
“Yes. He believed Scott was encroaching on his man.”
“What? I never . . .”
Scott wrapped an arm around him. “I know, baby. I know.”
Baby? Oh man. As much as Randal loved where things had been going a minutes ago, being called baby, by Scott kind of poured a bucket of water on him. He had longed for Scott for years, but never believed he had a chance. Then, Scott was doing more than giving his chance. He was openly declaring affection for him.
“You okay, Baby?” Scott’s hand brushed across his stomach.
“I will leave you two. It seems you still have some major explaining to do.”
“Yes, Sir, I do.”
Randal liked that the man was leaving, but he wasn’t sure how much he would like to hear whatever explanation the man mentioned.
“Let’s take a seat.”
Randal squared his shoulders and walked over to the fallen log, sitting down and patting his lap. “To protect your skin.”
“I . . . For this it would be best if I sat beside you.”
Okay, he’d changed his mind again. Looked as if the thrill of the moment was gone and he was going to be rejected by his best friend. Shit. How would he manage to be at his besties side after he kicked him to the side.
“Hey,” Scott tilted his head, placing a light kiss over his dry lips. “I want to be in your lap, but I want us both to have a level head while we discuss us.”
“Yes. Us.”

“Okay. Let’s get down to it.”

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