Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, October 2, 2017

Flash Fiction – Sexy


Hope you had a great couple of weeks. I’ve been super busy trying to finish up a round of edits so I can begin to prepare for NaNoWrMo. Can’t believe it’s only a month away. Yikes. Where has the year gone? Anyway, I’m glad to taker a break and do a bit of free writing for you guys.

Hope you enjoy the scene.
Have a great week and remember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
Note This is an unedited scene
M/F/M Content
* * *
Fourth time I adjusted my self. Be more than that thanks to the way the hot little red-hair’s perky little ass cheeks swayed when she paused to twist her hips before heading back up the little cat-walk. Did that string pushing between her cheeks get her hot? Or was it the way the men shouted and shoved money at her? Both maybe. He’d love to know.

“Danny-boy.” Jamie, or beef-cake as most knew him by, clapped me on my shoulder. “Found you a new hottie for tonight?”

“Maybe.” More than likely, but no-way in hell Danny-boy needed to know who. Last time he tried to steel her. Not something a respectable man did.

“She’s a beaut. Not my style though.” Beef-cake turned a chair around backwards and sat down.

The sexy red-haired woman stopped at the pole, swung one leg around the silvery metal and wrapped one hand around the section above her head. What he would give to be the one she climbed like a tree. He’d give her a nice thick trunk to wrap her wet lower lips around.

“You here?”

“Don’t.” Danny-boy crabbed Beef-cake’s hand, before he could snap his finger again. “Put your fingers in my face.”

“Yeah. Sorry, man.” Beef-cake didn’t try to jerk his hand back, he simply took in a deep breath. “I . . . I . . . needed . . . an answer for the boss.”

“Don’t care what you need.” Danny-boy smiled at the red-haired woman as she squatted in front of him, giving him a nice view of the front of her tiger print g-string. “Never snap at me again.” He released Beef-cakes hands and tugged a twenty from his pants pocket, waving it at the woman. She placed her hands on the floor and leaned forward.

He slipped the twenty between the edge of the front of her g-string, an off limits area, but she didn’t object, so he let his finger slip a further inside, barely tracing her bare pussy.

“Like what you feel?”

“Sure do. Bare is sexy as hell.” Danny-boy winked at her as she slithered back away from him.

“Guess you’ve found your night cap.” Beef-cake stood. “What am I to tell the boss?”

“Usually meeting place at dawn.” Danny-boy spotted James coming his way. He gave him a small nod when he paused upon his approach. “Take a seat and let’s discuss business.”

“Mr. Danny-boy, it’s pleasure to see you again tonight.”

“Pleasure’s all mine.” Sure was, thanks to the hotty he was about to get a lap dance from. “I want her attention for the rest of the night.”

“Sure thing.” James looked back at the red-haired lady and pointed at him.

No words were exchanged between James and his dancer, but she knew what her job was.

“Anything else for you tonight, Sir?”

“Nope. That’s it.” Unless . . . “For now.”

“Yes, Sir.” James stood and bowed. “The room is already setup for you.”

“That’s why I keep coming here.” Danny-boy winked. “That and your hot babes.”

“Glad my establishment pleases you.”

“That it does. That it does.” He stood as the red-haired beauty approached. He held his hand out and closed his large hands around her tiny one, tugging her against his side. “Let’s go somewhere a bit more private.”

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