Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, March 2, 2015

Powerful Word “Lust”

Hi all. Hope you survived the snowstorms, if they plagued your area. Once again this week we are doing a Powerful Word Scene. This scene doesn't give the full affect of just how powerful the word can be, but I downgraded it because of this being a blog post.

Lust is a one of those words that every experience, and for many different reason, which in and among itself explains why it's such a powerful word when writing. Hope you enjoy this week's scene and remember let your imagination soar when your read.

* * * Disclaimer * * *
Scene is Adult Only (Age 18 and up)
Scene Suggest M/M Content.
* * * Disclaimer * * *

Best Friends

Why in the world had he come this bachelor party? Oh yeah, it was his best friends and he had no other plans. Why in the world had he thought he’d enjoy watching a huge bobbed, way to skinny woman dancing around and take her clothes off? If it had been a guy up there he’d be lusting as much as the other guys around him.

All he had to do was slip out, no one would notice. Kevin wouldn’t care. His best friend knew he preferred a hard muscle man over some ditzy bimbo. He almost made it to the door when a hand landed on his shoulder.

“Well, well. Surprise, surprise.” Robert’s voice carried over the blaring music, attracting every male eye as well as the dancers. “Now Joey, are you really going to insult this amazing looking woman by ducking out before her best assets are revealed.”

Lame ass attempt at joking, but what was even more fake was the pouty lips the blond dancer was trying to pull off. Joey almost laughed, would’ve if Robert weren’t being such a prick. The man hated gay men so much that Joey was sure he was one, or at least was bi.

“Robert,” Kevin’s soft, always peace-keeping voice bore a menacing warning.

“What?” Robert spun around to face Kevin and held up his hand. “I’m just having a good time.”

“You’re being dick.” Joey muttered and was surprised when a couple of agreements filled the air.

“Thought you liked dicks.” Robert crossed his arms, but kept his eye on Kevin.

“Listen,” Joey decided to attempt to take a page from his best friends peaceful playbook instead of his typical deck and explain self later playbook. “tonight is Kevin’s night. Let him enjoy his dance and we can discuss this in a couple of days, after he’s away at his honeymoon.”

Robert spun around with his fist raised and before he could let his punch fly two of Kevin’s brothers grabbed him from behind. “Time to go if you can’t play nice.” One of them said while they escorted Robert out.

The music began to thump again and the dance sashayed her way over and restarted her sinful sway to the beat. All but had Joey’s stomach churning, but the huge smile that Kevin sported had him leaning up against the wall, while he studied a dark brown spot at his feet.

“Thanks for coming.” Rufus, Joey’s eldest brother said from beside him. “I know this isn’t fun for you, but Kevin wanted his best man at his party.”

“He’s my brother,” Joey shrugged like it was no bother and it wasn’t. What was a little discomfort if it made someone’s night?

“I know he is.” Rufus leaned closer and whispered, “I’m not comfortable either, want to grab a smoke.”
* * *

Have a great week.

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