Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, March 16, 2015

Powerful Word “Wanton”

This will be the last Powerful word post. I may do more later on, but it’s only a couple of weeks before A to Z April Blogging Challenge so, next two weeks will be warm up post for 26 days of post.

Now not all powerful words have to be written in a sentence to make us feel or see them. Sometimes we just have to allude to them to demonstrate the powerfulness of a word. That’s what I hope to do with this weeks Powerful Word. Hope you all enjoy this weeks scene.

Remember let your imagination soar when you read.
Julia Matthews

* * * Disclaimer * * *
M/M Paranormal Adult Only Scene
(Age 18 and up)
* * * Disclaimer * * *

Dream Come True

“You going to stand there or enjoy me?” Ron kicked his shoes off while unbuttoning his shirt.

Sounded like a stupid ass question to Larry. There was no way he’d miss the opportunity to mate with his Alpha. It was a rarity for Alpha Ron to take anyone in his pack, specially a man. Everyone knew the man preferred a man, but few new he was a bottom. Alpha Ron would be viewed as weak. Ridicules idea, in Larry’s mind. Bottoming dind’t mean you were a lesser man. Were woman considered lesser because they were on their back or stomach for a man. Not in Larry’s eyes.

“Earth to Larry,” Alpha Ron ran a hand over his stomach. “You want me or not?”

Oh, Larry wanted him. His mouth watered to lick each rock hard muscle of Alpha Ron’s abs. His hands itched grip his hips as he thrust deep inside Ron’s ass.

“No question about it.” Larry gripped Alpha Ron’s arms and spun him around, pressing his throbbing cock against Alpha Ron’s ass. “How you want?”

Larry hoped Alpha Ron wanted it hard and rough, but if he wanted slow and easy he would accommodate him. If he played is cards right, he might even be asked back again.

“I . . .” Larry slipped his cock between Alpha Ron’s cheek. “Damn . . . Can’t think . . .” Larry slid his hand around and fist Alpha Ron’s cock. “Hard and fast.”

“Magic words, Alpha.” Larry pushed Alpha Ron onto his stomach just as a drop of precome dripped from the slit of his dick.

“Take me. Now.”

“Plan on.” Larry lined his head up with Alpha Ron’s entrance and with one thrust was balls deep inside his Alpha. It was a dream come true and he was going to make the best of his time with his Alpha.

* * *

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