Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, February 23, 2015

Powerful Word “Plunge”

This week’s word is powerful because it can be used to describe many different scenes. The little scene below leans more towards the lustful side, but the word can also take a person down a serious path, even carry someone’s mind towards the dangerous side. Hope you enjoy the snippet.

* * * Disclaimer * * *
Scene is Adult Only (Age 18 and up)
Scene Contains M/M Content.
* * * Disclaimer * * *

Ultimate Plunge

Rocky sat behind his stirring where wondering why in the world he had left the party. If he had stayed him and Dallas sure would’ve hooked up.

Rocky slapped the stirring wheel and said, “You are one stupid son-of-a-bitch, Rocky Allen Slate.”

Insane as well, instead of sitting in this damn car you should be making a U-Turn and driving right back to claim your man.

A car was blaring towards him, four-way flasher going, horn blaring, flickering his headlights. “What the hell!”

Rocky hit the gas soon as the light changed and pulled onto the edge of the road. He expected the car to pass him by, but it pulled in behind him. What was he suppose to do, get out, pull back onto the road, or wait and see what was going on. Shit if he knew, which is probably why he sat there and watched as someone got out of the car.

“Fuck,” Rocky mumbled and fumbled with the car door. He was out and at the end of his car by the time Dallas’ long, muscular legs got him there.

“You are one sorry, sexy as hell, man.” Dallas poked Rocky in the chest, unbalancing him. “Do you have any balls or are they as hidden as your courage.” Dallas shoved Rocky against the truck of his car, pressing his hard, firm body into him. “What does a man have to do to get your damn attention, shout it to the mother fucking world?”

Rocky wanted to move. Hell, he told himself to react, even if it was toss a punch at the man he’d dreamed of plunging his cock into over and over, but all he could do was stand there and gawk like some dumb person.

Dallas cupped his chin with his left hand and used the other one to cup his balls.

“God,” Rocky groaned and licked his lips.

“There’s that sexy little tongue I’ve dreamed of feeling.” Dallas jutted his hips forward. “Do you have any idea of the fantasies I’ve had about you? Do you know how much restraint it is taking me right this minute not to rip your clothes off and fuck you right here and right now.”

“Please,” Rocky rubbed his jean-clad cock against Dallas’ hip.

“Not here. Your place or mine, so I can take my sweet time exploring your hot body.” Dallas closed his lips over his for a brief moment then said, “Then you can plow that big monster of yours deep inside my ass until I’m begging for mercy.”

Rocky shook the lustful cobwebs from his head and wrapped his arm around Dallas’ waist and let his hand slid over his ass. He gave him a gently little pat on the ass and said, “Your place or mine?”

“Lead the way,” Dallas backed away and Rocky scurried into his car.
* * *
Hope you enjoyed this week’s post. These Powerful Words posts will continue on through most of March. Then it’ll be time for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge.

Everyone have a great week and remember,
Let your imagination soar when you read or write.

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