Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, February 16, 2015

Powerful Word “Naughty”

This week I chose another Lust related term, but the scene that came to mind doesn’t really show a sensual side, it implies, might even allow your imagination to roam free a bit, or I hope it does. (Funny how words or names can imply more than we even realize.)

* * * Disclaimer * * *
Scene is Adult Only (Age 18 and up)
Some mention of F/F
* * * Disclaimer * * *

Naughty The Dancer
Betsy rolled her eyes at the blue-haired man leaning against her car door, who had the gal to stroke himself while motioning for her to kneel in front of him. She wanted to reach up and deck the man. Her stage name may be Naughty, but she wouldn’t ever get naughty with a crass man. Hell, men didn’t even get a second glance from her. It’s how come she had no qualms about being a pole dancer in such a rank dive. Plus, raunchy, old, rich men didn’t approach her like the waste of space man blocking her path.

“Come on, Naughty, you know you want a round with me.” Blue-haired man unsnapped his pants.

“Cheep ass boss,” Betsy mumbled under her breath, while digging inside her handbag for the pepper spray. Joan was going to be tickled pink if she used the spray. Not because she had to defend herself, but because she’d point blank told her it would be needed since her boss had fired all the bouncers.

“Come give me some relief, you’ve had me worked up all night long.” Blue-haired man shoved his jeans down around his hips.

“You ain’t my type.” Betsy hoped she could convince the jerkwad to leave. She really didn’t want to hear Joan gloat and fuss at her chosen profession.

“What you don’t like big dicks?” Blue-haired guy asked and stoked his prick.

“Nope.” Betsy wondered what he was calling big. Joan had toys bigger than his little guy. “Listen, zip it and get. Not interested in you or any man.”

“What you saying, you’d take pussy over a hard dick?” Blue-haired man lifted an eyebrow.

“Sure do. Now, zip it and get.” Betsy waited a couple of seconds, hoping like hell the man took her advice, but when he remained still she moved a step closer, lifted the pepper spray and said, “Move or your eyes and your short dick will be hurting.”

“Hey, no need to insult a man. All you had to do was tell me no.” Blue-haired guy yanked his jeans up and strutted away like it was any other day.

Betsy popped her neck and waited until the Blue-haired guy reached the club entrance before opening her car door. She flopped behind the wheel and groaned.

“Men are such imbecilic. No wonder I prefer boobs over dicks.” Betsy cranked up and grinned. Joan wouldn’t be able to gloat. She’d gotten rid of the fool without using her spray. It might have been in her hand, but she’d avoided using it. 

Hope you enjoyed this week’s scene. There’ll be another one next week. Everyone have a great week and remember:

Let your imagination soar when you read.


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