Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, February 2, 2015

Powerful Word “Pummel”

This week I chose the word “Pummel”. When I looked it up I got the definition of striking repeatedly. Hearing the definition gave me loads of pictures from my childhood. Okay, I was the neighborhood girl who thought she could beat the crap out of all the boys. Thankfully, or not so thankfully, they were taught to not hit little girls, which only ticked me off, because I swore I could take every one of them down. I usually did, but I’m not sure how many let me or if I truly bested them. Didn’t matter to me then, but now I find it kind of funny, which is where this week’s little scene came from.

Goader the Tomboy

Joan ducked the lose fist that flew her way with ease. Her last punch must have really gotten to her opponent. All his other jabs had enough strength behind them that when they passed by her head she felt a breeze. Looked like their match would be ending soon and if she was going to live up to her rep she needed to goad this man into charging her.

“You truly are weak,” she yelled, wondering what her opponent’s name was.

She never paid much attention names, especially if a shitload of money rested on the match. All she cared about was pummeling his face, until she could provoke him enough to charge, allowing her to use his momentum to flip and pin him.

“Won’t work, Goader.” The man shouted back, sending a splatter of blood onto the mat.

Joan curled her lip at the dark red spot and tossed another hard uppercut. It connected and someone form the crowd shouted, “Don’t let this bitch take you out, Jarhead.” She’d have to thank the guy for giving her the information she needed to sucker this guy into her trap.

“Jarhead, what kind of name is that?” she said and let drive with her fist. She stepped back as Jarhead returned her blow.

“A name that’s going to end the Goader’s undefeated streak.”

“How so, by using a glass head. Yours sure look like a glass jar, maybe even a . . .”

Joan wanted to shout for victory when Jarhead lowered his shoulder and charged her. The crowd went wild shouting and cheering. She heard a couple even curse her and Jarhead for allowing her baiting to entice him into doing exactly what she’d wanted. After she flipped him hard enough he lost his breath she gave him a couple of hard shots to the abs and then got him in a submission move. He tapped quicker than she expected. Made her wonder if she really jarred something lose inside his head.

Hope all has an amazing week and remember,
Let your imagination soar as you read and write.


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