Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, April 2, 2018

Flash Fiction


Hope all had a great Easter and spent lots of time with family and friends. Today’s flash fiction is going to be shorter than normal, but I think you all will enjoy

Let you imagination soar when you read.

* * *
Adult Only Flash Fiction Scene
M/M Content
If under 18 leave site, please.
* * *
A soft sting raced up the path that Jacob’s feather left in its wake. If it only went up his arm that would have been perfect, but . . . it went straight to his dick, making it stiffen. Didn’t matter to my cock that Jacob’s parents was in the next room, or that mine was down the hall, or that it was the night before our wedding. Nope. Jacob was horny and came to his man to help him out. Brought the one thing that he knew his lover could never say no to. Like he every said no to Jacob.

“You with me, lover?”
“I believe you are.” Jacob’s hand slipped down his boxers. “Yeah . . . You are more than . . .” He made one stroke, getting the light sexy groan he loved to hear. “Come on, Travis, let me have a fast taste of you.”
“if you would only stop at a taste . . . Shit.” He threw his hand over his mouth.
Jacob removed it and kissed his palm. “We are adults. They know we fuck.”
“Fuck?” was that what his future husband thought they did.
“Shit. Don’t go there. Not again.”
“Yes. You know I love you and that nothing will ever change that. That’s why I’m in here trying to make love to my man one last time before we become husband and husband.”
“Really?” He pushed up in the bed. “Think that is why you should leave me alone for the night too.”
“Can’t.” Jacob ran his hand up and traced his slit before he ran his hand up his stomach. “Love the way you feel. The way you taste. The way you squeeze my dick when you shoot for me. Need . . .”
Damn, how was he suppose to say no to that. He wasn’t. Jacob pulled his legs to his chest and grinned at his future husband.

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