Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, June 22, 2015

Writer’s Journey Part 4

Hi all,

Over the last three weeks you’ve read the start of how I develop a story idea. Now, I’m reached the part where I sit down and organize all the ramblings from the brainstorming, and the character interviews. From here I’ll pull open my blank outline form in my Scrivener Program and transfer the information I gained into it. (I know this seems like an excessive amount of overkills, but for me creating the rambles in Word and then organizing it and transferring it cements the idea in my head, while allowing me to see if I’ve got major holes that need filling before I start my free write. In the past when I’ve been in the middle of this an amazing starting point for the story reveals itself.)

Once I have the information transferred I go in and study the blank parts of my predefined outline. (The outlines I use to hold notes are a combination of lots of questions about a building story. From World Building, Character, Settings, and Plot.) Fill in other areas that I can see as useful later on. Once I have these all filled in, or all that I see as useful to the story I’m building, I’m done with my developmental stage. Which means, time to enter the free write stage.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into how I develop a story.

Remember let your imagination soar when your read or write.
Have a Great Week,


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