Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, September 30, 2013

Trial and Error

Many lessons face us each day in our lives. Some are simply and easy. Others are hard. Then there are some that just plan out have us pulling out our hair. The ones that are hard, and have us pulling out our hair are most of the time taught to us by the age-old adage of Trial and Error.

So, I asked myself what exactly does that saying mean. To me, it pretty self-explanatory, because when I hear it, I automatically think of trying something new. Trying something new, means you have to learn how to first. Best way to learn is by doing. But by doing, we have to accept that mistakes will happen, till we learn more about the new thing.

This adage got put to the test in my life recently. As I’ve mentioned in a few other post, I’ve been working with outlines. I knew about them, but they hindered my creativity. Or so I thought. Anyway, the latest idea, which most likely will turn into the first book I release after the Journey Series comes to an end, I decided to use an outline. Started out with one style, but it didn’t’ feel right. Started to toss the idea of using one, but was determined to see if it was me, or if it really did block my creativity. Second outline I tried, didn’t work either. Went through a few more, before it dawned on me that it wasn’t the outlines themselves. It was they weren’t tailored to my writing style. I then set down and designed my own layout, taking ideas from what I’d learned and read, combing them with the items that I liked to know and keep track of while I’m creating. By the end, and through Trial and Error I had come up with one huge individual outlines ready for me to test out. And as of right now, I’m testing it out for the first time. Complete results are out, but initial thought was a bit mind blowing.

Can anyone say strange feeling? It felt wired and wrong. At first. Then I realized those feeling came from not being use to it. It takes repeating something over and over before it starts to feel natural and easy to use or do. In fact, I’ve heard to learn something new, you have to do it for thirty days before it feels normal. Maybe, by the time I complete this story, and use it on a couple more, those strange feelings will fade to the background. Good thing about it, once I get accustom to it, I feel it will definitely help me be more productive. Always a good thing.

Hope all has an amazing week. Remember keep imagining and letting your creativity expand into new wondrous ideas.

Julia Matthews

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