Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, March 17, 2014

Does Character(s) Lead A Story?

Hey all,

Characters are major in every story. Some we like. Some we hate. No matter how the reader relates to them, the author relates to them in a several ways. I know myself I have a love, hate relationship with some of my characters. I love them when they work. Despise them when they hold me up in my writing. Ah, the question is how can a character hold a writer up?

Characters come to life for writers just like they do the readers. When they come to life, they have a tendency to go their own way. How does a writer handle it? Depends on the writer. I myself, let them lead. The more they come to life, the better a story can become. Even if it means I have to do a major rewrite.

How does a character come to life for a writer? When it happens to me, I’m usually sitting down writing up a storm and heading down one path, but then my mind derails. What I had laid out in my mind and on paper isn’t what comes out. The words are totally different, and it’s like the character I’m dealing with is alive and telling me not the way I’d go. Not right. Won’t do it. From that point on I have to simply write what comes to me. Then sit back and see if it works or not. Most of the time it’s way better than what I had planned. Yet, it usually means a major revision, which can be time consuming, but it’s well worth it, if it makes the story better.

So, characters can lead a story. They are, well most of the time, the heart of a story. Therefore, only natural they lead it. Writers listen to your characters and your story will not only come alive to you, but for your readers. Isn’t’ that our ultimate goal. I know it is mine.

Have a great week and don’t forget there's only a couple more weeks till the A to Z April Blogging Challenge begins. Hope all are as excited about it as I am.

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  1. I completely agree, Julia! Most of the time, my characters smirk at their profile and head their own way--but that's what makes it adventurous:)
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    1. That is true. It does make it very adventurous, which I don't anyone who doesn't love a good adventure once in a while.