Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, March 24, 2014

Out of nowhere ideas

Inspiration comes in many different ways. Can be a sight, sound, or even a smell. Worst thing about that is when they hit and you have no way to jot them down.

Most creative people carry paper with them in hopes of avoiding this. Still, there are times, like when driving, that you can’t stop, pull out that piece of paper and write it down. So what happened then?

Is the idea lost? Not always. Sometimes it may be partially lost. Sometimes it gives it time to grow. Then there’s the times it changes. No matter what the case, ideas come and go. Some are fruitful some useless. Still no idea or creative spell is a waste of time. Explore each inspirational moment to the fullest before you decided to toss it completely. Never now, later on it may become your biggest and brightest idea. Then you can truly say, it came out of the blue and I originally thought it useless.

Hope all has an amazing week. Don't forget that I'm participating in the A to Z April Blogging challenge. It will be here before I know it.

Have a great week,

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