Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, May 19, 2014

Fun or Work, which is writing?


Hope all had an amazing week. Mine was busy, but productive. That productivity is what got me to thinking about his weeks blog post.

Is writing all fun or work? Now, I’m speaking from only a writer’s perspective on this topic. When I first began to write, it was for therapy. Sometimes still is. Then it became fun, and grew into an amazing way to let my imagination go free, which is the easiest way to relax for me. It took years for my mom and a doctor of mine, to talk me into putting my work out there. At that point, it stayed fun, and even exciting. Both of those only grew. Still, I didn’t see it as work. Even told and argued with a few people that it wasn’t work. Viewing it, that way gave me a sort of automatic excuse not to write.

Their-in laid the problem. My thinking was wrong. Writing is a full time job. Now, I’ll give that it’s not a traditional one, but these days there’s loads of untraditional jobs. And from my perspective those jobs are the fun ones and most helpful one. I’m not sure how the writers who hold down a steady day-to-day job, forty hours or more a week, and has children, get’s time to write. I don’t juggle the steady grind of a job, and children with my writing, but I still have to juggle time with my parents and my other day-to-day life items. What it does tell me about those writers is that they are dedicated to their writing and their followers.

All in all, wiring is a fun, full time job. Hope all writers and aspiring writers remember that. If you do, it might just help you beat those nagging excuses not to write.

If there's anyone who'd like to share how they view writing feel free to comment. I love to hear from you guys.

Have an amazing week,

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