Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, June 2, 2014

How do writers view themselves?

Hey all,

Like most, we view ourselves in different ways. Some gage themselves by how others see them. Our own harshest views come from ourselves. (Or at least mine does.) The other day a very strange question came to my mind. How did writers view themselves?

I had no idea how to figure this out. I asked three of my writing friends and got three different answers. Didn’t surprise me, because like I said we each view things differently. The answers I got were:


After getting their answers I sat down and worked on how I viewed myself, from an author perspective. Only difference in my answer, and theirs, was that they gave one answer. My answer involved each of those, as well as time manager, entertainer, and creator. I took my answer even one step further and defined each of those in my viewpoint. Here’s the result I came up with.

1.     Logical: A writer has to be logical, in order to have a story that appears flawless, even if it breaks some of the grammar and story structure guidelines.
2.     Ordered: A writer has to have a sense of order to create a smooth flowing story that will keep a reader’s attention as well as their desire to come back for more. Face it, rather we like to admit it or not, there’s a part of each of us (even if it’s only teeny part) that pulls on some sense of order in our lives. No one else may see it, but it’s there or everyone’s world would be in chaos.
3.     Organized: Organization is pretty closely related to Order, but for me, it leans more towards being able to keep myself on a steady pace towards the ultimate goal at hand. Therefore, it allows me to meet my own deadlines.
4.     Time Managers: Since, I’m a self-publish who rarely outsource any work on my books, I find that it helps if I manage my time. Set a predefined amount of time aside to write. A predefined amount of editing work to get done. A certain amount of time to develop advertising ideas, descriptions of each story, take the small extra items I use to help me create each story and create another kind of connection for the readers to have with that specific story. Oh, and let us not forget to work in time with the family, allowing them to know that you are still kicking.
5.     Entertainer: Someone who creates something that snares someone else, allowing him or her relaxations time. Allowing them time to expand their imagination. Rather your have them laughing their a** off kind, crying their eyes out, or mix it up. Each of us loves to take time and do some of all. It allows us away to escape the hardships in our lives.
6.     Creator: Creator of words, that flows to life in someone’s eyes. Rather it gives them an insight into my own self, themselves, or others.

No matter how each writer views themselves I feel we each strive to express ourselves in a way that others will attach to it, gaining some tiny piece of information that they relate to.

Hope all has an amazing week,
Read and Write with Creativity

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