Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, June 23, 2014

What sparks an idea?

Ideas. Ideas. Ideas. Where do you come from?   

Writers never know what might spark an idea. Not even how well that spark might grow. Could be a simple look that gives us an idea. Sometimes it’s a memory. Other times it’s a off the wall comment overheard while standing in the middle of a grocery store. Sometimes even a flicker of an image.

How fast and far these ideas grows is up to each writers. Some get only the story idea or a basic layout. Sparks have been known to provide a third to half a story. Then again, there some who get an entire 50,000+ word story from one wallet size photo.

Writers, like myself don’t go out looking for ideas, but our brains never shut off what is taking place around us. Our creative side is always on the lookout for that next amazing igniting moment.

There no sure fire way to tell you how, when and why it happens. Simply does. If anyone knows, then I’ve not heard and I don’t expect to. Any good creative person doesn’t give away their secret to success. They might give you a hint to what caused it, but the nitty gritty of it will remain hidden.

Hope all of you have an amazing week.

Remember to let your imagination soar when you are reading.


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