Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, September 29, 2014

Continuously Learning

Hi all,

Hope everyone had an amazing week and ready for another one. This weeks topic came to me after my family reunion where I spent time discussing what it was like to self-publish. Hope all enjoy.

Like everything in life, writing is a continuous learning process. Not only because of improvements among our fast paced lives, but also because we each change and grow every day. What we like one day may not be even in our line of scope the next. It’s the natural process of life. Therefore, writers have to adapt to change.

Use to writers only had to worry about getting their books accepted by a publisher. Then there came self-publishing. That too has expanded by allowing self-publisher to offer their book in print, audio or e-book.

These changes are wonderful and a part of life. It is leaving history for future people to see. There’s nothing like sitting down, holding a book and losing yourself in your own imagination. Then again, if you are a continuous traveler then you need to hear the books you enjoy. (There comes in the audio books.) If you are some tech savvy person who can’t function without a fix of some kind of computerized gadget then you have the e-readers, tablets, computers, and phones at hand.

All of these items have a part in making writing a continuous process, because as writers we have to adapt to what our readers desire, and how they wish to receive our material. If we don’t then the chances of our survival as an author is slim to none.

With all that said I have a question for you, which is your favorite way to read a book, print, audio, or e-book (any particular device)?

My answer: I enjoy them all. In fact, I have more e-books than actual books, but there some authors that I prefer to have a hardcopy of their books. (I like to be able to preserve it and show it off when I’m older.)

Hope all have a great week and remember

Let your imagination soar when you read,


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