Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, August 29, 2016

Flash Fiction Phrase – Walk Away

Hope all had an amazing week. Mine was busy with free writing. I love weeks where I just sit down and let my imagination soar into another realm of reality. This week’s post sort of comes from that idea, because when I get into the flow of free writing I sort of walk away from everything around me.
Enjoy and remember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
* * *
Donavan pushed my arms above my head, gripping them both in his massive hand. He nipped my lower lip and whispered, “Leave them there and don’t move.”
Wasn’t quite sure how he expected me to obey him when his thick, bulging cock brush against my equally raving rod. It’d been three long months since he walked away from me to go and tour the world with his band. We’d spoken each morning and night, even skyped a couple of times, but there was nothing like feeling his firm body pressed against mine as he slid up and down my body.
“Um . . .” Donavan licked a path from my right nipple to the left. “Taste like heaven.”
Felt like heaven. There were loads I wanted to say to him, but all that came out were deep throat, scratchy moans of pure unadulterated pleasure.
“My man’s missed my touch.”
More than his touch. His kisses. Him leaving toothpaste on the sink. Leaving his dirty clothes laying in the bathroom floor. His muddy shoes staining my white hallway carpet. Plan out missed every little thing about him, right from his nerve wracking habits to his wonderful, lustful ones he delivered when we were alone on the farm.
“That’s it, baby. Show me how happy you are for me to be home.”
My hand slipped around our cocks as his slid up mine. One firm grip and Donavan was singing his own sweet music. God, I’d missed hearing his pleasure fill our little love room.
“Never . . .” I slammed my lips over Donavan’s and forced my tongue down his throat, tasting every corner before I pulled back from the kiss. “Walk away from me again.” I knew my request was useless, but . . . Worth a shot. I wasn’t sure how many more times I could survive having to run the farm by myself while my man was off running from country to country singing for a crowd of rowdy females who had no qualms about flashing him their breast. As if he cared to see them. Donavan had never in his life been interested in a woman. Donavan told him the first time they’d met that he’d came out of his mom’s womb hunting for a nice man to fuck into the mattress.
“Ready to finish our welcome home Donavan Dance?”

Boy was I. “Take me all the way to the moon and back. Make me shout and scream for my man.”

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