Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, August 15, 2016

Flash Fiction Scene – Stop The Anger

Hope all had an amazing week. This week’s scene is short and sweet. Sorry, pressed for time today and I hope you enjoy it.
Remember: Let your imagination soar when you read.
* * *
* * *
Can’t be happening. What has my world turned into? Total chaos? Devastation? Pain? Horrible dreams? Is it pure over reacting? Maybe. No. It is only fair for people, medical people especially, to talk to their patients before referrals are made. It is not fair for them to allow their patient to receive a call, unexpected and out of the blue, from a complete stranger about a program unknown to them. It is wrong. Unprofessional. Lord, have mercy, my life has turned upside down all because of one simple little phone call. How hard would it have been for the lady to pick up a phone and alert me that I would be receiving a call.
“What is wrong?” Kelly leaned against the door-jam.
“Nothing.” I snapped.
“Yeah, your nose just grew ten feet.”
“Did not.” I looked down to make sure.
“Then why are you sitting there rocking, like you always do when you are over stressing. I’ve not seen you do that since your final exam in Statics.”
Kelly was right. I had found my calm mojo over the last five years and this one incident was sending me into another realm of . . . What? Insanity? Yep. That’s what it was.
“Going to clue me in?”

Nope. Didn’t need Kelly telling me all the things I done told myself over the last two days. Simply, need to stop the anger and move forward. Do what I can and live my life.

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