Journey Series

Journey Series

Monday, November 21, 2016

Flash Fiction Scene – Stolen Lives

This week’s flash fiction came while I was trying to become unblocked from my NaNoWrMo story. I found it interesting enough that I wanted to go ahead and share this with you. I’m sure I will end up taking this small bit and turning it into a full blown story. (At some point and times)
Hope you enjoy and remember:
Let your imagination soar when you read.
Julia Matthews
* * *
Unedited Scene
Adult Content
If Under 18 Leave the site
* * *
Dark rich red painted the light blue walls. Ceiling to floor. Small patches of flesh had buried themselves into the dark blue carpet, creating a black spot that would never come up. What had happened? Who had committed such a violent crime? Why would they? No one deserved a death of such brutality. He’d never . . . No, he had. One time before. Long before. Right after he started the Calvin Force. Scene had been so bad that officers twenty years his senior had lost their cookies. A sight he hoped to never run across again.
“Back, isn’t he?”
“Who, Cap?”
“You know who. You were there ten years ago when he struck, taking the lives of ten before he stopped his brutal attacks.”
“You think this is the same man?”

“Sure is. Shows up every 10 years to take a few lives then fades away like he never existed, leaving families devastated and wondering who stole their loved one’s life.”

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